Kyle Chandler Talks Towel-Snapping on Friday Night Lights:


Kyle Chandler, who plays coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights, talks to Brandon Voss at The Advocate about his “gay following” as well as some of the on-set locker room antics on the show.

KitschOn having a “gay following,” Chandler said, “I hadn’t thought about it, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t. I didn’t do anything to y’all! [Laughs] Actually, I told a friend of mine that I was doing this interview, and he said, ‘What gay people follow you?'”

Chandler also expressed some sadness at being a 40-something in a sea of 20-somethings: “Hell, yeah, it’s depressing! Bastards. Especially that Taylor Kitsch, showing himself off in all those damn muscle magazines and everything. Meanwhile, I’m counting my extra gray hairs every morning. But it’s neat to see those guys do well. I was there at one point, so I know where they are. They’ve got great years ahead of ’em…they’re usually smacking each other with towels, pulling the towels off of each other, bragging about their virtues here and there — you know how it is. And those shower scenes that are not on film sure have sparked some curiosity on the set.”

The coach looked forward to what may be an upcoming gay role: “I’ve got a good friend of mine, Butch Hammett, who’s working on a play, and he’s literally taken it around the world and done very well with it. And he’s got a role for me in it as the gay boss of a catering company — based on a boss that he had years ago. I told him I’m all with it. So that could be my first gay role, which is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.”

Kyle Chandler [the advocate]


  1. 24play says

    Ah, the latest Earth-shattering news from The Advocate’s must-read “Big Gay Following” feature.

    And they wonder why nobody reads them anymore.

  2. RJ says

    Gee Michael, I guess that’s it then, since you obviously speak for all of gaydom.

    Loved Kyle Chandler since he was in Early Edition.

  3. jake says

    Is it possible for a gay magazine to interview a male celebrity and NOT ask prurient questions. I was embarrassed for Brandon Voss.

  4. Jeff says

    I remember him from Homefront back in the 90’s. He was seriously dreamy. These interviews are so totally devoid of purpose though. Doesn’t simply submitting to an interview with The Advocate answer all of the stupid questions about “Do you mind the gays?” ?? Worthless.

  5. Jordan says

    Kyle Chandler is HOT for an older guy who I’d jump in a heartbeat. It’s seriously sad he’s not gay.

  6. Z. says

    Kyle Chandler is the cutest thing ever, and not just hot for an “older” guy (jeez, people–he’s only 42, and has a very boyish look and personality to boot). He’s excellent on FNL, which is still the best show that way too few people are watching.

  7. Michael Bedwell says

    Yes, more cheeze whiz from the NONadvocate. But that’s not Chandler’s fault. Glad so many remember “Homefront.” It was a fantastic show, and not just because of the hot men. Great scripts; some great acting (even if Chandler was/is no Olivier). I never understood why it never became a huge hit as it was essentially built around two themes that Americans claim to worship: patriotism and “family.” Possibly because it also marvelously dramatized the developing movements for women’s, blacks’, and workers’ rights post WWII.

    While I would love to have seen how they might have dramatized real gay characters, there was a charming scene in the pilot, I believe, in a bar in New York filled with returning GIs and a woman jokingly asks one of the main male characters if he’s “with” another one, and he replies, also in fun, something like, “Of course we are! Anything wrong with that?” Anachronistic for the plot’s time, but….

    Chandler is still hot and sweet enough to pour on pancakes, but here’s some scenes of him at 28 from “Homefront” when his peach, as it were, was just ripening. Strange how he’s never tried to market his beefcake appeal.

    The next two clips are of its two seasons’ openings showing, in addition to a (rare) brief shirtless scene of Chandler, several actors who went on to very different roles in very different series such as “Scrubs” and “Desperate Housewives.”

  8. MCnNYC says

    BEST show on TV hands down.

    I like the Big Gay Following feature
    of the Advocate it’s better than putting
    them on the cover.
    And it ANYTHING is better than Desperate Housefraus….sheez sad sack queers there.

  9. resurrect says

    If you live or grew up in Central Texas, you’d also appreciate FNL’s versimilitude. Great writing, great acting – it’s a keeper. If you can, get the first season on DVD and watch like a film rather than the TV episodes as the commercial breaks absolutely kill the flow.

    If anyone here is old/fortunate enough to remember “My So-Called Life” in its run, some of the same writers from that series are here. The MSCL episode “Life of Brian” is the truest insight on teen life – gay included – I’ve ever seen on TV.

  10. nic says


    verisimilitude? hardly.

    while i am familiar with some of the actors, i do not watch the tv drama. the reason i don’t, is that there are no major hispanic characters. how could a football team in texas not have mexican-american players. even the odessa permian panthers of 1988, on which this drama is based, had latino players. peter berg (did someone say nyu?) was a major disappointment in this regard.

  11. Joe says

    Zach Gilford is the hottest one by far!! hahahaha. And Matt’s my favorite character on the show, too.

  12. Pickles says

    Well, Steven, from the looks of the other comments here (DILF!…Kyle’s hot…cutest thing ever…I’d jump him in a heartbeat…I ), at least some gay guys don’t seem to mind a few prurient questions – though I hardly think any of the questions crossed the line. Besides, I’m pretty sure the point of the Big Gay Following is to be a more fun, fluffy, sensational piece to break up the more newsy, political-bent content in the Advocate. I think they’re always a fun read. I think if you want to read a serious, in-depth profile on Kyle Chandler, read Vanity Fair. I like hearing about the towel-snapping and how gay guys changed the course of his life.