1. Derrick from Philly says

    I am not a member of NAMBLA, nor have I have ever been a member of NAMBLA.

    He was a cute lil’ ol’ thing.

  2. Steven says

    Oh my lord….is he wearing a ‘fro wig or is that his real hair? No wonder he cue balls his head!!

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    Of course, that’s young Mark Vincent’s real hair. If it was 30 years ago, his mother would tell you that her son is a black man. That was before we had this term called “biracial”. Some would argue that it was a smart move for young Mr Vincent to proclaim his status as “biracial” and become Vin Diesel, but many don’t. We have many folks in our black communities who are much lighter skinned with straight hair (than Mr Diesel)yet, they choose NOT to be biracial. You ever hear tell of Herb Jeffries? He was a big band singer and actor who could’ve “passed” more easily than Mr. Diesel, but he just said, no. Same goes for Lonette McKee, Fredi Washington, Walter White and many “passable” high yellas.

    And shit, with that since of rhythm at age 11 or 12….biracial…yeah, right. Vin Diesel may be biracial, but young Mark Vincent was black with a white mom.

    Like I said, he was a cute lil’ ol’ yella’ black boy.

  4. Rey says

    Derrick – OK, I get it to an extent, but are you just being goofy when you assert that a keen sense of rhythm is a trait that belongs only to black men, young or old?

    You sound like my (white) Grandpa.

  5. Sisko says

    As usual, “hetrophobia” is in the house. I find it interesting that we want hetrosexuals to be more tolerant of our preference, but how you are quick to “label” a hetro who even in the mist of gest shows any femininity

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, Rey: Goofy? Maybe? But certainly with a 1960s mentality to an extent. Many of my generation (and older) either hold on to certain stereotypes, or we joke about them. When you tell me that white folks (my age) have gotten rid of their stereotypes of blacks, that’s when I’ll work on my stereotypes of white folks. Until then…that boy sure got rhythm…hmmm?

  7. nic says

    i agree. mz derrick does get on a rant, sometimes. everyone knows that we latinos rule when it comes to sexy moves. lol.

  8. peterparker says


    Don’t get me wrong becaue I loves me a straight-up latin man, but I thought blatinos were the rulers of the sexy moves?


  9. Derrick from Philly says

    NIC & REY: Of course, you Latinos rule when it comes to sexy moves–Caribbean Latinos most of all. And where did y’all get that magnificent sense of rhythm from? The same place the origins of Santeria come from.

    Oh, please. The issues of dancing, playing basketball, coolness, etc. are so unimportant compared to stereotypes about intelligence level, ability to supervise, etc. I thought my comment was basically a harmless joke based on the old (and tired) stereotype of teenage white boys and their inability to “get down”.

    But y’all do have some patient souls: y’all didn’t get me on the misuse of “since” when I meant “sense”. Or did y’all just chalk it up to the old stereotype, “well,Ms Derrick is black–you know what kind of spelling we’re going to get from those people.”

    Oooh, I don’t like that. All right, no more racial stereotypes, I promise.

  10. says

    Wow! He’s a really good dancer! From what little I know of him, I never would have guessed he used to be a breakdancer—and an excellent one at that! Why is it we seem to prejudge people all the time based on their looks? I’ve got to stop doing that!

  11. mike says

    From break dancin to Pitch Black. Gotta love it! Mmmm! MMMMM! Vin was a cutie then, wasn’t he? From cutie to hottie! And a pretty damn good actor. Am I the only one who still thinks break dancing was amazing? Anyone see The Freshest Kids?