Former Versace Model Steve Jones Takes on Equus


Former Welsh Versace model turned TV presenter Steve Jones, who is probably not too well known on these shores (he works for Channel 4 in the UK), was asked to do his best Daniel Radcliffe for Heat magazine. He comes off kind of like Radcliffe’s hairier daddy.

Said Jones: “I was really chuffed with the picture. But frankly, I was a little nervous as I know Daniel Radcliffe is hung like a donkey (pardon the pun). Thankfully, the camera stopped just above my Hogwarts!”

Actually, I’m glad we didn’t have to see warts of any kind.

Daniel Radcliffe Equus Promos [tr]



  1. yummy says

    Is it common knowledge that Daniel Radcliffe is very well hung? I did not know that. Well then, even one more reason to love him, he is after all a rather handsome young man!

  2. woodroad34 says

    Okay! Daddy and son and me!

    BTW, I remember a reviewer who was disappointed (or at least not impressed) about Danny’s wand. And for some reason, I don’t believe he’s hung….must be PR

  3. MikeinSanJose says

    The full, uncut (so to speak) Radcliffe picture is out there in cyberspace. And it’s not too shabby!! Now I wanna know where the rest of Mr. Jones’ pic is.

    Ya notice in both versions of these photos the guys seem to be holding an invisible (read: ‘PhotoShopped out’) bridle.

    Mmmm… Daniel Radcliffe, nekkid with a bridle! Makes me all warm and squishy inside!

  4. MikeinSanJose says

    If they were going to fake the pic why would they just put a mildly impressive dick there? And why PS it anyway, since the real things do exist? I’ve got the photo. I’ve seen ‘total Photoshop fake’ pics. It doesn’t strike me as a total fake.

    The jury is definitely still out. Not every celebrity nude photo floating around on the internet is a contrived forgery.

  5. Joshua says

    Mike…..take it from someone who saw Radcliffe in Equus in London, he isn’t hung, not even close. This was sarcasm on Steve’s part, as HE IS well hung.
    The photo out there is photoshopped. Radcliffe never took a total nude shot for promo(frontal)because of his age at the time.

  6. MikeinSanJose says

    The FEET?!?

    I must admit, I never looked at his feet. Feet are totally NOT one of my fetishes.

    Hmmm… but I just checked the pic and I guess the reason I never looked at Daniel’s feet is because there are no feet in the picture. The image goes dark below the knees. You can barely see parts of his left foot (his left leg is bent at the knee with his foot resting against the horsey) and parts of the horse’s right front leg.

    I’m still not seeing an ‘Obvious Fake’. Perhaps YOU guys got fakes and I’VE got the real Radcliffe weenie!!

    Meh! It doesn’t matter. I’m happy thinking this is authentic even if other folks want it to be a fake.

  7. Timothy says

    As someone who saw Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, twice, stalls and front row, yes he is hung and he also has HUGE balls, the boy is short but he sure has a nice ah… well you know what I mean.

  8. anonymousd says

    I saw Equus too and Dan’s balls are huge. I suspect he’s a grower because the wand itself was not long. Perhaps it was cold on stage. I had great seats dead center 5 rows back in the stalls.

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