Michael Urie Offers His Sense of Style and Poise to Miss America


In a four-part special beginning on January 4, Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie takes the helm of the run-up to the Miss America pageant in Miss America: Reality Check. Urie will attempt to teach the beauty queens to correct bad beauty habits and best represent themselves for the pageant, which airs on January 26.

Here are a couple clips from the show.


The series will air Fridays at 10PM (ET/PT) beginning January 4 on TLC.


  1. Matt says

    Can someone please explain to me why contestants want to relearn bad habits? Because if that’s the case, I know plenty of women with some really bad habits.

  2. Butter says

    So… Is Michael really ‘out’ yet? If the media turning him into another Carson Kressley was what he was fearing, it’s already happened. What else does he have to worry about now?

  3. says

    I am so excited about this show. It combines two things I love – pageants and sissies.

    I actually watched that Carson Kressley show Crowned and wanted to like it. It was so bad that I couldn’t bear to watch the second episode. It’s a good idea and there’s plenty of humor in the pageant world, but Crowned didn’t find it. Hopefully Michael Urie’s show will will do a better job.

  4. Dean says

    He’s fun. I like him.

    And he’s out. He was mentioned as gay in an appearance on The View (a tidbit of informatoin that, by association, confirms that I am gay.)

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    What great satire! Looks absolutely hilarious and even though, yeah, meh, another stereotype, I absolutely love Michael’s characterization and hilarious slapstick. He’s just friggin’ FUNNY, peeps. I hope the show does well. He’s my kind of clown.

  6. Mike says

    If only all the hollywood boys who were “mentioned” as gay were actually gay. Sorry, Dean, but until Michael is willing to talk about it only an assumption that he is gay. Up till now he has flat out refused to answer. At AfterElton he actually said he wouldn’t answer.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Don’t apologize, FIZZIERUNTNT. Stereotypes can be brilliant if they are played brilliantly. Hattie MacDaniel was brilliant in “Gone With the Wind”. Ethel Waters was brilliant in “Member of the Wedding” and “Pinky”. Claudia MacNeil was brilliant in “A Raisin in the Sun”. They are played black “mammy” stereotypes and they great performances.


    William Hurt was brilliant in “Kiss of the Spiderwoman”. Jaye Davidson was brilliant in “The Crying Game”. The Lady Chablis was brilliant in “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil”. They portrayed feminine males and they gave great performances.

    Stereotypes, when played badly should be most offensive to those who are being stereotyped. Effeminate gay males should be offended by bad portrayals of(or badly written) effeminate male characters. Gay men who are NOT effeminate should realize(finally in the year 2007)it AINT you being portrayed.

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