Sportrait: Jon Jansen and Casey Rabach


Football training season is back in session, which means plenty of sore muscles. Washington Redskins offensive tackle Jon Jansen and center Casey Rabach share a tub as ice bath buddies.

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  1. Adam says

    Oh man. Please use some other term than Redskins, even if that is their name. You’re a Montanan; I don’t think your old neighbors on Flathead, Blackfeet, or Crow would appreciate such a slur.

  2. tjc says

    Shrinkage is the FIRST thing that came to my mind too, seattledan. Between the ice and the ‘roids*….

    * just making a joke, not implying anything about the boys in the tub. Other than small genitals.

  3. Jaimie says

    I hear ya Jordan. This is interesting because… like a lot of posts on here, it features men who probably have a less than enlightened few about gays… But we’re attracted to them regardless???

    It’s messed up.

  4. Mike says

    If you whiners don’t like the pict. go on to the hundreds that look like clones. Diversity in men is not just limited to race.

  5. nycredneck says

    Seriously, do you people ever have fun?

    They don’t get money from him posting the pic. Andy liked it. that’s why it’s there. do you know the political/social views of every model in pics you drool over? I seriously doubt it. chill the fuck out.

    ignoring things does not make them disappear. they are currently named the washington redskins. he can call them that. not doing so would change nothing. it’s like people who don’t want the adoption of kids by gay parents in alumni magazines…some weird thought that ignoring it makes it change.

  6. Paul says

    Jesus thank you NYCredneck. I don’t find these guys attractive, but the whining about them is beyond farfetched. If you don’t care for the picture, move on. Bitches.

  7. krishnan says

    I would LOVE to crawl into the top at top with the three HOT guys who do not seem to show any SHRINKAGE!

  8. Anja Clarke says

    Why do so many readers get pissed off when someone simply, innocently offers a differing point of view on this blog? Andy doesn’t wouldn’t mind someone not finding these guys attractive — he’s sharing an opinion in a forum that invites commentary.

    I guess fags are just innately disagreeable.

  9. Chris says

    I see several reason to like this pic- 1)two guys in a tub 2)they are dressed the same 3) they are relaxing in the same position 4)an ice bath, brrr 5)they are attractive regular football jocks 6)and they are on my hometown team!

  10. Matt says

    I personally don’t find these guys attractive, but they sure are athletes and could probably out perform the lot of you who are complaining. I have more respect for these guys than the models for the lewis payton. I’m not saying that I don’t like the lewis payton stuff but that his stuff is more fantasy and not driven on what most athletes look like. I mean look at Andy Roddick, he is hot but has a little bit of a gut. We are all different and special. It sucks that the world hates us for the most part but yet we treat each other like shit most of the time. I will step off my soap box now. The tub they are in reminds me of what we use to water our cattle in back home.

  11. Matt says

    What i’m saying about Andy Roddick is he is no ripped model with 12 pack. There is a little fat around the midsection. In no way am i saying he is fat.

  12. Drew says

    For all of you complaining that these guys aren’t hot, give some of us this one. I love beefy dudes, and finally I have some enjoyment vs. all the smooth, twinkish waifs that are posing in their underwear ads. I don’t post about how I think they’re nasty – keep your comments to yourself you bitter queens.

  13. beergoggles says

    About time you showed some beef on here Andy. Appreciate the pictures.

    Developing guts on beefy men are teh total secseh.