Tom Brady Offered $1 Million to be Calvin Klein Underwear Stud?


According to a report in the Boston Globe: “In Touch Weekly is reporting that the Pats quarterback is being wooed to become the next celebrity model for – wait for it – Calvin Klein underwear. The mag says the football star’s been offered more than $1 million to follow in the footsteps of former Funky Buncher Mark Wahlberg, whose stint in Calvin Klein skivvies served him very well indeed. Brady, who had limited his endorsement deals in past years, is suddenly pitching everything from watches (Movado) to bottled water (Glaceau). While Brady is undecided, In Touch says his supermodel sweetheart, former Victoria’s Secret gal Gisele Bundchen, supports the idea.”

Well, he’s already had a practice run on Saturday Night Live (above).


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  1. soulbrotha says

    I don’t get it. You just reported in July that Djimon Hounsou (who is way freakin’ hotter than Tom Brady)was the new Calvin Klein underwear model. I’m confused. I thought these campaigns lasted at least a year with one person as the main model. Can someone explain this to me?

  2. says

    While that would be great, I’m still laughing at “The Boston Globe reports that In Touch Weekly is reporting…”

    wow. It has come to this.

  3. mmlobe says

    He is great, I think.BTW, someone saw his profile with hot & sexy photos on, a dating site for celebrities and millionaires. It seems the profile looks sincere and attractive. Maybe even clebs feel lonely and lost sometimes. They also need love and fun. hehe..

  4. lovehim says

    Djimon Hounsou???? Hotter than Tom Brady????? WOW, I am sorry about your declining eyesight!

    Give me Tom anyday! Love that boy.

  5. yum says

    The more photos of Tom Brady in underwear that there are in the world, the better. Or even out of his underwear!

  6. Jordan says

    I can see that he’d totally be an asshole, since he’s a QB, (and why are most of them so gorgeous?), rich, hot, etc., and has both women AND men throwing themselves at him.

    But there are much hotter men in the nfl, (brady?), and I also agree, Djimon turns me on much more.

  7. peterparker says

    In 2004, Tom Brady attended the State of the Union address as a guest of George W Bush. He sat in Laura Bush’s VIP box (no snickering, now) and gave George W Bush repeated standing ovations and cheers. Brady has stated his desire to one day run for political office. Voter records show he has never registered as a Democrat nor as a Republican. In fact, voter records say he’s never even voted. But when asked who was the most impressive person he’s ever met, Brady’s reply was “Gerald Ford”. I think it’s safe to say his sympathies lie with the Republicans. And that means my vote for Calvin Klein underwear model goes to Djimon Hounsou.

  8. BreckRoy says

    Enough with the State of the Union already. If I got invited to the State of the Union by a president of either party, I’d likely go. And Bush had not yet shown how truly repugnant a person he was yet. It took a couple more years for moderate conservatives to see what libs and Texans like me already knew. And I suspect that’s what Brady is…a moderate who once called himself a Republican and now just leans slightly conservatively. I’ve read his interviews (including the recent one where he said the DEMOCRATS needed to win government to get the balance and reason back and that he no longer thinks he wants to run for office as politics is now too extreme) and he strikes me as like most of my late 20s/early 30s friends who started out the Bush era conservative in the traditional since and grew disgusted by the Iraq war and the use of cultural issues like abortion and gay rights to divide us. Being conservative isn’t a crime, though being a Delay-Rove-Bush style bigot should be. Tom Brady is not by any accounts a cultural conservative, so I feel okay being a fan. (But Djimon is hotter).

  9. says

    Although I agree that Djimon is way hotter than Tom Brady(who’s he btw?), I’d rather see Survivor’s James Clement in those jockstraps any day. Gorgeousness!!

  10. peterparker says

    BRECKBOY…you said: “And Bush had not yet shown how truly repugnant a person he was yet.”?!?!????

    You mean standing in front of the nation time after time after time to throw his support behind a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would forever disallow GLBT citizens from enjoying the legal benefits of marriage didn’t show us what a truly repugnant person Bush is? You mean waging a war on totally false terms against a sovereign nation that had never attacked us didn’t show us what a truly repugnant person Bush is? You mean denying federal funds to organizations that discuss abortion as an option for pregnant women in third world countries who are too poor to support a child didn’t show us what a truly repugnant person Bush is (by the way, that was his *first* official act as U.S. President)? Those of us who have been paying attention knew waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy before the 2004 State of the Union Address that Bush was, is, and will always be a repugnant person.

    And I would refuse any invitation from George W Bush or any other leader who deals in similar policies of discrimination, dishonesty, divisiveness and violence. It’s a pity you don’t share the same level of integrity.

  11. says


    Tom later did an interview about how he’s chatted a lot with Robert Kraft over the years- owner of the Pats and a fairly liberal guy – and, out of that, decided he disagreed with the Bush administration’s policies. He basically made it look like he was completely niave before and Kraft gave him a few good lessons on life LOL. Honestly, I completely bought it, because Tom sadly can sound as dumb as rocks when he talks about anything other than football.

    That said, I love him. He’s super talented and super georgous. I don’t get why everyone thinks he’s a complete asshole. If it’s the whole baby situation, that has as much to do with his X as it does him. So that’s completely stupid. And I get that QBs can be completely full of themselves, as I’ve known many of them, but that doesn’t necessarily make them jerks. Their self confidence only makes them hotter.

  12. BRECKROY says


    Read my post…I agree with you and agreed then. My point was (and apologies if it was unclear) that the general public, moderate conservatives especially, had yet to see that the Emperor had no clothes in January of 2004. As a gay, liberal Texan, I knew who Bush was, but I recall that back then, less than a year into the war, while the media was still drinking the kool-aid and Bush still had high ratings, it was kind of hard to get others to agree with me. Bush hadn’t yet been exposed to the public at large yet in January of 2004.

  13. dormgals says

    Djimon over Tom? No freakin way! Dorm gals love us some Tom Brady. He might be the finest looking man around.

    Asshole? doubtful! Not his fault his ex Bridget ‘whats her name’ was so desperate to keep him she pulled the goalie and got preggers. Tom is a hot hot hot piece of American Arse!

    Impossible not to love!

  14. peterparker says

    BRECKBOY…sorry I misunderstood you…but I still say that Bush had exposed to everyone by 2004 (really, by 2001) that he was a repugnant human being…it’s just that many people in this country don’t have any problem A) denying GLBT citizens the right to marry B) invading other countries with YeeHaw! diplomacy C)denying women the right to determine their own medical decisions D) taxing the poor/middle class while giving to the wealthy…etc…etc…etc…

  15. Joshua says

    QB’s are usually the prima donna’s of any team. But their role on the field is important and the guy’s who are QB’s usually have a larger dose of self confidence bordering on narcissim than most other players.
    I don’t know Brady personally but a couple friends do and they say he is pretty much one sided in the interest department….if it isn’t football, then he dosen’t seem to know much about it.(apparently sex is another major topic with him)
    Don’t forget that most President’s include popular sport’s stars in those made for T.V. things like the State of the Union speech….football or basketball or whatever is most popular at the moment will be walked through the White House for public consumption. Brady was a conservative young man who does seem to have become disallusioned with Bush. But remember at the time(2004) he was also dating one of the Bush girls.

    As to looks….well Brady has that **all American boy** look, and there’s nothing *boy* about him.