1. bigggnasty says

    i love this concept-Todd Solondz touched on the different actors/same character scheme in Palindromes, but this looks much more enjoyable.

  2. says

    Todd’s concept alos allows for different “Dylans” to be in the same scene with one another and converse. There’ll be a scene with Hedger as the “Christian” Dylan talks with Blanchett’s 60’s-era Dylan.

  3. soulbrotha says

    I thought I was over him, but that picture of Heath Ledger made me hot for him all over again. Damn!

  4. resurrect says

    Haynes was in Minneapolis a year or so back w/ a retrospective of some of his work – including “Poison” and “Far From Heaven”. He mentioned that MN’s Native Son, Dylan, was all aboard on the project – and seeing these clips, it’s no surprise as the work looks mature, thoughtful, accessible and experimental — all at once. Bravo to a real Haynes as auteur now that we’ve lost Antonioni and Bergman so far this year….