As John Edwards Drops Out, Clinton and Obama Rush to Praise

And then there were two.

As soon as John Edwards withdrew from the presidential race yesterday, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were swift to praise their former rival. Edwards did not immediately offer an endorsement of either of them. Edwards’ speech, which he gave in New Orleans, is on the left. Coverage of Clinton and Obama, on the right.


  1. says

    I’m sorry. This is the second time today I’ve seen somebody do this, and it’s driving me nuts.

    Fine. Mike Gravel isn’t going to win. Obviously. But he’s the one candidate who supports gay marriage, and despite the fact that nobody is bothering to cover him anymore, he hasn’t dropped out. Please stop writing him completely off.

  2. gay as life says

    Well, Thor, sadly, you know what they say: everybody loves a winner. This entire election debacle has been and will continue to be covered like a horse race rather than as an actual discussion of issues.

    It’s too bad the Dems continue to fool themselves into thinking that either of their front runners will win. They are damning us to another 4 years of Repug crime.

  3. nic says


    why do you think that a 72 y.o. cold-warrior who’s out of touch with most americans or a weasely, flip-flopping, snake-oil salesman are unbeatable by either obama or hill? do you think gravel would stand a better chance? what is your rationale?

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