You Think the Economy is Bad Now?

Let’s hope John McCain doesn’t get put in charge of it.

Of course, the economy doesn’t really factor into his platform (see clip 2):

McCain Gay-Baiting in New Romney-Bashing Robo-Call [tr]
John McCain: Never Heard the Acronym ‘LGBT’ Before [tr]
High School Student Slams McCain After Gay Rights Question [tr]
Report: McCain Feels “Gay Sweaters” Helped Undo Campaign [tr]
McCain Restates Support of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” [tr]
John McCain Not Sure if Condoms Stop Spread of HIV [tr]
John McCain: Gays are Welcome to Marry, Just Not Legally [tr]

NOTE: Miss Teen South Carolina was actually answering a question about geography.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Maybe Grandpa McCain won’t be as difficult for Barack or Hillary to beat as I thought. Only problem is when ol’ Grandpa gives an answer on the economy, Hillary might cackle, or Barack might look up and say to him, “oh, atleast you’re likable enough.”

  2. Wayne says

    McCain looks like the nominee for the GOP, however all the Dem’s need to do is make Iraq the issue and he falls apart. He not only wants that war to continue, he also wants to go to war in Iran and North Korea. As long as they keep him focused on war, it won’t matter who the Democratic nominee is… they will win.

    I have to laugh at the fact that Pat Buchanan is so against McCain… and that he’s clearly stated McCain’s platform in such few words: Fewer Jobs, More Immigrants and more Wars… that about sums it up!

  3. says

    Wow, I’m bummed that Edwards is getting out of the presidential race. I’m not saying I think at this point he could go on and win the nomination, but he zeroed in on and focused on the BIG issue that in my mind is so clearly dragging this country down…namely the massive and comprehensive control of big business and corporations over the priorities and workings of our government. That rock solid control influences everything…foreign policy (Iraq anyone?), economic policy (big time tax breaks and policy in favor of the rich, big biz and Wall Street, trickle down economics, etc.), campaign finance reform, healthcare policy, Social Security, etc., etc., etc. At least while he was in it, this issue could not be ignored.

    Now we’re left with the nice but vague “we should all get along” stance of Obama and the “insider, back to yesterday” machine politics of Hillary to chose from. We’ll get a media-fueled horse race fed by such gems as who snubbed who at what event, if Barrack is really a black man, if Hillary cries or not and does it matter, how Bill Clinton would spend his days as First Husband, etc., etc. etc. And then, one of them will get the nomination and the Republicans will do their evil best to just absolutely eviscerate that nominee all summer and into the fall. Hillary’s got too much baggage to withstand that, and so far I’m not impressed with Obama’s ability to fight back…great on the stump with prepared remarks, not so great with fighting words.

    Congratulations President McCain.

    One other note about Edwards getting out…money. Unlike Hillary, Barrack, the Mittster and McCain, Edwards was taking matching funds from the government as allowed by law. However, the Federal Elections Commission certifies and allocates those matching funds. The FCC is made up of six commissioners. It needs a “quorum” to certify and allocate matching funds. And guess what, as of Dec. 31, 2007 the committee is down to just two people because of departures and the failure of the Bush administration to fill vacancies.

    So, guess who doesn’t get their matching funds in 2008 and, therefore, the ability to wage a more aggressive media campaign? John Edwards.

    I think running out of money had a big influence in Edwards getting out.

  4. Marco says

    It’s sad that so many Edwards supporters are automatically switching to McCain. Who’d have seen that coming?

    I’d link to his website but I am not sure Andy allows that, just to make it easier for those who want another 8 years of Republican rule.

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