1. Derrick from Philly says

    Sebastian, you and Tampa Dave will have very lucky love lives. Y’all don’t have unreasonable expections. In my case, if I can’t have Reggie Bush, I don’t want nobody.

    I hope I’m not being mean, but I wish a violent lower intestinal virus on Mr. Brady two Sundays from now. By that Sunday evening, I hope he’s well, feels wonderful, has a full erection, and the stinkin’, arrogant Patriots are out of the playoffs.

  2. says

    no wonder they don’t want open gays playing sports…it makes you wonder how many of the recruiters are “closet cases” and the fact that lots of players get “kept” in the off season by older gay men….very true you know…

  3. Patrick says

    Arrogant?!?!?! How about the “Well Deserved Patriots”? They finished with a perfect season…most of the teams they beat are in the playoffs. Whem Miami won in 72 there schedule was not as nearly as tough as the Pats. The teams they beat didn’t have record over 500. Arrogant? I think not.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Aiiiight, Patrick. I was trying to be amusing. Good luck and give everybody in Bean Town my love….still wanna’ see ’em get beat–soooo bad.

  5. diggy says

    YES ARROGANT, AND CHEATERS. yeah, i know i know, you’ll just say ALL THE NFL teams do it…BUT…THEY GOT CAUGHT. a much stiffer punishment should have been given…a la pete rose…CHEATER CHEATER CHEATER and brady looks so “soft and pudgy” in that picture…so unnatractive even now he looks like he has downs syndrome.

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