Tom Ford: “I’m an Equal Opportunity Objectifier”


OUT has been publishing several outtakes from their November issue’s saucy Tom Ford shoot in which he talks about his recent quest to become a film director, as well as how he feels about dressing appropriately for one’s age (or undressing appropriately as the case may be).

One (NSFW) shot that was too hot for the magazine and riffs on his recent fragrance campaign can be seen by clicking on the photo above.

Said Ford: “It was meant to be a play on the new campaign, but there’s a double standard with featuring female nudity and featuring male nudity. When people say to me, ‘Well, you objectify women,’ [I say,] I’m an equal opportunity objectifier.”

For more on the “male fragrance ad” and to see the shoot and Tom in all his bare-assed glory, head on over to OUT.

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