1. Derrick from Philly says

    He’s not wearing a jockstrap, is he? First Marcus Patrick in Playgirl, now Reggie Bush with an imprint. This isn’t fair! I’m too old to be treated this way.

  2. CF says


    After the Roddick cover fiasco, seems like the Men’s Fitness Editorial staff may be “leaking” these cover proofs to a) generate interest and/or b) get feedback/input prior to printing.

    Either way – cliche dumb jock mispelling
    and the junk is augmented (photoshopped).

  3. 24play says

    Excercising is a better workout than exercising. The friction between the C and X adds resistance and forces you to burn more calories.

    Despite the typo on this draft cover, the new editor at MF seems to be shaking up the mag—in a good way. Hot cover choices, better photography, improved content. Maybe perpetually second-rate MF will at long last be able to give brain-dead, vanilla Men’s Health a real run for its money.

  4. says

    i do nt think its photo shopped head not matching the neck ye for normal people this is a footbll player they have that wist nech i.e their neck is the size of a size zero waist

    NOt my type but he looks good if this is photoshopped then he mus walk around with a a n airbrusher he always loooks like that.

    Guys are so lucky wake up and wash your face and you look good.

  5. Oscar says

    Another made-up body by Men’s Fitnesss. Another Andy Roddick. When will people realize that human bodies whether white, brown, yellow or black do not look like that. It is all made-up.

  6. jama49 says

    Well, I just revived myself after seeing Men’s Fitness cover. I think Reggie is very comfortable with himself. He surely must know that his Calvin Klein ads and this cover will be looked at and admired and drooled over by many a gay man (even a few straight ones who wish they could be as disciplined and beautiful as Mr. Bush). Reggie Bush gives new meaning to the word “Adonis”. That’s what he is: one fine, fine, man. God bless you, Reggie and I hope you have a “Hall of Fame” year.

  7. rudy says

    Just received this month’s copy. Looks like they have done a little editing with the cover photo. The “white box” for the subsription label covers Reggie’s box–at least the part where he is dressing to the right.

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