Adam Sandler Out to Show Daniel Craig Up in His Squarecuts


Since we already know that Adam Sandler is obsessed with male packages, it’s no surprise that his latest flick has him doing his best Daniel Craig Bond on the beach “rather proudly” with what Britain’s Daily Mail claims is a giant codpiece.

In the film, which I posted about last July, Sandler plays an Israeli secret service agent who leaves his career to become a hairdresser in New York.

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I actually wouldn’t want a man with a package as big as the one Sandler is displaying. I’d be on edge and frightened whenever I’m sober…three or four days a week.

  2. Jordan says

    Yeah, Daniel Craig is a hottie.

    Adam Sandler is kinda gross, (except for the package) but who hasn’t had guys with one that size? I’m not a size queen specifically, but speaking from experience, they are kinda frightening at first, but you quickly get used to them and then wonder how you ever managed without that size.

    To quote the Marquise de Merteuil from “Dangerous Liaisons”…”You’ll find the shame is like the pain. You only feel it once.”

    And Derrick, you are hilarious.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, BIG JOHN:

    Getting me drunk aint gonna’ be much of a problem (not expensive either–plain Kentucky Bourbon, please). But when I wake up at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Emergency Ward, I want you there to explain what happened.

    But yeah, you go on to JORDAN. He’s much younger than I am, and his body parts– certainly more resilient.

    I’ll settle for a MEDIUM SIZE JUAN FROM CAMDEN, thank you.

  4. Jordan says

    Maybe my body type and size helps also. I’m 5’10”, 29″ waist & 145 lbs and flexible from yoga (I can get my legs behind my head like Madonna)…plus I know you gotta have some pain to get to the pleasure part 😉

    Or maybe it was just my wild child background that’s made me immune to the painful aspects of it. I do know though when you’re getting pounded for what seems like hours, after a while, you’ve got to focus on something else ;0

    Kinda like what Paris Hilton did in her sex film…only mine are much more entertaining 😉

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    29″inch waist, hunh? OK, Jordan, you just had throw that bit of information in there, didn’t you? Oh, how cruel young gay people can be. Well, guess what, you’re awful slender at 145 lbs, and most “tops” like a little bubble when choosing their “bottoms”. So, let me tell you this this: I got twice as much booty as you do and twice as much waistline too. Now, take that!

  6. Lee says

    Well, Mm man has a huge package but let’s just say it’s more work than fun. Sometimes I wish he was a little smaller so I can enjoy it more. Just jump on it and ride instead having to “work” it in.

  7. Jordan says

    Like I’ve said many times before…I have to buy my clothes in the boy’s dept or custom made (just can’t gain..sorry) and I don’t seem to have any problem in the attraction dept. either, since being an official “pretty boy”, and that I more than make up in sheer flexibility & freakiness anything I might lack elsewhere. But like life is a cakewalk for anyone, right? Even if you’re young & cute & rich (yet with many issues no psych can fix)

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