1. drew says

    I’d say it’s trimmed… which only fuels the gay rumors… a boy can dream right?

  2. Jason says

    Sure, Andy’s cute. But so are a couple of dozen other top men on the ATP tour. How about a little variety here? Need not be American to be juicy!

  3. tony the tiger says

    I am surprised Andy Roddick made it past the first round. He is the MOST overrated player in tennis…just because he is the top american. And Blake doesn’t get any attention anymore which is not fair just because he is fat and unattractive.

  4. America and Americans are part of the world even if some of you don't like that says

    Goodness, could the anti American sentiments be more prevelant on these forums?

    So the guy is American and getting complimented…heaven forbid does that really irk you that much?
    If a French man, Asian, latino gets a compliment their way, the emphasis is on the compliment not the fact that whatever nationality the person hails from received it. When an American (anyone) gets a compliment paid to them “It’s because they are American”. THAT to me is ignorant and says alot about you where your thought process automatically goes to his nationality and not him as a person.

    If you hate on Americans, it doesn’t make you any more of a forward thinking person. It doesn’t make you open minded, a world loving and right. It makes you ignorant since disliking anyone due to where they hail from is juvenile and prejudice (yes, including Americans).

  5. James says

    You’re surprised he made it past the first round? Uhhh…in case you haven’t been paying attention, he’s considered the #2 grass player in the world. His game certainly compliments the surface – big serve, big forehand. Both very capable of ending points quickly (which is not only a necessity, but a fact on grass).

    Are there other really good players on the tour in the top 10? You bet. Novak Djokovic of Serbia is a great all around player, and I see him as a major threat at any Slam. Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay made a really good showing at Wimbledon last year (even if his draw was a bit blah). Andy Murray could easily become the next John McEnroe type player, his ability to switch up shots at the last minute is just unnerving.

  6. FJA says

    Yummie – and he’s playing the gay card well – just enough to keep people guessing. Anyone who’s seen him on the Jonathan Ross show was mildly intrigued…

  7. says

    “Posted by: tony the tiger | Jun 14, 2007 10:15:03 PM

    Goodness, could the anti American sentiments be more prevelant on these forums?”

    There is a large element of self-hate in the US unfortunately….

    Everyone else is a pure as the driven snow, but we are somehow evil.

  8. Johann says

    James Blake is neither fat nor unattractive.

    And Roddick as most overrated? Did you see him win the ’03 US Open? And finish runner-up at Wimbledon twice to Fed?

    He’s the last person not named Fed to be No. 1 or win in NYC. You don’t know anything about tennis, Jason.