John Edwards Upbeat as New Poll Shows Him Ahead in Iowa

A new InsiderAdvantage poll shows John Edwards jumping ahead of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Iowa. Last night he talked to Chris Matthews on Hardball and Matthews asked him about why it looks like he’s moving forward.

Said Edwards: “I mean, there’s been some fussing going on between them. I just got to — I know what to do in Iowa. I know how to close there. People there want to see you speak from your gut. They want to see passion and energy. They want it to be real. And when I talk about doing something about corporate power and how it’s affecting the government, they respond.”

Matthews also asked him why, as a Southerner with a “charming rural Southern manner” like Huckabee (who continues to lead on the GOP side), Edwards doesn’t “cite the Lord the way he does.”

Said Edwards: “Well, God and my faith are enormously important to me personally. They’ve gotten me through, my faith in the Lord has gotten me through some very, very difficult times in my own life. But I don’t think it’s my job as either a presidential candidate or president of the United States to impose my faith on anybody. If I get asked about it, I’ll answer the question honestly. I’ll tell anybody how important my faith is to me every single day. But it’s not something that I think is my job as president or presidential candidate.”

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