McGreevey Whine: Homophobic Allegations Ruined Book Sales

Dina Matos McGreevey’s tell-all, Silent Partner, isn’t selling very well, and guess who she’s blaming it on?

Silentpartner“[Jim] McGreevey’s allegations that his wife is homophobic and knew he was gay before they married ‘negatively affect’ her book sales, Matos McGreevey claimed, ‘by deterring purchases by members of the gay community [and to] members of the general public who were interested in whether she knew of his sexual orientations when the parties married…False accusations of homophobia cast [her] in a bad light and negatively affect her ability to succeed in her livelihood,’ the suit claims.”

I sincerely doubt that the “gay community” is taking summer reading guidance from a corrupt, formerly closeted governor who for some reason now feels morally positioned to sling allegations of homophobia. With all due respect to her jilted, Brokeback marriage experience, I’ve also witnessed little interest in his ex-wife’s sob story. Matos McGreevey should feel lucky she got the Oprah bump and leave it at that.

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