Christopher Gaines: Life without Parole for Homophobic Murder

Last week I posted an update on the trial of Christopher Gaines for the murder of Scotty Joe Weaver in Alabama in 2004 after Gaines made a surprise guilty plea in order to spare himself the death penalty.

Weaver_gainesYesterday, a jury sentenced Gaines to life in prison without parole for the grisly murder, in which he and two others robbed Weaver before beating, strangling, and stabbing him to death. They then transported his body to a rural area and set it on fire. The charred corpse was discovered partially decomposed by the side of a rural road.

Gaines and Weaver were roommates. Why was Weaver killed with such vengeance, such brutality? “[District Attorney Judy] Newcomb said Weaver and Porter (one of Gaines’ accomplices) never got along because Porter had problems with Weaver’s homosexuality. Porter once called Weaver a derogatory name, Newcomb said.”

According to the Associated Press, “Gaines showed no emotion as the prosecutor described the slaying…The Baldwin County jury deliberated about 20 minutes and convicted [him].”


  1. 7 says

    “…Newcomb said Weaver and Porter never got along because Porter had problems with Weaver’s homosexuality…”

    Porter? Who is Porter? This name just pops up in a quote and there is no clue who this “Porter” person is, or how they relate to the rest of the story.

  2. titus says

    read the link ” a jury…” for the report. porter is waiting trial for his part in the murder. i wonder if gaines had not copped to a plea, that an alabama would have reccommended the death sentence in a gay murder?

  3. Kyle Childress says

    He’s one of the more galling aspects of this story: Scotty Joe Weaver, who was only 18 or so when he was murdered, was paying the living expenses of all three of his killers when they decided to rob and kill him.

    So, you wonder, how do three folks decide to kill a friend, roommate and provider like Scotty Joe Weaver? Because they were taught from the earliest age that gay folks were somehow sub-human, so you can kill them just for sport. It’s those Christian values they love so much in Alabama, and it’s the expected result when you teach hate.

  4. Jake says

    One look at Gaines’ photo and you can tell he is a paranoid homophobic homosexual. Just like the closeted guy who killed his gay friend that proclaimed he had a crush on him during a taping of the Jenny Jones show several years back, sad! Well, Gaines will have plenty of time to “explore” his true self in prison while being rotated as the new bitch in town. Have fun you SOB!

  5. Colin says

    Mr Gaines looks a little on the weedy side…do you think he will survive prison without someone paying attention to him in a manner he would least appreciate? ironic hey.

  6. chris says

    Death would have been too easy for him. He should have to spend the rest of his life in jail knowing the only sex he will be getting is of the homosexual kind.

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