News: Sperm Donors, Brad Pitt, Axel Hotel, Australia

road.jpg New York sperm donor ordered to pay child support to lesbian couple.

Guestroad.jpg Departing ambassador slams State Department and Condoleezza Rice for DISCRIMINATORY policies: “For the past three years, I’ve urged the Secretary and her senior management team to redress policies that discriminate against gay and lesbian employees. Absolutely nothing has resulted from this. And so I’ve felt compelled to choose between obligations to my partner — who is my family — and service to my country.”

road.jpg Buffalo, New York man charged with third-degree assault after punching a man for making “an open display of homosexuality.”

road.jpg Peter Andre says that in the 80’s he had a crush on Boy George and thought he was female: “She is hot. I thought I was going to marry this woman.”

road.jpg Studies of HIV positive gay and bisexual men reveal high rates of unprotected sex: “The research team found that 37.3 percent of the men said they had engaged in unprotected anal intercourse over the past three months. In 41.3 percent of these cases, unsafe sex took place with another HIV-infected partner, but in 31.4 percent of cases the unprotected behavior took place with a partner whose HIV status was unknown. In 23 percent of cases, the infected man engaged in unprotected sex with a partner he knew to be HIV-negative, the study found.” The CDC also reported that “more than twice as likely to be infected with the AIDS virus than their white counterparts,” although the reason why wasn’t immediately clear.

Metcalferoad.jpg In London to accept his GAY award, Jesse Metcalfe puts on his prettiest face and assaults a paparazzo.

road.jpg Starting point: Same-sex couples in Victoria, Australia will soon be allowed to register their relationships. “Attorney-General Rob Hulls said legislation tabled in Parliament yesterday would allow the couples to record their relationship with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Mr Hulls said the register is not gay marriage or a civil union, but would improve access to entitlements, such as superannuation, without de facto and same-sex couples having to prove repeatedly that they are in a committed relationship. ‘These reforms provide that Victorian laws, in most cases treat de facto and same-sex couples the same way as married couples,’ he said.”

road.jpg Daniel from America’s Most Smartest Model is now doing Mayonnaise ads.

road.jpg Fort Worth Baptist Church postpones decision on including photos of gay members in a 125th anniversary pictorial directory: ” Broadway Baptist Church has debated whether the directory should include gay couples, or gay people individually but not as couples, or whether to omit all individual and family photos. Members were to vote Sunday after morning worship. But in a clear indication that they are divided over how accepting to be of homosexuality, they met for an hour and then postponed any decision until deacons make a recommendation on Feb. 24.” Bigotry can be so indecisive.

Etiquetteroad.jpg “Etiquette enforcer” on the Long Island Railroad is also apparently a homophobe: ” The latest chapter began March 28, as Clifford took his a seat on the 8:02 a.m. train from Long Beach, in a spot where he might stretch out his 6-foot-4 frame. Nearby, a young man talked loudly on his cellphone to a girlfriend, a railroad no-no. Clifford got upset only after the guy started yammering to Girlfriend No. 2. ‘I asked him to keep it down. The kid just ignored me. I started arguing with him, ‘Shut the f- – – up!’ I said, ‘F- – -ing faggot,’ or whatever.'”

road.jpg Little pink houses: Brad Pitt calls New Orleans home. And in other Pitt news, Radar wonders if the gaudy ring on Brad’s right hand is a symbol of his spiritual solidarity with the gays.

road.jpg New Axel Hotel is defining moment for gay and lesbian tourism in Argentina: “That Buenos Aires would be chosen for such a marketing experiment is a result of a marked change over the past several years in the acceptance of gay men and lesbians in Argentine society. This city of three million people has come a long way from the years of military dictatorship, when being openly gay could lead to jail. Five years ago this was the first major Latin American city to legalize same-sex unions, and this summer it was host to a World Cup for gay soccer players, a first in the region.”


  1. Tourist says

    Why would anyone stay in an overpriced hotel room in Buenos Aires when for the same price or even much less one can rent a whole luxury apartment in the nicest neighborhoods?!! Not to mention hotels do not allow local guests.. Do your research people…one agency even gives a local cell phone as part of the apartment rental deal.

  2. ReasonBased says

    Regarding HIV+ men sleeping with HIV- men, what does the law say? If someone doesn’t disclose their status and infects you, can this be prosecuted as premeditated attempted murder? I should.

  3. wetcnt says

    I agree that responsible adults disclose their status and practice safer sex. However, if you have unprotected sex with someone and don’t ever discuss HIV (you never say you are HIV negative, you never ask his status) you are just as responsible if you become infected. If you decide to start prosecuting men for having unprotected sex prosecute all parties involved.

  4. dc8 stretch says

    RE: Today’s posts. I’ve never been so depressed and outraged: We want equality, we want ‘rights’, we deplore the social conservatives, we despise don’t ask, don’t tell, we demand to create our families however we see fit, yet we can’t take personal responsibility to practice safe sex. We have the opportunity to eradicate HIV/AIDS in our own community and we can’t be bothered to slip on a condom- or we think its ‘hot’ to bareback.

    There are at least 37.3% of YOU who are as stupid as the bastard child of Paris Hilton and Larry Craig. BUT, they’re going to get away with their stupidity. You are not.

  5. anon ( says

    I think the law is murkier than that. For example, taking a syringe and stabbing someone with infected blood would no doubt bring up charges. As they say, “a case could be made…”.

    Family court is known for its shoot first and ask questions later. Hopefully, the paternity ruling will be overturned. The Judge seems to want to have it both ways. Basically, the case was made in the absence of DNA evidence, using “familiarity” as the core criteria. The judge is probably worried that the ruling would be overturned on prima facie grounds if the paternity test goes against her, so the stupid injunction was set up. It’s also odd the payments must be made until age 21. In most states it would be 18.

  6. ReasonBased says

    So if I have a lethal disease, say the ebola virus, and I INTENTIONALLY fail to disclose it and as a result infect you, you think you will be AS responsible as me? This is crap. Knowing someone is negative and not disclosing your status is attempted murder, until the person dies, when it should become murder. I don’t know why it isn’t.

  7. Scott says

    Anon: You make a valid point in your syringe example, but I think the comparable case to being stabbed with infected blood is if an HIV-positive person raped someone. There I could see a charge of attempted murder. If two willing partners of mixed HIV status were having consensual, unprotected sex, that’s more like my taking a syringe of blood and handing it to you to inject yourself (injecting you at your behest, I suppose, is a closer parallel, but you get the point).

  8. 24play says

    Reasonbased: From a practical, prevention point of view, criminalizing nondisclosure is a terrible mistake. It simply discourages people from getting tested, and routine testing is the keystone of prevention efforts in 2007. Criminalizing intentional transmission is one thing, but criminalizing nondisclosure is a whole other kettle of fish.

    DC8: “We want equality, we want ‘rights’, we deplore the social conservatives, we despise don’t ask, don’t tell, we demand to create our families however we see fit, yet we can’t take personal responsibility to practice safe sex.”

    What you have to keep in mind—-what we ALL have to keep in mind—-is that, when it comes to HIV prevention, the bar is set much, much higher for gay men than it is for straights. So while you’re arguing that some of us are not worthy of equal rights, keep in mind that gay men’s responsibility here is several times that of straight men.

    It’s not a case of gay men being bigger fuck-ups than straight men. In fact, assessing risk in terms of both number of partners AND instances of unprotected sex, the majority of gay men are just like the majority of straight men:

    Gay men simply have much more on the line. When it comes to fighting transmission, to accomplish the same results as straights, we have to be tremendously more responsible. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. We need to accept that greater responsibility, but we should also give ourselves some credit for doing a pretty good job in a much more dire situation.

  9. Joe says

    “America’s Most Smartest Model?” How are they going to find a smart model when the producers don’t know the most basic tenets of grammar? It’s “America’s Smartest Model.” The “most” is redundant. Sheesh.

  10. ReasonBased says

    “America’s Most Smartest Model?” was obviously an intentional jab the the perceived stupidity of models. I think it is clear to most people…

  11. Robbie says

    I think it’s ridiculous that a man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple should have to pay child support. If you read the story the biological father apparently sent the child cards, christmas gifts, etc., but just because the child knows who the father is doesn’t actually mean that the dad had any legal responsibility in providing the child with said gifts.

    And to this whole hullaballoo over HIV infection, I do agree in that it’s idiotic for people to “think it’s hot to bareback.” If you want to have unprotected sex with your partner then go get tested together and, by all means, fuck away, if you trust each other. But unfortunately, to call it attempted murder to intentionally infect someone with HIV is a bit of a stretch. First, at the VERY least, the prosecutor would have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant actually DID, in fact, intentionally infect their client. And unless the moron bragged to his/her friends about it then it’s really hard to prove that. And even if one were to get over THAT huge hurdle, I think it would be really hard to call it “premeditated attempted murder,” because you’re really not doing immediate physical harm to the person, so the defendant’s attorney would probably argue that people with HIV can lead long, healthy lives, etc.

    Wow, that was really long.

  12. pablo says

    Sometime ago i got drunk at a party and had unprotected sex with this guy who told me AFTER that he was poz, but that i shouldn’t freak out because he’s had unprotected sex with his partner of ten years and he’s still neg. Was i stupid? Yes, but how would describe him? He knowingly and deliberately put me in danger just so he could get off. Luckily i’ve tested negative since then and it’s been a lesson for me.

  13. Gregg says

    LOL @ JOE – of course the title is a joke. And for any fans of America’s Most Smartest Model: I met Andre at a dog park here in NYC (shirtless and barely wearing sweat pants – ah Summer!) and he is just as much of a dick in real life as he is on the show. He was bitching about American women and how they should be slapped into submission. What a sweetie.

  14. says

    No matter what every man you sleep with is HIV+; the only way to be sure is to get tested receive a negative claim; lock both of you away in a closet (no sexual contact) for 28 days and get retested again with a negative status claimed. Now you can have “unprotected” sex.

    I am shocked at how many “negative” men are playing unsafely and feeling relieved when they test negative. These are the same gay men who ignore and diminish HIV+ men. There is an entire subculture of HIV+ men who are not drug users or reckless; they made a bad decision once. But the rest of the loving, warm, supportive and understanding gay community does not want anything to do with them. Well maybe if they are VERY attractive like the gay from Project Runway or some other status symbol that distracts from being HIV+. In other words you have to have a lot going for you to be counted again in the popular group.

    The rate at which bareback porn is being produced and consumed is alarming because so many gay men enjoy watching it but proceed to have a negative view of HIV+ men. The videos cast a shadow on a group of people that is not entirely true and no one wants to be that beckon of light to the community. Do you think that all HIV+ men want to have bareback sex? To the men who are HIV+ it is not permission to make a fetish out of cum. You have a responsibility to yourself and the greater world because we are all connected.

    Furthermore I would think that gay men would have dealt with the issues around HIV+ and “dating” someone who is HIV+. This is NOT the case at all. Far too often a gay man disclosing his HIV status as positive and it is “bye bye”. The rejection and isolation is very hurtful it causes people to long for a touch, sex or some other form of connection and lie to get it. The gay community has numerous men that do not disclose their status because of these reasons. The gay world has notions about how that person became infected; watching bareback porn does not help your view of an individual and rejecting someone only bring the disease closer to you through lies and deception.

    In closing, my question has always been what are you doing that is so unsafe that you would get infected?

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