McGreevey Whine: Homophobic Allegations Ruined Book Sales

Dina Matos McGreevey’s tell-all, Silent Partner, isn’t selling very well, and guess who she’s blaming it on?

Silentpartner“[Jim] McGreevey’s allegations that his wife is homophobic and knew he was gay before they married ‘negatively affect’ her book sales, Matos McGreevey claimed, ‘by deterring purchases by members of the gay community [and to] members of the general public who were interested in whether she knew of his sexual orientations when the parties married…False accusations of homophobia cast [her] in a bad light and negatively affect her ability to succeed in her livelihood,’ the suit claims.”

I sincerely doubt that the “gay community” is taking summer reading guidance from a corrupt, formerly closeted governor who for some reason now feels morally positioned to sling allegations of homophobia. With all due respect to her jilted, Brokeback marriage experience, I’ve also witnessed little interest in his ex-wife’s sob story. Matos McGreevey should feel lucky she got the Oprah bump and leave it at that.

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  1. says

    When two parents of a young child divorce because one of the spouses is gay, it is always sad. It does not, however, have to be a tragedy. When those two parents are amicable and can truly put their child’s best interests first, they can still function very successfully as a family. I should know.

    A couple of great ways to NOT succeed at that: Writing a tell-all book about the marriage, or throwing around public accusations of homophobia. I only have sympathy for their poor child.

  2. anon ( says

    She would have been better off collecting the stories of other women who had gay husbands and editing her story into theirs. This has always been a “silent” issue that people don’t want to talk or read about, so it is not surprising that book sales were slight.

  3. Dave says

    I read “the confession” but after the book, him and Mark on Larry King, Oprah, E.T. etc.. I’m pretty sick of the story, I think alot of people are.

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Oh who cares?……, Next!
    Why anyone thought her story would be book-worthy is a mystery, and I hope the publisher paid her a big advance just so they lose lot’s of their money.
    “I dodn’t know.” Right, just the like wives who’s minivans with soccer-team bumperstickers are parked outside my local porn video-arcade. What DO you think your husband’s doing in the booths? …And who? God!, those guys are SOOOOO creepy.

  5. Rascal says

    I heard her interview on NPR. She didn’t sound in any way homophobic (she was proud of having received numerous letters froim gay men), but she did sound terribly, terribly bitter. This is not the perspective from which to write an insightful memoir.

    One of the casualties of our instant-media culture is that story perspectives which would benefit substantially from greater hindsight are almost never given the time.

  6. JeffNYC says

    Why do people persist in thinking there is a bestselling “gay audience” for books?

    There just isn’t. The McGreeveys and Mary Cheney and Rich Tafel…they all the “The Gays” are going to make their books bestsellers, but the truth is, we really don’t read that much.

  7. Crixi Van Cheek says

    I posted this over on Joe.My.Blog but its worth repeetin’ here:

    Personally, I couldn’t be happier that it tanked and she is having a hard time finding work. She knew he was gay and married him to secure her position with Cathedral Health Care. She swam around in the muck with all the slimy politicians and assisted them in closing hospitals throughout the state in the areas facing the greatest impact from HIV/AIDS. Making room for developers who are in bed with certain politicians currently under indictment or facing recalls. In just Essex county alone she helped the Holy Roman Church close three hospitals resulting in the closure of AIDS clinics and the loss of thousands of jobs. Not to mention the loss of pensions to over 600 nurses. And since its the Holy Roman Church, they are exempted from state laws which would have protected private sector pensions. Mrs. McGreedy, on the other hand, was compensated handsomely for betraying the nurses of NJ. If she hung herself no one would cry and they would find 30 silver pieces in her off the rack pockets.

  8. hoya86 says

    re: JeffNYC.

    Speak for yourself. I think “gays” read quite a bit (at least my friends do) its just that we like to read good stuff, not tell-all crap designed to make money and/or self-promote. Both their books had failure written all over them from the beginning because there was not story, just silly shock value and quite frnakly if you’re older than say 15, what’s so shocking about their story?

  9. jessejames says

    Maybe the real audience for such a book is homophobic bigots. They probably don’t have the money to buy a book and the brains to read one. And they aren’t likely to have watched Oprah!

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