Screen Cap: Leslie Jordan on Hidden Palms


“Lonely, sad, not fit for public consumption. I was too weird for the mainstream and I was too normal for the fringes. Hell, I didn’t fit in anywhere. I did not…belong. And you know, all I ever wanted was to just belong. Well, that…and to be Tammy Wynette.”

— Leslie Jordan as recovering alcoholic/fairy godmother/drag queen Jesse Jo on the new Kevin Williamson prime time soap Hidden Palms. You may remember Jordan as Karen Walker’s arch-rival Beverly Leslie on Will and Grace, or for his recent turn as a Dominick Dunne-style journalist on Ugly Betty.


  1. sam says

    I saw him do his live show a couple of years ago and it was wonderful – hilarious, touching, moving – and all based on his life. He has truly earned all of his success.

  2. hoya86 says

    He’s great and was one of the BEST things about Will & Grace. My favorite line of his from WG was “Why Karen Walker, I knew I smelled Gin and regret!” Makes me laugh everytime.

  3. CharlesPierce says

    Is this the same character he played in Sordin Lives? Cross dressing as crossover? Jordan’s brilliance shines brighter outside of trailer trash drag; without the too easy sight gag accoutrement, the visual equivalent of a laugh track, a gay Uncle Miltie with a MUCH smaller appendage.

  4. Chris says

    Too bad Hidden Palms is getting such horrible reviews. Though, I think it will find its niche audience just like Dawsons Creek did.

  5. pacificoceanboy says

    Hoya LOL

    I enjoyed his stint on Boston legal though more. Well hell, I just love Boston Legal and think anyone who plays a role on it is great.

  6. EricLA says

    I’ve loved watching Leslie Jordan since he appeared as one of Murphy Brown’s best secretaries-of-the-week. He was the one you wanted to stay. I never understood why h wasn’t added as a regular to Will & Grace, his scenes with Karen were always memorable. We’ll see what he adds to Hidden Palms.

  7. Benjamin says

    Leslie Jordin just cracks me up. He was o strong character on Will and Grace.