Gay Boston Man’s Killing a Mystery

Daniel Yakovleff, a 20-year-old hair stylist living in Boston, was last seen leaving the Eagle bar on Wednesday night before he was found early Thursday morning stabbed to death in a multi-family home (not his own) in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood.

YakovleffAccording to the Hartford Courant, homicide detectives are investigating:

“In Ashford (Massachusetts), Yakovleff’s distraught family is struggling to understand what happened, while also planning a memorial service to remember the outgoing, trusting and talented young man they loved. ‘It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,’ said Nord P. Yakovleff, Daniel’s father. A Boston homicide detective declined to comment Sunday night, but the Boston Globe reported Friday that police don’t consider Yakovleff’s killing a random act because there was no sign of forced entry to the apartment. It was not Yakovleff’s apartment, his family said Sunday night. ‘I have a million questions,’ said Damon Yakovleff, 22, Daniel’s older brother. ‘Whose apartment was it? How did he get there?'”

Although he lived in Boston for the last two years, Yakovleff’s family wondered if his rural upbringing did not prepare him for life in the city: “‘He trusted someone he shouldn’t have,’ his father said, adding that police have told the family they are looking at a person of interest in connection with their son’s death. Damon Yakovleff said his parents have expressed concern to him that police will not take the crime seriously because his brother was gay. The family also has heard talk from some of Daniel Yakovleff’s friends of predators targeting gay people in Boston.”

Anyone with information can contact Boston police at 617-343-4470 or call CrimeStoppers anonymously at 1-800-494-8477.

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  1. gay blogger says

    THEY HARDLY EVER SEE ANYBODY CHECK ID’S AT THE EAGLE! It just seems that Jack the bartenter / owner wants to make every dollar that he can on that place.
    There has also been word of violent attacks on gay men going to and coming from the Boston nightclubs THE ROXY (Saturday nights) and even more so outside ESTATE at Boylston place on their gay nights. That area is NO PLACE for young gay people to be late at night!

  2. No Comment says

    So I heard the kid went home with some dude, had sex, found out right afterwards via snooping thru the medicine cabinet that the dude had aids and flipped out on him. Then supposedly the aids dude killed him in a frantic. Of course, that’s all hearsay, but any acts of tragedy resulting from The Eagle is plausible.


  3. Tiffany says

    what is wrong with you people writing about how he wwasnt i.d. at the door, he wasnt killed by alcohol he was murdered. And for all those people talking about so bluntly like that. you dont know anybetter than the boston police. who i must say have done a “great” job working on this. when was the alst update get your head out of your asses and realize this was a life.
    i was at blaine when he was there and from what i could see he deserved to live his life out and not to have gossip be spread after he lost his life.
    Gay or not he and his family deserve and effort!
    RIP dan from what i could see you were really talented and real cool guy and i hope they find who did this to you!

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