Rosie Gone, Barbara Walters Now Free to Discuss Heterosexual Sex


Barbara Walters talked to Ryan Seacrest on his KISS-FM radio show “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday, about how things had changed at The View since Rosie O’Donnell’s departure:

“The Hot Topics have been fun. There are some things that we were able to discuss that we weren’t able to discuss with Rosie, like heterosexual sex. Because, you know, Rosie’s lifestyle is different, being an open lesbian…We are perhaps not quite as political [or] vocal about [things], but the Hot Topics have been very fun, and the ratings are up, so we’re quite happy. Obviously, the audience is very loyal.”

Rosie’s response: “She is almost 80.”


  1. Rey says

    Rosie’s response is awesome.

    I don’t know what’s more screwed up – that Babwa said something so ignorant and borderline homophobic or that she felt comfortable discussing the subject of heterosexual sex with Seacrest.

  2. Tear says

    Wtf is BabaWaWa on? What does Rosie being a lesbian have anything to do with them being able to talk about heterosexual sex? That doesn’t make any fucking sense at all.

  3. Cory says

    I’m not surprised by Barbara Walters’ comments. Remember, she used the word “colored” to describe African-Americans (in front of comedian Mo’Nique who was filling in a guest spot) and touched Brandy’ hair asking if it was “real” and how “colored women do their hair”. Walter’s not the shinning example of “educated”.

    As for “The Views” ratings, I find it extremely hard to believe that the ratings have gone up since Rosie’s departure as “The View” had some of the highest ratings ever when Rosie was on the air.

    I smell a feud in the brewing…

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Y’all need to have patience with old people…won’t be long before the sweet chariot be comin’ for to carry Babwa home. Yes, even though Heaven is restricted to Christians, we have outer areas reserved for others.

  5. MCnNYC says

    WaWa Loses her MIND!!

    First off the View discussed heterosex HELL even Rosie discussed her heteroSex and her relationship.

    Come as if anyone can STOP hetero’s from talking about their sex and their families
    Anyone who watched KNOWS that R does not like talking about sex…she talked about her family and her WIFE.

    But IF she had to balance the talk well three against one GOOD FOR HER and all of us if she had to put some weight to our side.

  6. Otto says

    I made the mistake of going to the bathroom during my CBS shift. What a sad sad scene. Grandma Barbara holding on to a failing show. Ratings are up? Where? Show me. Maybe a ‘bump’ to see the pussy fight when Rosie left, but that is it. Barbara-go home. The blonde cunt rules now-and NOBODY like her.

  7. Cory says

    I’m watching “The View” right now, and I wonder looking at Barbara if she is still alive. She’s all skin and bones. Maybe it’s like the movie “Weekend at Bernies”, and she’s actually dead but ABC is keeping her going for the show and someone’s pulling the strings. Hmmmm…

  8. Zeke says

    Yeah CORY, I was thinking the same thing when “colored women” Barbara spoke of Rosie’s “lifestyle”.

    Newsflash Barbara, it’s 2007!!!

    Of course this is the same Babawa that once “dated” Roy Cohn and was going to marry him. Need I say more?

    For you younger whipper snappers, if you don’t know who Roy Cohn was, Google him. I would tell you to research him at the Log Cabin Republican site but ironically they don’t mention this illustrious gay Republican there. I have no doubt that he’s a hero at GayPatriot.

  9. Cory says

    Roy Cohn rofl, I forgot about that. How sad, a closeted life ending in AIDS shrouded secrecy, a little Rock Hudson in some ways. Maybe Babawa has a little unconscious loathing of homosexuals ever since (wearing a strap on can do that to you lol).

    I had to change the channel away from “The View”, my I.Q. was dropping faster than the gas prices were rising. What a difference since Rosie’s departure, all they have spoken about this morning is breast size, “Spanx”, being blond and Hollywood diets. So vapid… so sad…

  10. A.J. says

    as much as walters is quite the fossil, rosie’s crude ” almost 80″ reeks of ageism.
    i wish she’d keep her “pie” hole shut for just five minutes.

  11. Leland says

    80 is no excuse, or, at least, not the explanation in this case. When she was around 50, was interviewing someone who had worked with the then world-renown Nobel Peace Prize winner, African missionary, Bach musician, Dr. Albert Schweitzer [Google him LOL], and, at one point, asked, “And, tell us, how is Dr. Schweitzer?” Her guest looked very confused and embarrassed for several seconds, then said, “Well, of course, Dr. Schweitzer is dead.”

    In terms of supporting civil liberties, I don’t think she’s quite as homophobic as she sounds, but, Good God, the ignorance!

  12. MCnNYC says

    AJ I guess being “almost 80″ is a lifestyle choice and if you read ageism in her comment I just see her saying the truth.

    It would account for her memory lapses, senility, constant living in the past and loss of facts (ratings my ass).

    And CORy you might be onto something…do you think Barbra Walters has asked her daughter if it is a matter of “lifestyle”?

  13. A.J. says

    RJ, you’re right… i guess the diff is that Rosie positions herself as such the correct, and i’m neither public nor correct.
    i suppose i’m just exhausted on rosie’s shrill mouth and was too anxious to just jump down her throat.

  14. kitkats99 says

    I hate that Rosie left the View. The only thing worse about not having Rosie there, is that now Barbara is there EVERY DAY. I don’t understand how she has been a successful journalist for so long. She can barely structure a sentence without losing track of what she is saying.

  15. ChrisDC says

    Where did Rosie’s quote come from? What source? I find it hard to believe that Rosie would disrespect BW like that, even with what happened on the View. I think BW has been a bit shady towards Rosie on the show lately.
    So, I’ll take Rosie’s “quote” with a grain of salt, till I see something from Rosie herself.

  16. scioto says

    I think what Andy posted is misleading. When I went to the link and read Rosie’s whole response, I got quite a different impression:
    “she is a living legend
    she deserves respect for that
    she is almost 80
    she is rather amazing”

    I hate it when the right-wing selective uses information to paint a false picture of an issue. I’m disappointed that it was done here.

  17. Zeke says

    AJ, with SCIOTO’s revelation as to what Rosie ACTUALLY said, do you still think that she was being “shrill”?

    ANOTHER example of “blame the dirty faggot first”. How many examples can we possibly see here at Towleroad in two days?

    Who needs straight homophobes when we have so many homo homophobes?

  18. Daniel says

    Oh My God. I haven’t ever gone on Rosie’s site before. I don’t know how she does it. These people writing on and pleading “validate me–please validate me.” It’s kind scary and sad and kind of funny all at once. Kind of like that Mel Tillis Susan Anton variety show from back in the 80s.

  19. kitkats99 says

    re: What Rosie actually said. Scioto is right in that she said:

    “she is a living legend
    she deserves respect for that
    she is almost 80
    she is rather amazing”

    She said that today in her most recent answering session. That answer was in response to somebody asking her about originally just saying this:

    “my response is
    she is almost 80″

    That was posted on Thursday morning at around 3 am.

    So, Andy posted her original answer. It has since been amended to include more.

  20. kitkats99 says

    While we’re at it though, how come more good Rosie news isnt posted at this site? If you’re going cover her, cover the good things as well.

    From Rosie’s Webpage:

    Rosies Broadway Kids Gets A New Home

    In the summer of 2007, Rosie’s Broadway Kids will enter our first home in a newly renovated building on 45th St., just a few blocks away from the theater district. This spacious four-story building will include two dance studios, a music studio, a study café, locker rooms, administrative offices, and other amenities. The building will serve as the home base for ACTE II students, who will use it throughout the school year for classes and during the yearly Summer Intensive. Our new space will also give hundreds of students at a nearby school the opportunity to finally stretch their legs and minds in our new physical education project, Spotlight on Fitness, being developed in conjunction with the Board of Education guidelines. The school doesn’t have appropriate facilities of its own for Phys Ed classes and we’re excited to finally give them the opportunity to move freely.

    Rosie’s Broadway Kids is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through arts education. Our professional teaching artists devote themselves to providing instruction in dance, music, and drama, and offer a professional theater experience for children who might otherwise not have the opportunity.

  21. RJ says

    Just to further clarify, I believe Andy was referring to this earlier posting on Rosie’s “Ask Ro” section:

    [tj writes:] BW to Ryan Seacrest: “There are things we’ve been able to discuss that we weren’t able to discuss with Rosie, like heterosexual sex.” PLEASE respond to this.

    [and Rosie writes:] my response is
    she is almost 80

  22. scioto says

    “It has since been amended to include more.” – kitkats99 | Jun 15 2:05PM

    Thanks for the clarification. I’m still not comfortable with reading too much into 4 words from an online chat. Sound bite journalism is in a great way responsible for giving us the regime we’ve been suffering under for the last 6 years.

  23. kitkats99 says

    I agree, nothing Rosie “blogs” should be used against her. She writes these things at 2 am half the time, going through thousands of questions every day. However it was said, I dont think it was said maliciously. I know Rosie has said things in the past about how BW is getting up there in age and sometimes the things she says dont exactly make sense, but I think its in more of a joking way than serious. Rosie has mucho respect for that woman and I dont think that will change.

  24. MCnNYC says

    Walters comments strike me as a bit homo-fearful if not down right HOMOPHOBIC when Barbra Washout says:
    we weren’t able to discuss with Rosie, like heterosexual sex.

    HELLO Like only straights can have a “view” on heterosex???
    Then she really digs herself into a pit with:

    “Because, you know, Rosie’s LIFESTYLE (???) is different, being an open lesbian…”

    Time to write ABC and get BW to retire her elitist “lifestyle”

  25. Jack! says

    Rosie might have respect for Barbara but Barbara doesn’t have respect for her. She has treated her like dirt. I watched everyday Rosie was on and that was clear. Whenever Rosie wanted to hug Barbara, she would move away and give a disgusted look. Barbara couldn’t stand when Rosie talked about her friendship with celebrities. It was clear to me last November that The View didn’t want Rosie. Barbara said they would fill in Star’s seat when Rosie got comfortable by November it was already three months. That was also the time when Barbara snapped at Rosie for talking about her friendship with Wyonna Judd. After that they tried to restrict what Rosie could say.

    This whole experience proved something besides the media’s bias against gay people that speak openly, it showed that Barbara got to where she is today by hanging around. After Rosie left they all but dropped the political discussions on the show. Which was a concession to straight men that want to keep women in their place. Barbara’s willingness to drop the political discussions proved that she only managed to stay around in the news industry by not confronting straight men and their bias.

  26. SC says

    Bawa is a lying biatch.

    MCNNYC is right, they did talk about hetero sex when Rosie was there. In fact, Rosie tried to engage Bawa about her love life several times but Bawa always blew her off (like she did ANY time someone brought up anything that could lead to sex talk). And on one of the shows toward the end, they each even discussed “talking” in bed. TMI, I know, but it still proves that Bawa is just a back-stabbing liar.

  27. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Barbara who? View what?

    What a waste, but if it is what it took to get Rosie a new deal and back on TV, I’m all for it.

    …and she will be.

  28. jmg says

    Just remember that it was not so long ago that almost this entire message board was attacking Rosie as being an insane fat lesbian after she went after Kelly Ripa.

  29. Robert says

    I dont know about the ratings..I hardly watch it..the Hot Topics arent so Hot!and its almost as if Elisabeth is being brought to the forefront to prove she won the fight..Barbara really looks good under those lights but when interviewed outside or without lighting adjustment and she really looks bad…wonder how you keep a level head sheing yourself on TV then looking in the mirror or seeing yourself without all the new fangled screening they do to make you look better on TV..

  30. Jack! says

    JMG, most of those comments were coming from straight men, trust me. Straight men can’t stand a lesbian let alone one that doesn’t need a man and speaks for herself.

    I’ve been to every article and message board about Rosie over the past year. I know the makeup of those that hate her. I know their reasons. Don’t forget her popularity rating (28% -35%) has stayed basically the same for years. When you cut through all people’s bs the main reason people hate her is because she is a lesbian that is outspoken.

  31. johnosahon says

    so how are “we” going to go about destroying this bitch left over career, or does that only happen when “they” come in isaiah’s skin color. you know damn well if he said this trash, we would have had his head cut off like yesterday.

  32. says

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