“Screened Out” Begins Tonight on TCM

ScreenedoutEvery Monday and Wednesday in June, Turner Classic Movies is presenting gay-themed films in a series called “Screened Out”. The full schedule is available here. Tonight’s selections are Algie, the Miner, The Monster, Exit Smiling, The Broadway Melody, Way Out West, The Office Wife, and Stage Mother.

Tom Shales has a review of the series in today’s Washington Post.


  1. zabadak says

    The more “tantalizing” sub plot in the Maltese Falcon was the relationship tween Sidney Greenstreet & his tough trade rent boy Elisha Cook Jr.

    TCM goofed big time by not screening the Rita Tushingham classic, The Leather Boys.

  2. Xavier says

    SC you are right. From the W.P’s review: … and “Wonder Bar” (1934), included mainly for one brief shot of two elegantly dressed dandies dancing together, close enough to each other, and to the bandstand, for Al Jolson to roll his eyes and scoff, “Boys will be boys!”
    And this promises to be good. Love old movies!