1. Sean says

    OMG !!! I’m wondering, is this the reason why he was chosen to be on the cover of the calendar?

  2. Roy says

    Woof! A couple years ago, the ‘Guys Gone Wild’ DVDs were circulating around work, and I remember this man as having the ONLY dick worth looking at…

  3. Jordan says

    What IS it about firemen being so damn HOT?

    It almost makes you want to be an arsonist…(other than the prison sentence)

    But that’s another fantasy altogether)…although I doubt they’re ALL that hot (or available)

  4. Acolyte says

    What’s with all the damned shaved chests? If FIREMEN won’t leave their chest hair alone, who the hell will???

  5. Becks says

    They were on the Today Show today and this guy is DEFINITELY Mr. Horsecock.

    The only possible thing saving me from a jealousy-induced suicide is that his wiener looks more “hook” than “ladder” — maybe a little hard to slide down that pole?

    Oh what am I saying — pass the fucking hemlock…I’m outta here.

  6. assante says

    makes you wonder if he’s into saving people or concerned how he looks while doing it. probably both.

  7. Iko says

    “What’s with all the damned shaved chests? If FIREMEN won’t leave their chest hair alone, who the hell will???”

    Chest hair’s flammable. Duh.

  8. Dan says

    Yeah, I don’t want to look a gift horsecock in the mouth, but it’s way too hooky for me. If it hung straight, I think I’d have to be sedated. Oh well…

  9. Rad says

    Okay, is it warm in here or is the house on fire?

    Holy Crap! That is one, BIG HONKIN’ DICK!!!


  10. peterparker says

    I remember seeing that Guys Gone Wild video just after it came out…and I think his ‘hooked’ cock is HOT!

  11. Acolyte says

    IKO: Yeah, I thought of that–that and the added heat. But unless they’re running into burning buildings dressed like they are on the calendar, I’m pretty sure they’ll be wearing firefighter clothes that are made especially for that type of thing…

  12. curious says

    anybody else find it intriguing watching that video that he stayed so limp while a bevy of bimbos admired him and stroked his ego? i suppose it takes a lot of blood pressure to pump that thing up, but still, makes you wonder whether women don’t turn him on…

  13. Joshua says

    i’m with you Curious…..I was watching that video and thinking the exact same thing.
    Any red blooded American hetro would have had a full woody going….this guy didn’t even twitch. He is absolutely beautiful and of course very nicely hung, but I would wager this weeks check that if there had been a bevey of beautiful guys doing that video, Fire boy would have been rock hard and possibly raising his legs.

  14. peterparker says

    For those who are saying he was limp throughout the video, I disagree. It looked to me like he had a semi-erection going on. I dated a guy who had a cock that curved down just like FireBoy’s cock. I always had to actually touch it to see if it was hard. I’m guessing our firemen has the same issue.

  15. krishnan says

    Peterparker is right. My boyfriend Mark has an extremely big hose and he is a real estate salesman. Thank goodness he only whips it out for me.

    But if FDNY wants to raise some REAL money, why don’t they invite folks to travel to Staten Island to HOLD Michael’s massive member? I would pay $1000 just to hold it!

  16. Jordan says

    At least with a dick like that you’d never have to use the line “Is it in yet?”

    Which unfortunately I’ve had to use on more than one occasion…

    But then again, I’m a cold-hearted bitch.

  17. Gregg says

    looks like the same guy to me, dons888. Same hairline, same eyes/eyebrows, same jaw.

    Not that I noticed

  18. krishnan says

    Michael bears a striking facial resemblance to former NFL quarterback Jim Harbaugh. Jim is now head coach of the Stanford Cardinal football team. You boys on the west coast should go check him out and see if he also resmebles Michael DOWN THERE!

  19. Mark says

    This is totally ridiculous. Many of us have done stupid, embarassing things when we were teenagers. Michael might have made an error in judgment long before he joined the NYFD (and those girls obviously exploited his narcissim and stupidity) but the puritanical FD chief clearly over-reacted. The calendar is a harmless, fun project which supports an important NYC charity.

  20. gina says

    yes that is def him I went to high school with that kid. He was a lot thinner then. I never thought he was hot until now, When I saw what he was packing.

  21. george w bush says

    fags…why dont you jump each other instead of going after the normal guy. Damn pedophiles you should be drowned at birth

  22. Hornyhornburger says

    his cock, soft or semi- hard, is still impressive. In the beginning of the video, when he swings his COCK around, it was definitely semi hard. But when he took his donkey dong and wrapped it around his wrist, it would have to be soft. No one can wrap a hard or semi hard cock completely around their wrist.