Elton John Reminds Crowd What David Beckham’s Got Down Under


Australia not only celebrated the election of a new Prime Minister over the weekend, but also honored the arrival of the L.A. Galaxy’s David Beckham to Sydney with a star-studded party.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Elton John was in usual outspoken form: “Sydney’s A-list may have been starstruck but it took Elton John to break the ice at the Foxtel is Football party last night, greeting guest of honour David Beckham with a cheeky quote, ‘Allo Golden Balls’. The football king and queen of crocodile rock’s friendly banter kicked off the fun at Cafe Sydney, where the A-list went ga-ga over the LA Galaxy superstar. While the rest of the team were happy to take in the view, local eyes were fixed on the bronzed Beckham.”

Also in attendance, retired Olympian Ian Thorpe.

ADDENDUM: As noted in the comments, Beckham’s visit has also created controversy because his entourage reportedly swept by a group of children with cancer upon his arrival to the hotel. Beckham says he didn’t see them: “I would never have done that. Never have done, never will do. I’m more than willing to meet them wherever they want and at whatever time that they want.”



  1. jimmyboyo says

    More importantly, the illusion has been unmasked.

    Outside of the election, all the news in Australia right now is how Beckham is an asshole that snubbed kids with cancer. Totally ignored them. His camp is spinning pr saying he didn’t see them and would gladly meet with them,but still hasn’t met with them at all.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    PS the video footage now popping up around the world of a little girl with cancer crying because Beckham looked at her then ignored her and walked away has totally cracked his image.

    His camp is having kiniption fits trying to spin some pr bs to fix it

  3. peterparker says

    I believe David Beckham would turn his back on a group of kids waiting for him to arrive at his hotel. I don’t believe he’d turn his back on a group of kids with cancer waiting for him to arrive at his hotel. What I mean is that he can’t stop and say hello and sign autographs for every group that sets up camp whenever he makes an appearance. He probably saw the kids and thought, ‘Oh, another group of school kids.’ I feel pretty sure if he knew the whole story he’d have stopped to say hello. After all, it would take someone without any heart whatsoever to snub a group of kids with cancer.

  4. mike says

    Um, anybody hear of “jet lag”. I’ll bet old “Becks” was beat from that long flight to “down under”. God, everybody just wants to tear the guy down! I am certain his alleged “snub” was nothing of the sort. He was tired and he wanted to get to this room. Hey, hello? Um, he’s human! Get off Beck’s back!

  5. Stillwaiting says

    I didn’t see the video, but when I heard this on the radio, I thought, “I wonder if anyone who was in charge of the ‘snubbed’ children actually contacted Beckham or his handlers ahead of time.” So I’d basically agree with Peter, above. Just because a group shows up does not mean an automatic one-on-one with someone who may be scheduled for another group or function. The only time I’ve ever had the chance to meet a ‘star’ was when my ex- (a casting director) arranged it ahead of time.