Tommy Thompson Blames Gay Gaffe on Hearing Aid, Bladder

ThompsonStill dogged by questions about his since-retracted statement at the recent Republican debate that employers should be allowed to fire workers based on their homosexuality, presidential hopeful Tommy Thompson told reporters that the knee-jerk answer was an error brought on by a poor hearing aid and the fact that he desperately needed to use the men’s room.

Said Thompson: “Nobody knows that I’ve been very sick. … I was very sick the day of the debate. I had all of the problems with the flu and bronchitis that you have, including running to the bathroom. I was just hanging on. I could not wait until the debate got off so I could go to the bathroom. I didn’t hear the question. All I was thinking about was getting off the stage. I said it, I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again but it’s not my record. … There’s nothing discriminatory about me at all.”

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  1. BeeDee says

    Yeah! This is the kind of guy we need as President.

    More and more I feel like there’s no difference in American Idol/Sanjia voting and the Presidential elections. None of them are legitimate and my only choice is to pick one of them…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    It was “golden showers” Thompson was thinking about–receiving it from some Midwestern blond hunk who just gulped down a six pack. Every day we find a new Republican who’s on the damn “down-low”

  3. Brian says

    I love that his comment advocating GLBT discrimination (whether intentional or not) has helped to destroy his campaign. It wasn’t so very long ago that a candidate could have said the very same thing and been celebrated for it.

    The man is a douchebag, plain and simple.

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    His interview on Real Time with Bill Maher made it fairly clear that he really did screw up and that it was not intentional, nor does he actually discriminate. He’s hardly charismatic enough to lead a nation, but now, and this is really pathetic…this is the only thing he’ll be known for unless he fights for the rest of his political career to out-maneuver and transcend this kind of horseshit. The man’s a boob, period. Just do a search on his name and see how much garbage you come up with…including microchipping people for health care. LMAO! Number of the beast, anyone?

  5. julianadotsr says

    HELLO?!?!!! Why is this so surprising? Look at the Human Rights Campaign voting records and you’ll see that about 99.9% of the Senate and House Republicans vote against ENDA! Why does the MSM actually expect him to apologize anyway? Wasn’t this meat to throw to the religious right? I’m sure had Sam Brownback or another wingnut been asked that same question they would have never apologized and given a much more anti-gay response, maybe thrown in the “Love the sinner, hate the sin” crap to make it a “compassionate conservative” response…

    Actually for all the lengths this man is going through to apologize, knowing perfectly well where the Republican voters stand on this issue (or does he?), we shouldn’t really be beating up on him like this. I mean, out of all of the Republicans he’s probably the most GLBT-friendly candidate… Rudy’s basically sold his soul to the devil, giving speeches for Pat and Jerry and the rest of the televangelist kingdom, including anti-gay organizations.

    Wake up people! Support Hillary… She is the most gay-friendly presidential candidate in American history. First of all, she’s a woman. That should be enough! She gets a perfect voting record from the Human Rights Campaign, Emily’s List, and the National Organization for Women. She’s courting gay voters, she’s friends with our national gay leaders, she’s a woman…hellooo…. she’s our Sego with a little bit of Margaret Thatcher thrown it to win Ohio & Iowa…

    There’s a special place in hell for any gay person who does not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The choice for us has never been so clear…ever.

    We should all campaign heavily for her and pray to the Goddess she wins Ohio, Iowa, and maybe Florida…

    IT’S TIME FOR A WOMAN, AMERICA. We’ve waited long enough, haven’t we? Men have to have machismo, pound their chests, and be homophobic. A woman can be feminine, but also firm and strong, and that’s why we need Hillary.

  6. 24play says


    Actually, there’s a special place in hell for any gay person who spreads the LIE that Hillary’s the most gay-friendly presidential candidate in American history.

    Sharpton favored marriage equality in 2004, and Kucinich favors it now.

    Please, get your facts straight before you launch into the whole tired “Go, Hillary!” song and dance.

  7. Brian says

    Having a vagina is not proof-positive that a candidate is supportive of GLBT equality. Further, even if Hillary is supportive of us in principle, that doesn’t mean that she will be willing to expend political capital to go to bat for our civil rights. She is a very polarizing figure and has the slimmest margin of victory over Republican counterparts based on recent polling. Don’t be surprised if she betrays her personal convictions and tosses our issues aside when faced with a right-wing showdown. Hillary learned from Bill, and we all know what happened there (DOMA, DADT, etc).

  8. Mike says

    This story is too funny. I was irritated that the host did not follow up on his answer by asking something like “to the other candidates, raise you hand if you agree with Mr. Thompson.” By now we could of had others apologize as well, maybe another candidate would have had flatulence.

  9. anon says

    “President Thompson! President Thompson! The Iranians have just invaded Isreal!”

    “What?? What?? What did you say? My damn hearing aid! OH… wait a minute… hold a second… now I have to take a crap! Damn it!”

  10. mark m says

    An overactive bladder and an underactive hearing aid. Are these defficiencies really any worse than the Dumbass we currently have in office?

    I sure am enjoying watching the Republicans take it on the chin for their decidedly UNpresidential candidates. For the first time since Bill Clinton played sax on the Arsenio Hall show, the Democrats are the sexy choice and the Repubs are the pathetic ones.

    I hope it lasts till 2008.

  11. julianadotsr says

    I guess I’m the only woman here. Actually I’m transgender, but I’m still a part of the community, so don’t attack me. And yes I support Hillary because she’s a woman and it’s time we had a woman President. We’ve waited how long now?

    Racemongering nut Al Sharpton? How can he even speak when he’s always got his foot in his mouth? Dennis Kucinich? His wife is a dead ringer for Julienne Moore, but uhh..No. Fox News would eat him for breakfast, along with Sharpton, Rosie, Jane Fonda and all the other “loony lefties.”

    NO, NO, No, NO. We need a moderate candidate to win Ohio and Iowa… you people really want the Democrats to lose? The only way we won the House is by recruiting moderate candidates. If y’all had your way, Dennis Hastert would still be Speaker.

    Only Hillary can win in ’08. The others are all dead weight. I wish they would all just withdraw so all the Democratic money can go to Hillary’s warchest.

    I support Hillary. She’s the only one that can win people! Barack is also dead weight. He’s all fluff and no substance. He can’t speak policy like she can. He’s just a supposedly “pretty” face for the media. Hell if I wanted a pretty face I’d vote for Shemar Moore. If I want a good president, I’ll vote for Hill. She can get the job done. No one else can. PERIOD.

  12. Gregg says

    Ah, so a woman needs to be president. I guess that means you would vote for Ann Coulter or Condoleeza. Heck, they both have vaginas! I think…

    Do I want the Dems to lose? Yes I do, actually. I want the Repugs to lose too. I want a REAL candidate who will work for the people and not for corporate interests. I’ll most likely be one of those people who “wastes” my vote by casting it for a third party candidate.

    But thanks for the laugh! Hillary carrying Ohio and Iowa – LOL!!

  13. Scott says

    I grew up with Tommy around my house. He was my dad’s lawyer and also a close family friend. I can testify to the fact that Tommy isn’t a gay and lesbian basher. Unlike all of you who are in perfect health and always hear things perfectly and never have make a single mistake in your lives, he is a flawed human being. I hope the next time any of you make a mistake or say something incorrectly, you have people around you who are more forgiving.

  14. Zeke says

    JULIANADOTSR, I don’t care if you’re a man, a woman, or a transexual, your sexist comments are ignorant and offensive.

    I will vote for a woman for president when the woman running is the best candidate and not because “it’s over due” (which I think it is). I don’t vote based on genitalia. I vote based on record, policy, values and platform.

    I find your male bashing and stereotyping to be no less offensive than I do misogyny or homophobia. You just sound ignorant, bitter and angry.

    I think you’ll be a lot happier once you realize that you don’t have to tear down men to lift up women.

  15. Gregg says

    SCOTT – I don’t think people would be so unforgiving if this wasn’t about the presidency of the United States. If he had made a simple gaffe in a random interview and apologized, most people would let it go. But he made this blunder in a forum which is designed to showcase how he would lead a country!

    People are human, yes. But if the would-be president is willing to answer questions he did not hear… that is not good for any country.

  16. mark m says

    “I hope the next time any of you make a mistake or say something incorrectly, you have people around you who are more forgiving.”

    We’re not running for President, Scott. You don’t think the bar is set a bit higher for Presidential candidates for good reason?

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