Execution of Iranian Gay Man Stayed Due to International Pressure

At the end of October, I posted about a report on the imminent execution of another gay man in Iran. Here’s some good news. There are reports that because of international pressure from human rights groups and gay activists, an Iranian Chief Justice halted the execution.

Mouloodzadeh“According to Human Rights Watch, three men complained to police in Sep 2006 that Makvan Mouloodzadeh had raped them seven years earlier. Mouloodzadeh was arrested and in May 2007, he was sentenced to death on charges of raping three boys when he was 13-years-old. He claims he was physically assaulted in prison, and forced to confess a crime he says he never committed. Iran’s Chief Justice says the death sentence was in violation of Islamic teachings and the law, according to the ILGHRC.”

Said Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the New York-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission: “This is a stunning victory for human rights and a reminder of the power of global protest.”

Earlier this week, a news report came out of Britain saying that Iranian leaders were still committed to hanging individuals for homosexual crimes.

Iranian spared from noose for alleged sodomy [msnbc]
Iran halts execution following international pressure [xtra]


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    Paula Ettlebrick is full of shit. This is hardly a “stunning victory”. Mouloozadeh is an ethnic Kurd and has been sent back to jail simply to face trial again. One can hope that the international community would place enough pressure on Iran to stop these demented acts of barbaric murder, but in a rather skewed parallel, MSNBC also reports the United States as being only second in line for the number of juvenile executions in an 18-year period. It seems rather pointless to believe that screaming “Save the Homosexuals!” is any more effective than in years past as naturalists made the “Save the Whales” bumper stickers in a vain attempt at activism, anathema to true action.

  2. Paul says

    Three men came forward with a tale that he’d raped them seven years earlier? Gee, that doesn’t sound like a concocted load of shit. Anyone know what was he in prison for? (It sounds like the rape charges came while he was imprisioned.)

    And Fizzie, I disagree—it is a pretty amazing achievement. Iran isn’t exactly known for caving in to international pressure on any issue, especially those relating to “morals” and religion. And I don’t understand your point: they screamed “don’t kill the gays,” and Iran listened. So that seems like effective action to me.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    Andy, that report was that 1 Iranian leader spouted of religous bull shit and about gays being hung. The Iranian government did not say such.

    It does not help the cause to be hyperbolic.

    The equivalent is saying that the entire US government says that gays can be cured because Bush’s Surgeon general practiced, believes, and publicly has stated such (wich he has)

    Not an excuse, but exagerating from 1 iranian politician to an entire government is not helpful

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Paul: Even if he committed the rapes, he was 13 years old when they alledgedly happened. I don’t know about nowadays, but back in the day, 13 year old boys would fuck anything if they could–girl, boy, woman, watermelon with a hole in it.

    He doesn’t deserve to die no matter what.

    JIMMY, as hypocritical and diabolic as American regimes have been–especially the facists we have in Washington today, they can’t compare to the lunacy of those 12th Century savages…unless you’re looking at the total numbers murdered by each government. Oh, Jimmy.

  5. jimmyboyo says


    I agree that Iran is ass backwards. Though steps ahead of other countries in the middle east. I despise all religions and think religious governments are the worse thing for humanity. I would love to see the mullahs ousted, the koran along with the bible and torah tossed on the trash heap of history. i would love for the vast majority on pro western under 30 iraniana to be in control of their own destinies. I admit that iran is horrible as far as equal rights for gays

    BUT, truth is what works for the cause, not exaggeration.

    1 iranian leader does not equal an entire government. the words of 1 politician are not the words of the entire government. the entire iranian government very well might think that, but that is not what occurred and was reported on by the Brits. it was 1 iranian political leader not the entire government saying what was said.

  6. Zeke says

    JIMMYBOYO, defending the Iranian government seems to be your new cause celebre. Other than some fear that this is all a conspiracy to justify invasion (a claim that I find absurd) I can’t imagine why you are so quick to believe the “official” Iranian government line on all of these reports. I find it especially troubling that you have cited a few official claims that have been proven to be false.

    Oh, and as much as I love the word “hyperbole”, it bothers me that you keep using it without giving any evidence that it is in fact being used. I haven’t seen the hyperbole or the exaggeration that you seem convinced is at play here.

    You have claimed that Human Rights Watch has stated that these claims of gay executions are false but a simple Google search proves that claim to be false. I pulled up a number of HRW reports where they specifically condemned these executions as well as condemning the Iranian government for making bogus claims of rape to justify their hanging of gay men and boys.

    I respect your opinion but on this issue I’m not seeing a whole lot of credibility. I’m curious as to what your motivation is for constantly challenging these claims.

  7. jimmyboyo says


    I do not remember claiming “conspiracy to invade iran” and the gay issue.

    Do people in the us wish to invade Iran? yes for a multitude of reasons and oil being the top of the list. But that has nothing to do with the gay issue.

    Defending Iran? Nope, far from it. Hell, I think all governments should be overturned and we need 1 world government for leading humanity into the future, but hey that isn’t happening tomorrow.

    Please explain how saying the iranian government says such and such comes from 1 iranian politician saying something shity.

    Have iranians killed gays for just being gay? YES! But lies about other cases just do not help those people.

    Zeke I provided a link to HRW statements in a previous post, I claimed nothing. You have provided no such link in your post.

  8. jimmyboyo says


    pointing out in other posts how america created the Iran of today and radical political islam is not defending Iran at all. It is simply presenting the facts about US financed and backed coup that set up the shah as dictator and that created radical political islam in reaction to him since the only place for political dissent was in mosques. just pointing out the sins of our past catching up to us.

    Pointing out how the previous iranian administration which was more pro west , less religous, and friendlier to israel (willing to recgonize it), as well as friendlier to gays ended up becoming the current regieme thanks to bush saying hell no to a meeting with them after 9/11 is just facts. we have sowed what we have reaped. In no way defends the current iranian regieme. it just points out that we always create our own enemies. Just like we created osama by training him in afganistan to fight the russians, financing castro at first, backing noriega, backing marcos, etc etc ad infinitem.

    We have no one to blame for iran except ourselves!

  9. Zeke says

    Which “lies about other cases” are you referring to?

    Perhaps I’ve just misunderstood your point.

    Could you be more specific about the cases and claims that you find questionable.

    As for the US making this monster, you’ll get no argument from me there. We have a LONG history of putting tyrants in place, or causing the crisis that results in their being put in place, and then complaining about the regime and playing ignorant and innocent later. Saddam Hussein AND his “weapons of mass destruction” are a perfect example of American’s invasive foreign policy coming back to bite us in the ass. WE put Hussein into power AND gave him chemical and biological weapons because we wanted him to kill Iranians with them. Now we act like Saints for “saving” the Iraqi people from the very monster that we foisted upon them in the first place.

    Anyway, sorry for the off topic rant.

    Could you provide me with some specifics of false claims that are backed up by independent sources and not repeating of the official Iranian government line. For example, other than the Iranian authorities, who has come forward to say that these execution were REALLY for raping children (the most common unsubstantiated claim made by the authorities to justify these executions).

  10. Joshua says

    Maybe Jimmyboyo is just so anti-Bush that he will support any kind of goverment that opposes him.

    While the more moderate Muslim countries don’t condone homosexuality of any kind, only a very few ruled by Mullah’s, actually KILL homosexuals. One of these is Iran, and it’s always, do you understand….ALWAYS claimed the homosexual **raped** or **sodomized** innocent young men. The other’s imprision them……so much more civilized.

    This is why I get so angry when people in here wail and moan and gnash their teeth when a gay person is called a **faggot** somewhere in this country. While hate is wrong in any form, apparently some in our community have no clue what REAL gay hate is. I see commentator’s in here constantly bad mouthing the lack of action by gay’s in other countries when they are attacked, what these commentator’s don’t understand is that gay’s in many, many countries have no right’s at all, including the right to LIVE.

    Yes, we need to fight for those right’s we are being denied in the U.S……but stop claiming that what’s happening to gay’s in the rest of the world is either a lie, or a puplicity stunt. Being stoned to death or hung isn’t a publicity stunt. The hundreds of homosexual men being found on the street’s of Bahgdad with their throats cut by fundementalists isn’t a lie.

  11. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED says

    There are two questions here. No one should be duped into supporting Bush’s planned attack on Iran as a way to end the legal lynchings of GLBT folk, women and trade unionists. US armed death squads in Iraq routinely hunt down and exterminate GLBT folk in larger numbers, but they and the US and English occupation armies kill so many so fast that no accurate counts are available. A US attack and occupation of Iran will result in more, not fewer deaths.

    The entire Iranian government, the ayatollahs, and everyone in the ruling parties are responsible for the legal lynchings. Iran is an intransigent theocracy built on the ashes of the Shah’s Empire and retaining all of its reactionary policies of union busting, attacks on basic human rights and the oppression of GLBT folk and women. The murderous assault of the Iranian theocracy is so well documented that it’s not open to challenge or question.

    When the Iranian people rise in rebellion against their tyrannical government GLBT folk should do all we can to support them, and rest assured, they give the ayatollahs a fair trial and blow their brains out. Hanging would be better but bullets are cheaper.






  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Sorry, Paul, of course you didn’t. My “…he doesn’t deserve to die” statement was directed more at the absurdity of the slaughter of gays in Iran than at your question. I apologize.

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