Planed: Own Your Very Own Artwork by Gilbert and George


Gilbert and George, the artists who were recently treated to a career retrospective at the Tate Modern in London, have made available for 48 hours an original work of art called “Planed” to anyone who wants it. The artwork, which consists of nine panels that must be assembled by you, is available here, and here’s more info on it from the Guardian:

“In line with the practice of Gilbert and George over many years, it consists of a number of panels. Members of the public must download each of the nine panels to create the full artwork, which can then be printed off, at any dimension, and assembled. There is no limit to the number of times the work can be reproduced. The title refers to the plane tree, with distorted images of its leaves and fruit forming the background. It is a tree particularly associated with London and it is the texture of London streets, from road signs to graffiti and newspaper billboards, that has informed most of Gilbert and George’s work for 40 years. As with all their work, the piece also includes images of the artists themselves – in this case neatly suited and booted, but distorted like images seen through a kaleidoscope.”

According to the paper, “Gilbert and George rarely produce work in editions, and have never done so for free before; Planed thus represents the most wholehearted manifestation of ‘art for all’ of their career.”

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