Police Claim Beating Death of Gay Man Not a Hate Crime

Robert Hardeman, a 69-year-old resident of Alameda, California, was beaten to death with a chair leg by 19-year-old James Wallace Hayworth last week. Hayworth claims that Hardeman sexually assaulted him.

AlamedaPolice investigating the murder say they are not calling it a hate crime because “he killed the victim for what he allegedly did, not for who he was.”

According to the San Jose Mercury News, ” The two men are believed to have met for the first time on Dec. 3 at the Pop Inn bar on Park Street, where police said they drank together before deciding to go to Hardeman’s residence on Eagle Avenue. Hardeman’s landlord found him the next morning — bleeding and unconscious on the floor — when she let herself into the residence to check on him after she thought she heard him moaning. The teenager was still there asleep on the victim’s bed, his clothes splattered with blood, according to investigators. Hayworth beat Hardeman with a wooden chair leg, Fuentes said. ‘There was no evidence indicating that the victim fought with the suspect,’ he noted. Hayworth initially was taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in custody at Santa Rita Jail.”

If you were “sexually assaulted” would you sleep in your attacker’s bed?

Hardeman, described “as a kind man with a keen interest in current affairs, and as someone who loved to travel” was set to celebrate his 70th birthday on December 20.


  1. Disgusted American says

    Sounds like another Bullshit excuse..to kill a gay person! You think a woman would sleep in her attackers bed? nah…don’t think so! She’d run out of that house screaming! Sounds like more Hypocracy from the hypocritical US of A.

  2. Frank L says

    This is (unfortunately) not a huge surprise. Alameda isn’t exactly San Francisco, and the Alameda PD aren’t known as exactly the most responsive, sympathetic police force in the world, either. The kid continuing to sleep in the poor man’s bed after he slaughtered him is a particularly gruesome touch, though. And I am always amazed at how a 19-year-old could allege that a 70-year-old could possibly “sexually assault” him. The oldest lie in the book.

  3. Tone, West Hollywood says

    The 19-year-old male went out for drinks with a 70-year-old man, went back to his home, and was found sleeping in the man’s bed…I agree that this doesn’t sound like a hate crime. It was definitely a crime, but seemingly not one provoked by an antigay sentiment.

  4. Frank L says

    Number one, the 19-year-old didn’t “go out for drinks” with the 70-year-old. They met at the bar then went back to the older guy’s house.

    Number two, there’s nothing in the article anywhere that states that the 19-year-old was gay.

  5. says

    “If you were ‘sexually assaulted’ would you sleep in your attacker’s bed?”

    For that matter, if you were a sexual assaulter, would you sleep in your (unconscious) victim’s bed? Neither scenario makes Hayworth look very smart (or victimized).

  6. Jaya says

    So . . .I live in this town, and let me tell you,this is all too strange. But from what I’ve heard from people, this guy wasn’t gay. But he wasn’t exactly straight either. . . Sounds like a closeted idiot got drunk, did something he prob regretted,then passed out.

  7. nic says

    if someone picks up a stranger in a bar and takes him home and then that someone ends up dead, how can the police ascertain that it was a hate crime. clearly, hayworth is psycopathic trade, and he committed murder. but, was it a hate-crime? who can know for sure?

  8. deb says

    I live in this town too and I happen to know Bob (Robert). He was a very nice person and for some reason he had been acting strange the last few times I had spoken with him. He was on a “horney high”, talking about how he’s gonna “get some”, that he “still does get some”, etc., etc. I mean I was just thinking it was strange to hear him talk this way because he usually spoke very politely to me. He was gay. He had told me about a year or more ago. And the teen didnot (according to the bar tender,) have drinks at the bar. The bar has a video of proof.

    It’s just a sad thing that this happened to these people involved, but we can’t jump to conclutions because of what the news chooses to print.


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