McClurkin at Obama Event: “God Delivered Me from Homosexuality”

More details have emerged regarding Rev. Donnie McClurkin’s appearance yesterday at Barack Obama’s “Embrace the Change” Gospel Tour. Actually, McClurkin made more than an appearance. He emceed the event, the Washington Post notes. Andy Sidden, the openly gay minister whom Obama called in at the last minute to counter the furor over McClurkin, offered the event’s opening prayer: “Sidden’s prayer noted the importance of people of all races, backgrounds and sexual orientations coming together.”

McclurkinIt sounds as though the only change Rev. Donnie McClurkin hoped folks would embrace, however, was the one he claims to have made from gay to straight, because it was on that note that the controversial singer went out.

Said McClurkin near the end of his appearance: “I’m going to say something that’s going to get me in trouble…They accuse me of being anti-gay and a bigot. We don’t believe in discrimination. We don’t believe in hatred, and if you do you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the whole premise of God. That’s the whole premise of Christ is love, love, love. But there is a side of Christ that deals in judgment, and all sin is against God…Don’t call me a bigot or anti-gay, when I have been touched by the same feelings. When I have suffered with the same feelings. Don’t call me a homophobe, when I love everybody … Don’t tell me that I stand up and I say vile words against the gay community because I don’t. I don’t speak against the homosexual. I tell you that God delivered me from homosexuality.”

Calling the last hour of the concert “a revival meeting about the lightning rod he has become for the Obama campaign, the NY Times reports that “[McClurkin] then told the audience to believe the Bible over the blogs: ‘God is the only way.’ The crowd sang and clapped along in full support.”

And via AmericaBlog comes this addendum from the Washington Post:

“…while the crowd left excited, it was clear the campaign still regarded the controversy as complicated. Aides gave reporters a three-page memo detailing McClurkin’s and Obama’s views on gay rights that noted in capital letters ‘MCCLURKIN DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE GAYS AND LESBIANS WHO ARE HAPPY WITH THEIR LIVES AND HAS CRITICIZED CHURCH LEADERS WHO DEMONIZE HOMOSEXUALS,’ with quotes detailing those statements from the singer. The next paragraph then stated ‘OBAMA DOES NOT AGREE WITH MCCLURKIN’S VIEWS ON GAYS.'”

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  1. the queen says

    holy fuck, whatever happened to separation of church and state? the founding fathers must be spinning in their graves. there’s no place in the presidential race for any of this sick x-tian self-loathing full of guilt anti-life doubletalk bullshit. obama fucked up big time.

  2. the queen says

    holy fuck, whatever happened to separation of church and state? the founding fathers must be spinning in their graves. there’s no place in the presidential race for any of this sick x-tian self-loathing full of guilt anti-life doubletalk bullshit. obama fucked up big time.

  3. CONFUSED says

    I have such mixed feelings about this whole episode. Leaving out how this affects the Obama campaign, I can’t really fault McClurken if he doesn’t want to be gay. If he sees Jesus as saving him from homosexuality so be it. Many of my friends see a high power as saving them from drug or alcohol addiction. But I know that being gay is NOT like being a drug addict or alcoholic. I want to respect his right to live his life the way he wants, I just don’t want him to trumpet it in a church or the media.

    I do think this is yet another nail in the coffin of a poorly-managed campaign by a novice campaigner.

  4. thin mint says

    This looks pretty bad for Obama. The ex-gay movement is widely seen as a nutty joke by both straights and gays.

    However, I actually think it’s a pretty gutsy move for a conservative black preacher to come out as someone with same-sex desires, even if it is in the context of renouncing those desires for Jesus. Simply to create a space in which these emotions can be spoken of is, to a degree, liberating.

  5. mike says

    self loathing is so ugly. i doubt the guy was being gutsy so much as he is naive or perhaps aware that he was scheduled to be outed. And how the fuck does Obama’s camp reconcile the “Christ deals in judgement… all sin is against God” with “McClurkin does not want to change, etc…”?? And If Obama doesn’t agree then why is he having him speak on his fucking behalf?

  6. Mick says

    All the people that buy McClurkin’s music already knows this. This is only news to white people because McClurkin has talked about this in the past so when he states this in place he is not being gutsy or naive.

    And I don’t think straight people that were going to vote for him are going to stop because of this show, it might even get him some more republican supports.

  7. Bob R says

    After his convention speech, I was very impressed with Obama. I thought , wow, there’s a guy who should someday run for President. I was impressed. Then I started to see more of him when he got into the Senate. I started watching him more closely and my distrust grew. My gut warned me not to trust this man. I watched him on the campaign trail and just felt there was something very phony about Obama. The door was still open for getting my vote, although he was not number one on the list. But, this evangelical tour was the deal breaker for me. I know there are those who feel any Democrat trumps any Republican in office and that me be so. But I cannot in good conscience vote for this man. He appears to be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” No Obama, no way.

  8. adamblast says

    Just awful. I really wanted to believe in Obama. Or somebody, dammit. But there’s no way for me to get past this.

    I’m one of those who barely survived a tortured, self-hating adolescence trying to “pray the gay away.” I’m still screwed up about it, and have never had the happy, healthy gay life I deserve. Instead, my life has been ripe with mental illness, suicide attempts and profound isolation–and nearly all of it can be laid directly at the door of people like Donnie McClurkin, who “lovingly” claim that being gay is sinful, that the shame we feel is correct, and that we can change if our faith is strong enough.

    The ex-gay movement kills. It is an invitation to mental illness, suicide, and destroyed lives. It takes the most vulnerable among us–those with knots of shame burning in our hearts–and adds fuel to that fire.

    Does Obama really not know that he’s helping to *create* more men on the down low? That he’s helping to create more Brokeback marriages, more destroyed families? That’s what this message does when preached. It needs to be repudiated, not spread further during his campaign events.

    If he’s happy having this message preached in his name, then he is my enemy, not my friend. Very sad.

  9. Mike says

    Go away Obama. Hill is going to crush you anyhow, this is a lost campaign already acting desparate for votes. I thought that he would be the 1st choice for V.P. Now I hope that Hill picks someone else. Way to stew up more anti-gay feeling in the south. Smooth move.

  10. anybody but hillary says

    Elizabeth Edwards at least knew how to smooth over her husband’s discomfort with gay marriage by her kicking of the SF gay pride parade, and declaring her full support for us and gay marriage.

    As an anybody but Cheney in a smart pant suit/ Hillary, Edwards looks like the best progressive candidate outside of kucinich.

  11. Leland Frances says

    We hope you mean “MARY Cheney in a smart pant suit/Hillary” or else one can only assume you wrote this on your way home from school in “the special small yellow bus.”

    After the last six years of the Bush Reich, it’s hard for me to accept that there are those who luv hating Hillary or Edwards or Obama or fill-in-the-blank more than they care about change, but they, like cockroaches, will always be among us.

  12. jim says

    Obama is truly a disgrace and another good reason why the gay community needs to watch its back with these Democratic contenders for President. The pandering to the religious vote is reminiscent of candidates in countries like Iran.

  13. alan says

    You’re all being used. The candidates want you to vote for them but they also don’t want to offend the religious vote which votes according to “values”. You’re all being taken for a ride.

  14. Sebastain says

    Bless his tiny heart, he has been healed, now can we be healed and not have to see anything else about him? I still don’t see the big deal, he is a Republican after all who sings the praises of Bush, and, obviously showed up because he was paid. If, the Obama camp is this out of touch then his fans and supporters should deal with it according by not voting for him, or taking it out on him. This is still much ado about little, since few of the outraged posters here were going to vote for him to begin with.

    And, the outraged while valid should be thrown at each and every canidate in each party who pander to this elment fro a vote, its not as if this Obama dude is the first, and he won’t be the last.

  15. anybody but hillary says


    1-Cheney thinks Iraq war the right thing to do, hillary still thinks Iraq was the right thing to do just bush mismanaged it.

    2- Cheney wants to invade Iran, hillary wants to invade Iran vis a vis her vote for Kyle Leiberman bill

    3-Cheney loves big business and lobbyists, Hillary said that she loved lobbyists at yearly kos and has raked in the most big biz money. Ruport Murdoch even had a fund raising party for her

    4-Cheney thinks Nafta, cafta, etc are all wonderful, hillary (Nafta and cafta under Bill) loves the outsorcing of american biz in 3rd world countries

    5- Cheney loves Big insurance, hillary was bought and paid for by big insurance as evidenced by her non universal health care plan which is a universal mandate that you MUST buy insurance from an insurance agency

    6- Cheney hates welfare for poor americans and loves it for big biz, Hillary as wife of Bill devastated welfare for poor americans and gave larger hand outs to big biz in corporate welfare

    Need I go on or are you to obsessed on your short bus ranting about reichen to notice that there is no difference between the 2

  16. Daniel says

    This is truly sad. What’s scary is to people with this mindset McClurkin’s ramblings seem reasonable and coherent. As we see here, even some gay people can be fooled into thinking his speech is somehow brave and admirable.

    I grew up in the Mormon church and I knew many men who claimed they had overcome homosexuality–they believed it so much they could probably pass a lie detector. And yet they were at the men’s rooms in the parks or rest stops, they were picking up hitch hikers, they had some “pal” and they could make themselves believe that what they were doing had nothing to do with homosexuality. This whole idea of ex-gay just creates unhappy people–the men themselves, not to mention their wives and children. We should never, for a second,let ourselves believe that anything good comes from this.

  17. MCnNYC says

    What is not spoken here is the Luther Vandross syndrome…that this entertainer and his career DEPENDS on this misguided charade…that within the black community he would NOT make any money if all his crap came out of his closet.
    This man MUST say these things or his is done for.
    And unfortunately Obama has hitched his star to this “entertainer” who not only has called a war on homosexuality he has shilled for G.W. Bush and the GOP for years….or was that just a paying job as well….my reading has me remembering that this “Right Rev” McHAGGARD was impressed with shrubs “values” and that was why he choose to accept money to perform at the GOP convention….so tell me how I’m supposed to be impressed with his credentials?
    This jihadist reverend flip flops as much as Mitt Romney.

  18. Sebastian says

    Amen! Anyboby but Hillary! And, add Obama to that tag as well, since I can’t see voting for either of them, kind of like the majority of voters next November.

    Kucinich or Edwards!!

  19. adamblast says

    Thank you, Daniel, for your “testimony”.

    It’s important that people who’ve *seen* the damage religious repression can cause speak up whenever “praying to change” is touted as good or wise. Hell, it’s not even *possible* for most folks. It just sends them back into something down low. It breeds religious hypocracy. And all too often, delusion ends up hurting others.

    He reminds me of all those closeted church choir directors, organists and youth pastors. Not good. I find his supposed ex-boyfriend’s story perfectly credible, and if true, it would again highlight both the difficulty of “the cure” and the hypocracy of recommending it to others.

  20. Joshua says

    Sorry Leland but your just a fool. Change is needed, but not everyone represents change. Hillary is not a change in what we have nor will she be a boon to gays. Nither will Obama or Edwards. I’m not naming Republicans here because there are none running that represent real change.
    One oppressor is no better than the next, just because they have a different capital letter after their name.

    I have said it before, Kucinich is who the gay community should get behind, we vote in large enough numbers, in large important states, that we could put Kucinich in a strong enough position that if nothing else he would have to be on the short list for V.P.

  21. Leland Frances says

    Yea, Joshua. Wish hard enough and your dick will grow, too.

    Which of the following are smaller:

    A. Your dick
    B. Your brain
    C. Kucinich chances of winning ONE state

    Tough one isn’t it?

    As for “Anybody But,” please let us know when your spaceship lands on that new planet you’re apparently colonizing. I, for one, want to send gifts.

  22. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    According to investigative reporters for Mother Jones, an antiwar prounion publication Clinton is doing a bit more that just tacking to the right. “Through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the Fellowship. Her collaborations with right-wingers such as Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) and former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) grow in part from that connection. “A lot of evangelicals would see that as just cynical exploitation,” says the Reverend Rob Schenck, a former leader of the militant anti-abortion group Operation Rescue who now ministers to decision makers in Washington. “I don’t….there is a real good that is infected in people when they are around Jesus talk, and open Bibles, and prayer.”

    “When Clinton first came to Washington in 1993, one of her first steps was to join a Bible study group. For the next eight years, she regularly met with a Christian “cell” whose members included Susan Baker, wife of Bush consigliere James Baker; Joanne Kemp, wife of conservative icon Jack Kemp; Eileen Bakke, wife of (Billionaire) Dennis Bakke, a leader in the anti-union Christian management movement; and Grace Nelson, the wife of Senator Bill Nelson, a conservative Florida Democrat”
    “Former Nixon counsel Chuck Colson provides a rare illustration of the process in his 1976 Watergate memoir, Born Again. Clinton, Colson told us, “has a lot of history” to overcome, but he sees her making the right moves.”

    “With Santorum, Clinton co-sponsored the Workplace Religious Freedom Act; she didn’t back off even after Republican senators such as Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter pulled their names from the bill citing concerns that the measure would protect those refusing to perform key aspects of their jobs—say, pharmacists who won’t fill birth control prescriptions, or police officers who won’t guard abortion clinics.”

    “Clinton has championed federal funding of faith-based social services, which she embraced years before George W. Bush did; Marci Hamilton, author of God vs. the Gavel, says that the Clintons’ approach to faith-based initiatives “set the stage for Bush.” Clinton has also long supported the Defense of Marriage Act, a measure that has become a purity test for any candidate wishing to avoid war with the Christian right.”

    “Now, Brownback considers Clinton “a beautiful child of the living God.”
    “Clinton suggests as much herself in her 1996 book, It Takes a Village, where she writes approvingly of religious groups’ access to schools, lessons in Scripture, and “virtue” making a return to the classroom.”

    In addition to being a closeted religious nut she supports the essential parts of DOMA and, like all loyal Dixiecrats, says it’s a state rights issue. In addition she supports the war, the division of Iraq into three colonial provinces, the theft of the Iraqis oil industry by US Oil companies and the extension of the war into Iran.

    She’s Bush Lite.

    In an Interview With Rita Braver For CBS News Sunday Morning asked Pat Robertson, one of the worst of Republican theocratic totalitarians, “On the Democratic side, of course, everybody’s talking about Hillary Clinton. What– what would you and your followers think about her? “
    His answer is illuminating. “Well she’s– tacking to the right as hard as she can tack. And– you know Hillary’s got some good points.”

    Pat Robertson and Rupert Murdoch know a good thing when they see it.

  23. Jerome Shipanik says

    I will never vote for Obama,now or in the future…..bringing this guy on to get votes, well, its a joke, a sick joke….

  24. Leland Frances says

    And we know a psychotic when we read his psychobabble. Welcome back, Comrade Perdue. Where ya been? Did your electroshock treatements run over today? Or was the ward pharmacy out of Haldol again?

    Gather round, kiddies, and observe the Grand Poobah of Hillary Haters. He walks, he talks, he crawls on his belly. Actually he hates all Dems but the Hillary Bashing is his main trick this season. He can also fart on cue.

    So many choices, but let’s zero in on just one of his lies today: “she supports the essential parts of DOMA.”

    Well, bitch, er Bill, first, “the essential parts of DOMA” have nothing to do with “states’ rights.” The essential parts are 1. the definition of marriage for federal law purposes as between a man and a woman and 2. barring federal benefits, e.g., tax breaks, social security benefits, to any couples not “man-woman.”

    I can’t actually say if she [or anyone else] has expressed an opinion about the definition part, but it follows it would become irrelevant because she, like Edwards, like Obama, support the repeal of the section denying federal benefits to same gender couples.

    As for the section that Combrade Bill is wrong about, that relates to “states rights,” once again it’s important for people to understand that it says nothing about forbidding states to legalize same gender relationships of any type. It only speaks to allowing them to not recognize relationships from other states IF they so choose. Yes, she’s said, so far, keep it, whereas Edwards and Obama have spoken of repealing it BUT still allowing states to decide what they want to do or not do anyway. Functionally their positions are the same.

    BUT functionally their positions, like Section 2 of federal DOMA itself, ARE NOW MOOT in all but about 4 states because ALL the others have passed some version of it themselves.

    While most of us would like to see it, no viable candidate on either side is suggesting that the government force states to accept any form of same gender relationship, either merely sympbolically or as they relate, e.g., to state taxes. BUT the Repugs most certainly are against the repeal of the federal benefits ban section of DOMA which AGAIN all the Dems are for.

    So who ya gonna vote for folks? One of the Dems? One of the Repugs or, if they have a candidate next year, the snipe that Comrade Bill’s beloved Labor Party puts up? Either latter choice will result in the same thing: nothing for nothing.

  25. anybody but hillary says

    Thank you Bill for posting that info.

    Though she is far smarter that bush could ever dream of being. Thus why she is more like bush’s puppet master. She is Darth Cheny in a smart pant suit.

    Lets hope Iowans vote Edwards and she goes the way of Dean. Though dean is great as head of the DNC. This time last presidential primary season, Dean was the appointed, anointed, inevitable winner. that is till Iowa voters said otherwise.

  26. leland has a lot of nerve LOL says

    leland and you the grand pubah of reichen haters, reichen who has no affect on the world what so ever, are bashing someone else. LOL Check your meds. Bill makes far more sense presenting info on hillary then you ever have with your anti reichen tirades that border on stalkerish crazy if not full tilt overboard.

  27. leland has a lot of nerve LOL says

    Oh, and leland not refutation of

    1- hillary not regretting iraq war, her regretting giving bush the authority to mess it up. Her regretting how it has been handled, not that it occurred.

    2- hillarys vote for Kyle leiberman bill

    3- hillarys video taped and all over you tube lobbyist love fest statement

    4- Hillary having a fund raiser headed up by Ruport murdoch himself. The perpetrator of all manner of gay hate via his FOX psychos

    5- Hillary’s health care plan being universal MANDATE that you have to BUY insurance from an insurance company or you can not have a job. She wants health care to be like car insurance is with driving as vs real Universal healthcare.

    6- Hillary’s Hsu problems and her other money problems from non existent people in china town NY. Her receiving. $2,300 each from many minimum wage restaurant workers who are undocumented immigrants and thus are not legally allowed to donate to any campaign. etc.

    No, instead you belittle others for being anti a person like Bill perdue while you yourself have gone off into lala crazy land on your anti reichen rants. reichen, someone who affects nothing. Where as Bill is posting anti hillary stuff because she could possibly affect quite a bit in the future.

  28. Gregg says

    Silly Leland. He thinks he can win arguments just by trying to be a bully and a bitch.

    Considering the length and quantity of his ranting, why doesn’t he start his own blog so he can rant as much as he wants? Oh yeah. Because no one would read it. Except for himself. Over and over.

  29. lou says

    Looks like most of the Dems are catering to hate-mongers to get the votes to win.

    Whoever wins, we lose. Quite sad.

  30. So Left I'm Right says

    The ex-gay faggot McClurken should be a flame-out disaster for Obama among progressives. And this is coming from someone who up until now has fully backed Obama and hates the prospect of a Hillary candidacy.

    If all this blog-mania over the gospel tour with the flaming ‘mo had just happened, gotten out of the way, with the queen singing to the people and getting it over with, this would quickly fade away. But no, he had to go preaching up his self-hating closeted madness and bring the bullshit into full light, as a virtual spokesman for Obama. That’s where it crosses the line for me beyond the point of no return.

    OF COURSE each and every one of these Dem candidates are taking the gay vote for granted. Do you think any one of us who is not entirely self-deluded and cares about civil rights would vote for any Republican under any circumstances? No, and that’s enough for a vast majority of the (well-adjusted) gay vote every single time. So they can gamble with shit like this. And you can bleat all you want, but are you still going to vote for Obama if it came to that, or would you pull the lever for Romney?

    All I can say is that I am sick and tired of sexual hypocrites, and their enablers. Be it Larry Craig or Ted Faggard or “Rev.” Donnie “Fuck My Pussy” McClurkin, they all just need to either stay in the prison of the closet and put a cork in it or come out and heal themselves.

  31. anon ( says

    Where are all the so-called leaders of the Ex-ex-gay movement? They should be crawling over each other to denounce McJerkin as a fraud, but I haven’t heard or seen anything. This is precisely the time when they would be useful. This guy is using Obama campaign cash to tell black kids to stay in the closet.

    Andrew Sullivan (who in his own mind has never made a mistake in his life–even when his position on something changes) continues his love-fest for Barack (his type?). He’s essentially defending him by saying that Obama is not responsible for every person that supports his candidacy. True, but this was hardly incidental. Nor has anything been “fixed”. Sullivan is classic example of why we need term limits–for pundits.

  32. hank says

    It’s insulting that a few days ago Obama suggested to the Advocate that it was a mistake , that McClurkin hadn’t been vetted, when it is so clear now that is not true, it was no mistake . They went on to make Mc Clurkin MC of the event, Obama sent a video praising him , and McC. used the event as a platform for his ex-gay shtick. There is no way I will EVER vote for Obama for ANYTHING, this year or ever. Any more than I would ever vote for a candidate who made Ralph Reed or Focus on the Family or whatever, in essence his spokesperson for a campaign event, and gave them that platform to talk about gay. In general I am not a one-issue voter, but this is just totally unacceptable…and it will never end if we just lie down and take it.
    Also no mistake that the gay minister they got was white, (and he didn’t debate or challenge McC.,) so the crowd could write off “gay” as a white thing… (And unfortunate that the few protesters looked to be white in the pictures I saw.)
    Obama made a deliberate choice to pander to the worst and most destructive kind of ignorance, and to AVOID the opportunity to engage real issues facing LGBT people , and LGBT people of color in particular; this event had nothing to do with inclusion, or bringing different points of view into the tent, or whatever Obama’s campaign and his apologists were saying.
    Disgraceful. Forget it . Sayonara.

    PS Thanks adamblast for sharing your personal struggle and putting issues in perspective. all the best to you.In solidarity…
    PPS anyone interested in this issue you owe it to yrself to read the interview with Mc Clurkin’s lover, linked in the comments above, at Claycane blogspot. Fills in the picture of McClurkin’s life and circle , even if the personal details are unverifiable.

  33. Drake says

    So, how is Obama different from Dick Cheney when it comes to gay issues? Looks to me like there is no difference. If anything he’s worse, giving a f’ed up freak like McGurkin a platform to spew his crazy from.

    Another Pandercrat. Fuck Obama. This kind of a stunt almost makes Hillary look genuine.

  34. hank says

    Obama’s campaign materials for the press “clarifying” McClurkin’s views on gays- ( why is the Obama campaign trying to speak for McClurkin anyway? ) are just flat-out lies- the statement that he is “not trying to change homosexuals who are happy with our lives” – this is the man who said he was ready for “war” against the gays and is in “no mood” to put up with those who are “killing our children.” Unfortunately media are regurgitating the lies, characterizing McC. simply as someone who “believes homosexuality is a choice.”
    Obama is writing the playbook for the new friendly face of hatred…what hard-core homophobes can say when they want to appear to be participating in pluralistic discussion.

  35. Will says

    I am certainly no single issue voter, BUT, since none of the candidates seem to hold any position that is favorable to be as a gay man, why should I care to support any of them?

    Let’s face it, we currently have a regime that likes the status quo, with some states/cities with gay rights, but most without and no federal protections. What would change under Clinto or Obama? Not much. Under Edwards, also not much. Maybe federal job anti-discrimination, but since I would live in NYC (where I used to live before I moved abroad), I alread have such protections, so no difference to me. No gay marriage, no federal tax benefits.

    So now I have no interest whatsoever. I don’t like Clinton, Obama showed us he’s way too green and Edwards, who I do like, just can’t get his act together.

    I can only hope that Clinton will be an improvement on Bush/Cheney, but I don’t have too much hope since she is so corporatist.

  36. says

    Rev. McClurkin is another Larry Craig-Mark Foley. He is a train wreck waiting to happen. Maybe not now, but sooner or later he will ‘derail”. His clock is ticking.

  37. bush, clinton, bush, clinton, wtf next jeb, then chelsea? says

    Will you could always vote nader in protest. That way you can morally protest when whoever wins. no vote, no right to complain. With a nader vote you have full moral authority to complain when whoever gets in.

  38. Will says

    Vote Nader, give me a break. I’d rather vote for any of the Dem. candidates. Nader is a loser and a vote for him is the same as abstaining.

    Further, anyone who votes has a right to complain who got in, not just voting for a guaranteed loser.

    I will certainly send in my absentee ballot for the primary, and will likely vote in the general election, though I am tempted just not to vote for president. But that remains to be decided. We still have a long way to go to November 2008.

  39. bush, clinton, bush, clinton, wtf next jeb, then chelsea? says

    Will you misunderstand. My point was you must vote for somebody. A no vote = no right to complain. You yourself said that you didn’t like any of them.

    Do a write in then for president. You can write in yourself, bessy the cow, micky mouse, whatever. You must vote to have the moral right to complain. No vote = no right to complain.

    Just write yourself in. But vote!

  40. big_foot says

    theres an eazzzzzy way to get rid of people that wana blow up the U.S. get rid of all the damn muslims in this country. deport there ass if they dont love it then get the hell out of my country.and the hell with your damn oil to. let them go pray to a damn totum pole for all i give damn.

  41. Adedamola says

    Rev’d Don,

    I bless the Lord for ur stand and courage. Do not be distracted. Remember what the Bible says, “Friendship with the world, is an enmity with God”.

    If they dis-invited you, heaven is still open to you.

    Romans 1:27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;(NKJV)

  42. Adedamola says

    to d Gay folks out there; this is what d Lord ur Creator has to tell u (believe it or not):

    Leviticus 18:22 ‘You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. (NKJV)

    1 Corinthians 6:9 ¶ Do you not know that …. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. (NKJV)

    Romans 1:27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; (NKJV)