Tucker Carlson Has Not Beaten Up Any Gay Men Lately


Watching this video over at Wonkette makes me wish there were far more “red carpet” events for politicians and less for celebrities. As they arrive at the Meet the Press 60th Anniversary Party, Liz Glover interviews Tom Delay, John Kerry, Ted Koppel, Alan Greenspan, Tiki Barber, Jeff Zucker, and finally Tucker Carlson, who has a laugh over a question related to the well-publicized ‘assault’ anecdote he related when the Larry Craig men’s room arrest hit.

Glover: Sir, have you beaten up any gay men lately”

Carlson: (guffaws) That’s so ludicrous, but thank you for asking.

Tucker Carlson Still Not Gay! [wonkette]

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  1. jano says

    What a LOSER, I would love to give him a verbal lashing, and a real hair cut without a bowl as a guide.

  2. mike says

    C’mon guys, Go easy on my favorite dweeb. Tucky IS looking just a tad bloated these days. I love that story Tucky tells, that some guy comes on to him in a public john and Tucky flees and then, all of a sudden, he realizes he should go back and kick ass! So, he gets a friend to go with him! Um, Tucky, you had to leave and think about and THEN go back? With a friend? Tucky, Tucky, Tucky!! See, no self-respecting gay guy would EVER make a pass at your dweebie ass, let alone in a public bathroom (even though guys who troll the bathrooms tend to be pretty desperate anyway). I mean, believe it or not, we do have SOME standards, Tucky. Yeah, Tuck’s lookin’ just a little chubby. Hey, who knows? Tucky might just make not a half-bad “bear”. Nah, Tuck’s still too dweebie. But, he’s MY dweeb!