Towleroad Guide to the Tube #229

LAS VEGAS DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: It was a bit of a snoozer, but if you’re interested, here are the highlights from last night. (source: talking points memo)

305: This parody of 300 meets The Office apparently was picked up for DVD distribution. (source: daily dish)

FRIED SQUIRREL: Huckabee talks about his favorite childhood dish.

GLENN BECK: FDR was one evil son-of-a-bitch.

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  1. The Other Jordan says

    Clinton and Obama are snores. Here’s hoping that a South Carolina win will propel Edwards to the nomination.

    The 305 is very funny — and the guy in the center at the beginning is really cute.

    Huckabee is the Antichrist. He *has* to be.

    Beck is right.

  2. Brian Williams says

    The debate was NOT a snoozer. I appreciated having a mature and well-informed discussion of the issues facing America right now. I don’t want a bunch of Russert-ian “gotcha” questions that turn the campaigns into boxing matches. Last night was a demonstration of the type of discourse we ought to be having. (Sorry if the word “discourse” might too boring for you). I also liked the united front from the 3 candidates that they want to focus on the issues and not be divided by the media.

  3. David R. says

    Didn’t FDR have something to do with defeating Hitler? Didn’t FDR save the elderly from at least total ill-health and destitution? I don’t know, maybe that was someone else. Maybe it was Teddy, he was a Republican.

  4. Lia says

    I didn’t watch when I found out Kucinich wasn’t able to participate. Watching three people agree with each other and try to parse the minute differences between themselves is not a debate.

  5. Jason Young says

    FDR extended the Depression by building on Hoover’s proto-New Deal programs. Hoover did try to intervene in the economy and it failed miserably, just as FDR’s policies did as well.

    On top of that the USA’s Private Central Bank (aka The Federal Reserve) which caused the massive credit expansion (boom) of the 1920’s with their policies which lead to the inevitable bust then turned around and implemented the wrong policies such as increasing the interest rate when they needed to be lowering it.

    FDR then turned around and implemented price controls and various other regulations which created a period of hunger and starvation never seen before or since his regulations in the USA. FDR extended the Great Depression with his policies. This is a known fact among most economists and many historians. FDR’s economic policies were a failure and many of the worst of them were reversed by both FDR and the Truman administration.

    Hoover did make things worse but FDR didn’t make them better. I don’t think FDR was evil but he certainly doesn’t deserve the high praise that most people reap upon him.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    FDR continued what Abraham Lincoln started: he turned this country into a world power with some responsiblity to its citizens. Before it was a crazy conferderation of looney states with a bunch of yahoo racist, closeted homos running them. Larry Craig wouldn’t care for FDR, nor the Republican Lincoln. ‘course Lincoln was a true Republican. These Republicans today are closeted facists–like in the Passolini movie “Salo”

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