Firefighters Hose Rudy Giuliani in New Spot

The International Association of Firefighters, which Giuliani denounces, saying the group “only supports Democratic presidential candidates,” has released Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend, a video that rips the former NYC Mayor’s health and safety record with regard to the heroes of 9/11.

Giuliani supporters are saying the intent of the video is reminiscent of the “Swiftboating” of John Kerry.


  1. MikeinSanJose says

    Hmmm… Well, if Giuliani can produce all the volumes of interviews and op-eds that he gave denouncing the swiftboating of Kerry perhaps his whining and crying would carry more weight.

    Until then, it’s just another case of pissy adulterous hypocritical republicans crying “It’s okay for me to do it to you, but it’s evil and immoral if you do exactly the same thing to me.”

  2. Brian says

    “On the heroic memory of 343 dead firefighters, he wants to run for president of the United States… it’s a disgrace.”

    Well said.

    I’ve always thought that Giuliani’s 9/11 campaign was smarmy, even before he capitulated on GLBT issues.

  3. Kamasutra Jones says

    To mikeinsanjose, I agree that hypocrisy is wrong, but the shoe can also be placed on the foot of many a gay man who denigrate those who disagree with his point of view. In fact, your comment above implies that all Republicans are pissy, adulterous, and hypocritical. I seem to remember Bill Clinton (who I thought was a great president, mind you) get a little pissy when asked by reporters about the numerous blow jobs he got in the Oval office (well, a side room, but still…). Let’s not be hypocritical in our aversion to hypocrisy.

    And, Guiliani’s campaign is not about 9/11. It is partly about the war on terror. And, by that I don’t mean Bush’s war on terror. I mean the one that we New Yorkers fight every day as we go to and from our jobs.

    It is the fight to make us safer from those who want to destroy us. The one’s who flew planes into buildings in New York, Washington, and a Pennsylvania field. The ones who drove a carbomb into the Glasgow airport. The ones who bombed the London Underground, the trains in Madrid, the African consulates, the hotel and club in Bali, the hotels in Africa, and other places like Istanbul and the Philippines.

    And that is just a small part of his campaign. I would suggest reading his website yourself and not just listening to what the pundits say. You may not agree with what he says and wants to do, but you won’t be speaking fron an infactual place, that of anti-anything different spin.

  4. Bill H says

    To quote Towleroad directly, THIS is what the anti-terrorism part of Rudy Guiliani’s campaign is all about:

    Bush’s policies have made Al Qaeda a powerhouse again: “Six years after the Bush administration declared war on al-Qaeda, the terrorist network is gaining strength and has established a safe haven in remote tribal areas of western Pakistan for training and planning attacks, according to a new Bush administration intelligence report to be discussed today at a White House meeting. The report, a five-page threat assessment compiled by the National Counterterrorism Center, is titled ‘Al-Qaida Better Positioned to Strike the West,’ intelligence officials said. It concludes that the group has significantly rebuilt itself despite concerted U.S. attempts to smash the network.”

  5. says

    K Jones: You cannot be serious. You just cannot. Not after watching that.

    Don’t you realize that he’s an empty suit? How many times during any debate does he say the words “9-11?” He does it so much it’s a running joke. And this, this, is what he is running on? His failure to listen to security experts about not putting the security center at the World Trade Center and not giving firefighters the proper equipment they need?

    This man isn’t fit to be a city councilman and here he is running for the nation’s highest office.

    It’s incredible that anyone could take this man at his word or even just take him seriously at all.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Lets not forget that he picked as his top cop that sleeze bag Kerik, whose clame to fame was a crooked Narc and the son of a whore who was killed by her pimp. Go Rudy. I can’t wait until the GOP starts feeding on each other. They are already starting to circle McCain’s corpse.

  7. MikeinSanJose says

    Kamasutra Jones: “I agree that hypocrisy is wrong, but the shoe can also be placed on the foot of many a gay man who denigrate those who disagree with his point of view.”
    Umm… WTF? What has that got to do with anything that I said? Are you telling us that Rudy is Gay? I guess that explains the multiple wives. He’s hoping to find a woman eventually that will cause him to experience an erection?

    “It is the fight to make us safer from those who want to destroy us.”
    So it sounds like you’re saying that anything we do to “fight to make us safer from those who want to destroy us” is acceptable, but the people of the middle east, who are doing EXACTLY the same thing – lashing out at western attempts to destroy their entire civilization, religion and way of life over the past several centuries – their acting in their own self-defense is wrong and only serves to justify us bombing them out of existence?

    “I seem to remember Bill Clinton (who I thought was a great president, mind you) get a little pissy when asked by reporters about the numerous blow jobs he got in the Oval office”
    Bill Clinton deserved to get a little pissy. His “Crimes against America” had nothing to do with foreign policy, nothing to do with national defense and securtiy. Homeboy was just trying to get a nut. Republicans decided it was more important to put the nation’s business on hold for a year or two so they can nail a horndog (that America still loves more than any repug that’s been in office since). Way to prioritize, repugs!

    Why is it that when someone tries to make a direct and specific point, the only neo-con response is find a tangent, mis-direct, cloud the issue? It took 4 paragraphs for you to respond to my 2 sentences? You never addressed the fact that Guiliani supports swiftboating when the target is a democrat but cries like a baby when he rightfully gets the same treatment for which his party set the precedent.

    And unless you can prove to me that someone flew planes into Washington, and a Pennsylvania field – granted we all saw the planes hit the twin towers – but no substantial wreckage was found in PA and no hole in the pentagon large enough for a jumbo jet to pass through either, perhaps you need to reconsider who you think it is that “want to destroy us.”

    Okay, so maybe I put a few words in your mouth. It’s the only way I could make your response even vaguely relevant to my post that you were ‘responding’ to.

  8. Leland says

    I luv the smell of burning jackass in the afternoon!

    And one doesn’t have to catalog any of his 9/11 failures and hypocrisies to know that Guiliani is a royal jackass:

    He’s said that ANY Democrat elected will absolutely result in more Americans being killed by terrorists.

    His second wife found out he was leaving her at the same time the rest of the world did—from a press conference.

    Neither of his two biological children are supporting his campaign; nor are they and his stepdaughter even mentioned on that wonderful campaign Website.

    Among the 35+ SUCCESSFUL lawsuits against him when he was mayor was one involving his barring church members from delivering an AIDS education program in a park.

    As an attorney, Giuliani was “lead counsel and lead spokesmen” for Purdue Pharma, the makers of Oxycontin—sued for misleading the public about its addictive properties. PP had to pay $634.5 million in fines.

    On his radio program, he mocked a Parkinson’s patient who suggested Guiliani resign after his administration denied the man Medicaid benefits and repeatedly charge him with fraud. The mayor said, “We’ll send you psychiatric help, ’cause you seriously need it. ….

    He’s against overturning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    He NOW is against not just gay marriage but civil unions which he says are too much like marriage, somehow splitting hairs up his ugly ass about a supposed difference from “domestic partnershps. He told Sean Hannity, “MARRIAGE SHOULD BE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. IT SHOULD REMAIN THAT WAY.”

    One of his PAID advisors is former Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle who’s said that “amending Iowa’s constitution to ban gay marriage is a quality of life issue…[an important] signal we send our kids.” Nussle also want the US Constitution amended to ban gay marriage, too.

    As mayor, he never worked to see that New York would, like San Francisco, implement a contracting law that would require “companies doing business with it to provide domestic partner benefits to their employees and also provides civil rights and workplace protections to transgendered persons.

    In 1989 as candidate for Mayor, Giuliani criticized Mayor Koch’s plan to offer bereavement leave to gay city employees, calling it (through a spokesperson) “an ill-conceived political giveaway.”

    In 1993, he opposed Mayor Dinkins’ ban on travel by city employees to Colorado, imposed because of a boycott to the state’s antigay ballot initiative.

    Soon after becoming Mayor in 1994, Giuliani supported Ruben Diaz, who sat on the Police Department’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, who wrote a homophobic and AIDS-phobic column about the upcoming Gay Games being held in the city. The Mayor was quoted as saying, “I don’t condemn him” and said Diaz’s views reflected “a couple of thousand years of moral theology.”

    Again in 1994, word circulated that the Department of AIDS Services might be eliminated and the rumor was reinforced when the Giuliani Administration held an evaluation process that was closed to public input and by invitation only. (DAS was not eliminated, but the incident furthered the distrust that already existed between LGBT community organizations and the Mayor.)

    Soon after becoming Mayor, Giuliani eliminated the Office of Lesbian and Gay Concerns as well as liaison offices to other communities.

    Giuliani opposed the inclusion of lesbians and gay in multicultural curriculum.

    He appointed openly homophobic Irene Impellizzeri to the Board of Education and appointed AIDS-phobic board member Ninfa Segarra as Deputy Mayor.

    Giuliani participates in NYCs St. Patrick’s Day parade and supports the Hibernian’s barring gays.

    Giuliani defended the use of force to control demonstrators marching in honor of slain Matthew Shepard, furthering a perception among a number of communities in New York that the NYPD was becoming increasingly independent under Giuliani.

    Oh, yeh, there’s that miracle of his living with a couple of gay friends briefly during his second divorce scandal. Well Dickhead Cheney as a gay daughter—do you want him to be President?!!!

  9. JT says

    “I luv the smell of burning jackass in the afternoon!” That just smacked of Leland even before I knew it was my dear heart writing it!

    Mr. Giuliani has NOT done anything I can think of that in any way qualifies him to be President. He has difinitely NOT done anything, at any time, that warrants any vote from a gay person.

  10. Dan says

    patrick nyc said:
    They are already starting to circle McCain’s corpse.


    Maybe it’s McCain who is sponsoring this campaign from his death bed…

    Or Rudy Giuliani himself, in a last attempt to pose himself as a victim of the democrats.

  11. robert says

    The man is a huge putz and like Bush is a pawn in the republican machine. I believe backroom deals were cut with the administration and he was promised the nomination if he would cover up all the 9/11 evidence. The largest CSI site in the world has been packed up and hidden so the evidence will never be known. I blame him and so do the firefighters.

  12. Sean R says

    Glad to see there is a more realistic/ political examination because NY and America thought very differently of him as a politician on 9/10…

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