Rep. Christopher Shays on Why He Kissed Bush


It’s amazing the media and discussion that one man-to-man kiss will generate.

Rep. Christopher Shays (CT-R) explained why he kissed President Bush on his way into the House chamber before the State of the Union on Monday night.

Said Shays: “I said some words of encouragement to the President as he walked by and he pulled me close and whispered something very thoughtful and kind in return. I wanted him to feel support as he walked into a very partisan chamber. I know he appreciated what I said to him. I realize many Americans are angry with the President and may even hate him, but I would have said the same thing to any leader who has the burden of the country and the world on his or her shoulders. I am particularly determined in this very ugly, political environment in which we find ourselves that the values of respect and compassion I grew up believing in extend even to a President who has a low approval rating.”

Just what sweet nothing did Shays whisper in Bushie’s ear before the parting kiss?


  1. FunMe says

    “values of respect and compassion” … ah, how about telling the clown bush to have that for our US Democracy instead of destroying it even more like he has in the last 7 years.

    These republiCONs are simply that: CONs!

    These GOP clowns deserve no encouragment.

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  3. gay as life says

    Why the hell won’t this story die? Oh my god. It’s not like they tongue fucked each other.

    All over the world men kiss each other on the cheek constantly. But god forbid a man’s lips get anywhere near another man’s body in the good ol’ US of A.

  4. Daniel says

    Hey Here’s some news Americans gay and straight and in between. Men all over the planet kiss everyday. Straight men, gay men, conservative men, liberal men, all kinds of men.

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