NGLTF to Senate Ethics Committee: Larry Craig Probe Homophobic


According to The Hill, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force today will deliver a letter to Senator Barbara Boxer and Sen. John Cornyn, the Republican vice chairman of the ethics panel, claiming that the committee has singled out Craig for investigation because his behavior is homosexual while ignoring equally repugnant behavior by heterosexual Senator David Vitter of Louisiana.

Vitter’s name was found in the records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the D.C. Madam, and since then, according to The Hill, “allegations have surfaced that Vitter consorted with prostitutes in New Orleans. Jeanette Maier, who was convicted in 2002 for running a brothel, has claimed Vitter was a client.” Vitter has been an outspoken defender of “the sanctity of marriage”.

An ethics probe of Vitter has yet to be launched. The Hill says that the NGLTF sees it as evidence of a “witch hunt motivated by the homophobia of GOP Senate leaders.” The group is demanding a response.

The letter from NGLTF vice chairman Matt Foreman is scheduled to be delivered today and reads, in part: “We are writing to state the inherent contradiction between your treatment of allegations of ethical misconduct by Senator Larry Craig and Senator David Vitter and to insist that you open an investigation into Sen. Vitter’s conduct. There is no explanation for the diametrically opposed responses to these two situations, other than hypocrisy tinged by homophobia. There are only two ways to resolve this: drop the investigation into Sen. Craig or investigate the allegations surrounding Sen. Vitter.”

The Hill notes that although there has been no investigation of Vitter he did receive a standing ovation from the Senate Republican Conference after apologizing for the DC Madam allegations.

Groups press ethics panel on Sen. Craig [the hill]


  1. says

    Yeah, it really rubs me the wrong way, but I think the Craig matter got all the salacious attention by the mainstream out of homophobia. It’s too bad, because it really reduces the highly enjoyable, delicious irony of the hypocrite going down and turning into a national joke on the way. And he’s so good at being a national joke…

    Who knew the Task Force had such ACLU-ish leanings in them!

    Battle On!

    David B.

  2. says

    Homophobic? Puh-leaze. Targeting a guy like Craig will only help the movement in the long run. Just keep on listening to him, he won’t for the life of him admit that he’s gay, bi or even curious. He’s straight, always has been and this is just some inconvenient misunderstanding… suuurreee, Mr. Senator. Fire that Ethics Committee away.

    I don’t know much about Vitter’s case, but the DC Madam stuff seems more like innuendo than anything substantiated. Feel free, anyone, to correct me on that.

  3. 24play says


    It’s only through holding an investigation that the Ethics Committee would be able to determine if the allegations against Vitter can be substantiated.

    But he’s already publicly apologized for some unnamed sin, so, yeah, it’s likely he was patronizing a hooker (or hookers).

  4. dc8stretch says

    I have to ask: what kind of politics is the NGLTF playing?

    Craig was charged with a crime, and pleaded guilty. Vitter was not charged with a crime.

    Obviously, there is a difference here.

  5. 24play says


    The criminal justice system investigates alleged crimes. Congressional ethics committees investigate alleged ethical lapses, which may or may not rise to the level of criminality.

    Since Vitter’s case has not inspired a criminal investigation but almost certainly involves criminal acts, it would be fair to say that Vitter’s peers have an even greater need to investigate him than the Senate has to investigate Craig, a man who has already plead guilty to a crime and had the details of his case examined both inside and outside a courtroom.

    Vitter’s alleged ethical lapses are desperately in need of investigation—so that he can clear his good name! Craig’s alleged ethical lapses have already been thoroughly investigated (and he’s already hard at work attempting to clear his name).

  6. 24play says


    The way the media treats Congressional ethics investigations, it’s easy to see them as punishment rather than as simply the fact-finding that may or may not lead to censure or other penalty.

  7. Leland Frances says

    If repeated public acts of political insanity by someone who’s PAID to advance gay rights were enough to get one committed to an asylum, NGLTF’s Matt Foreman would have been encased in a lavender, rhinestone non-straight jacket months ago.

    First he throws a hissy fit and cracked brickbats at the Dem candidates for President even tho they are the most pro gay rights slate ever and the Repugs are as homohating as always. Then he sends a valentine to Giuliani through a mainstream newspaper interview [as IF gay Repugs needed ANOTHER excuse to vote against themselves]. Then he joins a group of hysterics demanding that members of Congress vote AGAINST gay job protection. And now he’s upping the wattage and increasing the focus of the public spotlight on public sex queens. Sure, why not generate more stories about dirty old men looking to suck petey in toilets?

    With “leaders” like this who needs enemies?

  8. says

    The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force should take note that Larry Craig recently voted AGAINST the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime bill, which (if not vetoed by G. Bush) will help combat violence towards Gays motivated by hate. The NGLTF should ONLY be insisting that Vitter’s behavior be given the same attention and scrutiny as Craig’s. Craig does not deserve our support PERIOD.

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