1. ReasonBased says

    Who wants to bet that she will get tons of calls for publicity and by the end of the week she will be on Leno and all the other shows? Perhaps some company will even maker her their SPOKESPERSON.
    Such is life in US America….

  2. yeahisaidit says

    …you can bet your bottom dollar that miss thing is wishing with every fiber of her being that if only she could bend time and space to take back that moment and remove her head from her ass….HA!

  3. jemmytee says

    OH…MY…GAWD…how was this chick ever chosen? And we wonder why the South is so willing to support idiots like Bush? It’s obvious they see him as smart.

  4. k says

    I think her memory bank needed to be reprogrammed or else overhauled. Words were flowing out randomly — very unconvincing…. what? this is a human???!! So sorry.

  5. jimmy Olson says

    like, she was so SICK! i love her…and…oh my god, i barely even noticed that the dude asking those questions was our very own mario (love him in the shower) lopez…like…she was too mermerizing…FABU!

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