Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Former VP Al Gore and UN climate change panel share Nobel Prize for Peace.
road.jpg Two defendants in Michael Sandy death convicted of manslaughter as hate crime.
road.jpg Photos reveal Prince Harry gone wild — snorting vodka and licking male nipple.
road.jpg Bob Novak: GOP knew about Larry Craig’s “weird conduct” and ignored it.
road.jpg Kansas church wants assurances that Clay Aiken’s not gay before performance.
road.jpg Tom Ford gets naked for OUT and does some naughty product placement.
road.jpg Lesbian short Pariah wins huge gay and lesbian film fest prize.
road.jpg Human Rights Campaign dinner features Nancy Pelosi and trangender protests.
road.jpg Intruders at Paris’ Orsay Museum punch hole through the middle of a Monet.
road.jpg On the TUBE: Toe-tappin’, CA marriage spot, GI Jonny, Rude Romney, Brown Eye.
road.jpg Larry Craig chosen for induction into the Idaho Hall of Fame + Super Tuber recipe.
road.jpg Not enough: Oregon gay rights foes fail in petition challenge of domestic partner law.
road.jpg Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil to talk gay rights on Oprah
road.jpg Celine Dion: “Look into my eyes and feel me, baby.”
road.jpg Discrimination and abuse: NYT looks at the plight of the gay elderly.
road.jpg ART ATTACK: Doris Salcedo at the Tate, Andres Serrano vandalized, Brangelina’s Banksy.
road.jpg Avenue Q scribe Jeff Whitty takes on viral video stars.
road.jpg Dear Abby comes out for same-sex marriage and “ex-gay” attacks her.
road.jpg Provoked: Henry Rollins speaks out on gay marriage and Larry Craig.
road.jpg Former Real World housemate Dan Renzi gets nude for Spencer Tunick shoot.
road.jpg MUSIC: Kylie Minogue’s “2 Hearts”, Michael Jackson, Robyn, Radiohead, J Lo.
road.jpg South Florida hit: Victim’s friend says car attack was no accident.
road.jpg Repeal Section 377a: Singaporeans call for decriminalization of gay sex.
road.jpg Naked Rugby League “wang dance” captivates Australian sports fans.
road.jpg Gay rights groups question Calgary mayor’s LGBT tourism comments.
road.jpg Beacon: Yoko Ono unveils “Imagine Peace Tower” near Reykjavik, Iceland.
road.jpg Liza Minnelli on Britney Spears: She’s got a disease.
road.jpg Openly gay judge Daniel Anders takes oath of office in Philadelphia.
road.jpg Barney Frank: Foes of non-inclusive ENDA “can’t handle the truth.” (VIDEO)
road.jpg Anderson Cooper and Jeff Corwin on a double date with nature.
road.jpg SF doctors surprised and concerned by return of Kaposi’s Sarcoma.
road.jpg PLUS: Lynne Cheney book, John Krasinski, Ugly Betty, Jake Gyllenhaal, Marc Jacobs.

Posted October 13, 2007 at 12:46pm ETC by Andy Towle
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