Hero in Chains: Milo Ventimiglia


Season 2 of Heroes premiered last night, and may be of interest, particularly if you’d like to indulge your Milo Ventimiglia bondage fantasies.

Milo1 Milo2

For those of you who care, a look at Ventimiglia’s distant past.

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  1. nillachino says

    Question: Did anyone else try to tivo/dvr Heroes and Chuck last night? Neither of the programs would record for me (I got a 8:59-8:59 and 9:59-9:59 time stamp on my recorder). ARGH!

  2. says

    Me? Bondage fantasies? Milo?

    You must have me confused with that guy who talks to me inside my head.

    The only thing I don’t get is how he managed to get a haircut while he was flying out of the atmosphere with brother Nathan and all the rest of what must have happened between the plaza last season and that shipping container.

    Chux, if you don’t like the relationship between HRG and Claire, wait till you see the Jimmy Smits character on Cane, he got adopted by a wealthy family and (purportedly to stay in the good graces of the patriarch) married his adoptive sister.


    Thanks for the link, Andy.

  3. Jordan says

    He’s cute, but Sylar is much hotter (but then again, I always did have a soft spot for the dark side and nothing turns me on like psychotic bad boys).

    I can’t wait to see what mischief and mayhem Sylar unleashes this season (and what evil power this new chick turns out to have). Good times, Good times!

  4. jimmyboyo says

    I think the story is going to go that The Haitian found peter, took care of him, his nuke exploding caused bald head and hair is just now growing back, the haitian wiped his mind, gave him that gold necklace, and locked him away so Moma petrelli and gang couldn’t get to him to use him in their nefarious plans again.

    Then again the writers could just be retarded.

    On Sylar…….Maya vs Sylar in the future is what I am looking foreword to. I think her head isn’t going to be easy to get into

  5. Jordan says

    I like Mama Petrelli too. She’s a real ice-queen bitch I can relate to. Plus, she reminds me of an eccentric great-aunt who’s too fun.

    His nipple DOES look inverted, which is grossing me out, now that I look at it. How is that even possible?

  6. says

    I watched Hero last nite for the first time because my brother was watching it and I was so confused as to what was happening. My brother tried to explain some stuff but I was too busy checking out Milo (was fine as hell in Gilmore Girls, if I’m not mistaken).

  7. DogDayz says


    Don’t get to sweet on Milo’s winning smile and hot body. From what I’ve been reading lately allegedly he has been physically and verbally abusive to his former girlfriend, a very young Alexis Bledel, from Gilmore Girls, which is why she eventually dumped his ass. The scuttle is that he has a lot of control issues. He’s now dating Hayden Panettier, who is only 18 years old; Milo is 30. Kinda creepy, don’t you think?

  8. jimmyboyo says



    Go there and you can watch every single last episode (hopefuly you don’t have dial up connection otherwise it will suck pausing constantly while you watch it)

    You have to have watched it from the beggining to understand all the different story lines. They do all converge by the end of season 1.

    On the hotties

    Don’t forget the actor that plays

    Saresh. HOT
    DL isn’t hard to look at either
    Nathan is fly especialy since the actor has such a great liberal wife. the dixie chick that caused the bruhaha over Bush way back when.

    Matt is even cute if you like heftier guys that don’t work out. I’m not into hefty guys but he is cute.

    Ando never did anything for me last season, but this season with longer spikier hair and the suit…..Yummy.

    Sadly every scifi geeks favorite gay george takei’s (sullu) character well, just watch the 1st episode of the new season. :-(

  9. Jordan says

    The actor who plays Syler is leaving the show temporarily in order to film the Star Trek movie as Spock, but will be returning. The character Syler isn’t leaving the show. He just won’t be in a few shows. That’s where this new chick comes in. Duh.

    And speaking of hot men…Mohinder Suresh…HOT!

  10. Michael says

    Being an Aussie, I didn’t get to see it (so what I say may be completely obvious), but is that a black male hand creeping over his pecs in the last pic?

    I’ll sleep well tonight :)

  11. Doug says


    Michael, no, that’s his own hand, in shadow.

    I agree with Jordan about Sylar being hotter than Milo, but I have a thing for slightly heftier guys, so Matt has my full attention :-)

    And yes, guys, some of us have an inverted nipple. Get over it.

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