Massive Study on Gay and Lesbian Consumers Released

A new largest-ever survey of gays and lesbians and their consumer spending habits has been released by Community Marketing, Inc. (with Rivendell Media). 26,205 complete responses to the survey were gathered. Of those, 24,563 of them reside within the United States.

Here is a graph of some of the report’s key findings (according to CMI, “some of the U.S. respondents are bisexual, transgender or straight, and are not included in these indices”):


According to Community Marketing, “From April 13 to May 16, 2007, Community Marketing, Inc. conducted an online survey of lesbian and gay adults. As an incentive, respondents were offered a chance to win one of four airline vouchers valid for a roundtrip flight in North America. This survey comprehensively and effectively represents a broad spectrum of LGBT consumers in all parts of the USA. With a sample size of more than 10,000 for each Index, the margin of error is plus or minus 1% with a 95% confidence interval…

…Survey participants were solicited through over 75 widely distributed internet and print publications, including: here! Interactive, Olivia, Instinct Magazine, Curve Magazine, Jane and Jane, Windy City Times, Philadelphia Gay News, OutSmart Magazine, Bay Windows, Genre, HX Magazine, Dallas Voice, Just Out, Gay People’s Chronicle, Outlook Magazine, Bay Area Reporter, Out And About Newspaper, Out Front Colorado, Washington Blade, Metro Weekly, Edge, Next Magazine, Chicago Free Press, Watermark, Outlook Weekly, Q Notes, Between The Lines, The Ozark Star, A Bears Life Magazine, and many others. These media partners contributed their survey participants into Community Marketing’s own proprietary survey panel developed since 1994, which includes respondents from many other leading event and media companies such as Advocate Magazine,,,, and Passport.”

More information on the report (including how to order one) can be found here.


  1. says

    Good to see the voting stats (even though those are always overreported). Between that and the median income being about 4x the national norm, there is political power there if we could just stop buying plasma tvs.

  2. says

    To me, the most important of these pretty interesting results are the average income and percentage of those who voted in the 2006 (an “off-year” election). Gays shouldn’t just be a Democratic primary constituency…we’ve come of age as a small, but influential force with the money and the history of action to back it up. Anyone (corporation or politician, at least on a national level) who ignores that will be increasingly doing so at their peril, IMHO. What was surprising to me, though, is that gay men, despite less cohabitation, child rearing, pet ownership, home ownership, etc. vote significantly more than lesbians. I wouldn’t have guessed that.

  3. says

    I started to laugh at BKaelig’s association between pet ownership, etc., and voting before I realized what you were saying–actually a good point. You would think that such indicators of permanence and stability (as well as the civic participation that comes with home ownership or the presumably increased interest in policy and law when one’s children are involved) would mean greater voting, but no; especially interesting since in the general population women vote in much greater numbers than men.

  4. Landis says

    From a commercial standpoint, it allows advocacy groups to quantify and focus the pink dollars elsewhere from businesses with fundamentalists/christian-right ties.

  5. Iko says

    All those questions seemed reasonable until I came to the vodka numbers. Apparently gays and Russians have more in common than one might expect. I get the feeling that they just threw that one in to measure the effect of marketing on the gay community, since Skyy and others have spent a good bit of effort directing ads our way.

  6. dan says

    one interesting thing about this is that it appears that the median age of gay media readers is 45, and thats seriously bad news if you are a gay media provider. thats the far edge of a desirable demographic before you topple over into the “modern maturity” demo, and its an increase in age from the last time one of these surveys was done. bottom line, gay media is of interest to the middle aged, and is failing to draw in new young readers, and to advertisers thats pretty much the same thing as walking into their offices with dog shit on your shoes. bummer.

  7. says

    Yeah…guardian???? Calling dog owners “guardians” is an insult to all those who are guardians of children, whether they are their own, their partners, or from the foster or adoption systems.

  8. says

    Yeah…guardian???? Calling dog owners “guardians” is an insult to all those who are guardians of children, whether they are their own, their partners, or from the foster or adoption systems.

  9. Chiene says

    Bitch, please.

    Nobody owns the word “guardian” anymore than some people think they own the word “marriage”.

    Some people treat animals as objects to own; others don’t. Don’t get your cockles in a bunch just because it doesn’t jive with your own vernacular.

  10. Ted says

    Tom Roth at Community Marketing is a great salesman, but not so good at research. How could an internet survey be representative of all consumers? No survey research has a 1% margin of error. Community Marketing’s work is widely quoted by people trying to sell corporations on spending money marketing to the GLBT community. It is not an accurate portrayal of our community.

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