Adam Sandler’s Gay Robot As Animated Film?

Developed as a scripted, live-action adaptation (first clip from the show's pilot, above) of the character from Adam Sandler's comedy act "Shhh...don't listen", Gay Robot never got picked up, but the Hollywood Reporter says that the project may have new life:

"The title character (voiced by Nick Swardson, reprising his role from the album) is a robot who discovers after an unfortunate incident involving a wine cooler and his circuit boards that he is gay. After 'Robot' didn't get picked up by the network, SPT made the pilot and clips from it available on such sites as MySpace (where Gay Robot has his own page), BitTorrent and Sony-owned Grouper. The project began generating a great deal of buzz online; Gay Robot even has more than 32,000 MySpace friends. Sources said the network and studio now are looking at redeveloping 'Robot' as an animated project, but both parties declined comment."

The Sandler act has already been made into a dance single:

"The Gay Robot Groove"
The Gay Robot Groove - EP

I've uploaded the rest of the YouTube clips that are available from the live-action pilot below, and after the jump, for whatever edification they may provide.

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Posted May 25, 2007 at 10:45am ETC by Andy Towle
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