News: George W. Bush, Armpits, Julian McMahon, GHB, AIDS vaccine

road.jpg George W.Bush surpasses Richard Nixon in unpopularity rating. GALLUP: “Gallup has followed its classic job approval measure with this “strongly” probe on only an intermittent basis over the years, so it is important to note that the historical context is fairly limited. Additionally, other variations in polling over the years make comparisons of this measure inexact. Still, it is worth noting that the current 50% “strongly disapprove” figure for Bush is as high as Gallup has ever measured. (A February 1974 poll showed Richard Nixon’s strongly disapprove number at 48%, statistically equivalent to Bush’s current reading on this measure.)”

Nicksroad.jpg The pits: The NYT tackles armpit stench: “Advertisers would have consumers believe that simply washing their armpits isn’t enough to stave off embarrassment and attract mates. But considering the lackluster efficacy of many gels and sticks, deodorants and antiperspirants may be nothing more than security blankets against the social ostracism some fear.”

road.jpg Pending resolution to the writer’s strike, which seems a long way off, Tony-winning composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman have been hired to write the long-rumored musical episode of Ugly Betty.

road.jpg Craig Covey, Ferndale, Michigan’s newly elected gay mayor, says sexual orientation no longer an issue in city politics: “Ferndale has demonstrated how to be successful in these new times, using smart-growth policies, diversity, inclusion and a walkable downtown. We’ve shown the region how a struggling rust-belt suburb can shine.”

road.jpg The Netherlands urges international aid recipients to improve their status on gay rights and discrimination: “A government survey showed homosexuality is illegal in 18 out of the 36 countries the Netherlands gives regular aid to, Development Minister Bert Koenders said in a statement, with punishment ranging from prison sentences to the death penalty. ‘The Netherlands will promote as much equal treatment of homosexuals as possible. We will not avoid awkward discussions about this,’ he said in a letter to parliament.”

road.jpg Nip/Tuck‘s Julian McMahon drops trou.

Toysroad.jpg Two children are in comas after ingesting toys from China that are coated with a substance containing the drug GHB.

road.jpg Bigot elected mayor of Quincy, Massachusetts: “How did this bigot get elected in a town which was so strongly in support of marriage equality? How could this happen? My God, I would not order a pizza from or buy a car from a signer of the anti-gay petition, so I cannot even imagine what it must be like to live in a town which has a mayor who unashamedly signed onto that mean-spirited document.”

road.jpg REPORT: Failed AIDS vaccine may have increased the infection risk of those participating in the trials.

road.jpg Trial of Navy doctor accused of secretly taping midshipmen having sex centers on whereabouts of doctor when gay porn was downloaded to his computer: “A computer specialist testified last week that one of the pornographic films was downloaded to the computer in Ronan’s Annapolis home at about 4:50 a.m. Jan. 29. Ronan has contended that he arrived at his office in Washington that morning at 5 a.m., and that he was on the road at the time the porn was downloaded.”


  1. peterparker says

    There is nothing worse than going in to lick a hot armpit and finding yourself with a mouthful of deodorant.

    On second thought, having George W. Bush as President of the United States of America is worse than deodorant in your mouth. But only slightly.

  2. Giovanni says

    Um… I could be wrong here but aren’t toddlers too young to be playing with beads anyway – laced with ghb or not? The Times article recounting how the Doctors dicovered the chemical substance in the beads reads like an episode of House you would actually want to watch.

  3. says

    Well, for the first time in its short history, I was thinking of boycotting the new episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ just on the premise that the execrable Spice Girl Posh has a minor role. But, I reneged and will probably suffer the Posh so not to miss the wedding.
    However, I don’t know if I will have the stomach to watch a sure-to-be-jumping-the-shark musical version of Betty. This might be sweet, but smells of disaster.

    And as one who never got ‘Buffy’ to begin with, suffering through that monstrous musical episode (and the terrible Ally McBeal musical episode) has waned me toward anything where the principal players break into song. Color me jaded, but if that comes to pass – and no matter how talented Marc and Scott are – I think I’ll have to pass.

  4. SteveH says

    Jeffery Christ, If you never got “Buffy” to begin with, why would you like the musical episode? You’re annoying.

  5. Tom K. says

    Maybe the infection risk for participants in the vaccine trial was raised because they felt more protected against HIV and took greater risks as a result.

  6. tominsf says

    It’s about time there was a revolt against deodorant/antiperspirant. I’ve never used the stuff – keeping my pit hair trimmed, showering a couple times a day, and not regularly overdoing it on the onions and garlic are what work for me. I agree with the comment about how disgusting it is to lick a chemically-coated armpit. And why block the pheromones? There clearly are a minority who have problems with odor, but if the 30% effectiveness figure in the article is real, then the only thing effective for those poor souls is likely to be a heavy dose of cologne.

  7. says

    Yeah, Michigan needs a better attitude towards gay people. I hate when I visit Detroit and I gotta be careful how I dress and stuff(how shallow of moi). With their fine a$$ black men. Ugh!!

    On a serious note, most of the Western Countries should follow the Netherlands lead. Third world nations need as much aid as they can get but the “developed” world needs to pressure them into amending some of their policies in regards to human rights.

  8. humanist says

    showering twice a day is kind of a big waste of resources unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  9. nic says

    what ever happened to being natural? the u.s. is singularly obsessed with cleanliness, almost to the o.c.d. level. this is not only irrational but dangerous as well. we are now facing super-germs like MRSA because of this obsession. let’s stop slathering unnecessary chemicals on our bodies and our surroundings and needlessly mutilating baby boys with circumcision. god made us the way we are for a reason. simple hygiene and cleanliness is the key. i like my men to smell like men.

  10. jmg says

    Yes, forgoing deodorant is a great idea, but then taking more showers to make up for it? A waste of water to be sure….

  11. woodroad says

    If I’m going to rim someone or, in turn, be rimmed I certainly make sure of cleanliness and freshness. Can it be any different with pits? I prefer deodorant because no matter how clean you are, stress happens and nose-hair burning stench is not pleasant. Wear deodorant during the day and when you “do the do” wash it off beforehand.

  12. tominsf says

    Well, you know, Sean, I brush and floss frequently. As for wasting resources, that’s the sort of thing that should be looked at in perspective. A five minute shower with a 2.5 gpm showerhead comes to 13 gallons – hardly a big deal, compared to the amount of water used for agricultural purposes (per person) in this country. I have a highly efficient on-demand water heater and I live in a warm climate; the amount of fuel I burn taking showers is miniscule compared to what most people use driving to the corner store because they’re too lazy to walk. Meanwhile, consider the amount of water and fuel wasted in the manufacturing and transportation of all those ineffective cosmetics everyone uses, deodorants among them.

  13. Jordan says

    Who licks armpits? The same people who lick assholes? That’s gross, and something I don’t do, but I guess that makes me an aloof, cold bitch, but whatever.

    There’s a reason the fragrance industry is a multi-billion dollar one, and to quote Martha, “It’s a good thing.” I am all for spending tons of money on exotic, hard-to-find fragrances, and for smelling wonderful at all times, (and get compliments in public all the time) which is something you cannot do if you don’t wear deodorant.

    Also, if you work out daily (as many of us Mary’s do), you shower more than once, but you would really have to use deodorant then, and anything more than showering twice a day would ruin the condition of your skin (even if you do use la prairie body lotion afterwards 😉

  14. Yuck says

    I don’t know what type of jobs you all have, but the people I know who work a regular 9-5 can’t just up and go take a shower. So exactly when are all these 2nd and 3rd showers happening?

    If you work with other people and don’t use deodorant then you’re just stank. There is nothing masculine about funky underarms. It’s just low class and gross.

    If you need a pit fix, then do 20 pushups before sex or run around the block or do jumpin’ jacks.

    But if you work for 8 hours straight with no deodorant then you just dirty.

  15. johnnzboy says

    Whoa, Sean, you can dish it out but you clearly can’t take it! Some guys like licking armpits, some don’t – who made you the arbiter of what’s tasteful and what’s not? Is this why you Americans are so proud of your putative freedom of speech, so you can make offensive comments about things that don’t affect you? Who knows what habits you have that others would consider distasteful?

    Nic, I agree with what you say but I question whether some spurious “god” made us this way – surely we’re the result of nature and evolution? But yeah, the man smell is part and parcel of the whole desirable man package…

    Jordan, you come off as absurdly vacuous, but hey, it don’t affect me in the slightest, so you keep doin’ your thing, honey child.

  16. rudy says

    Whoa baby, there is no way that I am not going to use a deodorant and anti-perspirant every day even though I shower at least twice a day. When I danced I could get away with using only antibacterial soap because I never ate meat or carbohydrates. My sweat had a lemony tinge that many found attractive; however, that was thirty years and thirty pounds ago.

    As for pits being sexually attractive, some of you are too timid and rigid for my taste. I love men and love them to smell like freshly showered men. The hubby of thirty years uses 4711 (the “original Eau de Cologne”) and to this day, merely a whif gives me an instant erection. Probably TMI, but sexuality for me has always been about the complete sensory package: taste, smell, and touch. I prefer to indulge rather than restrict my enjoyment of men.

  17. says

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  18. says

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