Venice Film Festival Introduces ‘Queer Lion’ Award


The top prize at the Venice Film Festival is called the Leone d’Oro (the Golden Lion). Now, after four years of negotiations, competition director Daniel Casagrande says the festival will award a “Queer Lion” to the best full-length film featuring a gay or lesbian character.

According to the BBC, “He has said he expects ‘around 10 or 12′ films to be candidates for the inaugural prize…Films entering the main competition are eligible for the award, as are other films being shown at the festival, which runs from 29 August to 8 September. A small international jury will select the winner, who will be presented with a gold plaque featuring the Venice Lion winged logo with the rainbow colours of the gay pride flag on the wings.”

Said Casagrande: “We aren’t looking for the next Brokeback Mountain. We are just looking for films that accurately portray gay characters or themes.”

Posted August 1, 2007 at 8:35am ETC by Andy Towle
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