Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor Make Love But No Small Talk


Yeah, it was obvious something was up on that Toronto red carpet.

Ewan McGregor joked to Metro UK: “Me and Colin Farrell lovers? Yes. You heard it here first. Friends, lovers, all of those things.”

Said Farrell: “We’re lovers, but only physically. No movies, no dinners, or long meaningful conversations caring about how the other person is doing in their lives. We just like to make love every now and then. Once a year is going to be the deal, like Woody Allen makes his films. We’re going to make love once a year. He does look well, doesn’t he? Very dapper. It’s the accent as well that gets me.”

Added McGregor: “I’m going to watch a film [tonight] with people who like to watch films. Then Colin and I are going to go crazy!”

What we’d pay for that tape.

Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell Wet Dream in Toronto [tr]