Zac Efron and Elijah Kelley Make a Dapper Pair


Hairspray‘s Elijah Kelley helps co-star Zac Efron out with his tie at the after party for the 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Not sure how Efron returned the favor, but perhaps he gave Kelley some kissing advice:

“Go easy and take your time. Be respectful of the other person and don’t just get on in there and grope all over the place. My favorite kisses happen when I’ve taken it nice and slow. Don’t try to swallow the person you’re kissing by opening your mouth so wide! I’ve never experienced a washing-machine kiss, but I’ve heard about them. When girls rotate their tongues around your mouth like a washing machine, that’s not a good idea.”


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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Now, that may be good advice for kissing girls, but what about when kissing boys? Isn’t that what they do most the time? Straight musical/comedy actors? Yeah, right. Well, it’s possible–even a few straight dancers, I suppose. I mean, Bonnie Raitt’s daddy, that’s one, I guess. Maybe six to eight percent are straight…half straight…straight but not fully heterosexual.

    Please, young straight guys don’t know what a Broadway Show is.

  2. Wheezy says

    Does anyone else think Zac Efron looks slightly embalmed in these pictures? And holy crap he looks older than Jason Priestly on 90210. I hope he doesn’t plan on doing any teeny bopper roles.

  3. Cody says

    I study musical theatre at one of the top departments in the nation, and I can say that at least fifty percent of the boys with whom I work are honest-to-goodness heterosexuals. The same is true for working Broadway actors. Obviously a 50% gay population is much greater than most areas, which makes it *seem* like everyone is gay, but there are plenty of straight boys around.

  4. Jordan says

    That’s hot.
    I bet they’d make some great interracial porn (some of my fave).

    And c’mon Cody, you don’t really think Zac is straight, do you? (or really any guy given the chance…for that matter). “Straight” guys (ones with wives or girlfriends) come on to me all the time. Straight doesn’t mean anything if you’re pretty enough (or drunk enough). They just want to get off.

  5. Mary, really Late Dowager Queen, By the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Domi says

    Well, that Handsome Negro man has some Dick Sucking Lips……

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, Cody.

    Even sarcastic queens (MOI) need correcting when they’re talking about something they no nothing about in an attempt to amuse. I’m sure there are many straight muscial/comedy actors in New York (but not in LA…hehehe).

    Hey! Robert Goulet was straight wasn’t he? Goulet & John Raitt. Well, that’s two in the history of musical/theater!

    Dear Grandma’ Mary: This is 2008, not 1958. Your grand-daughter (and my people) are not to be called a Negroes–unless they’re trapped in some place like Idaho. I, dear grandmom, am a proud AmericanHomoGayEffeminateQueen of African (and according to you)some kind of trashy British descent. But I aint got lips as beautiful as those on that brother…the British blood must’ve ruined it for me.

  7. Cody says

    @Jordan – Whether or not Zac is straight or gay is immaterial to my comment (I hope he’s gay, of course. 😀 ). But, yes, I am confident that your characterization of straight men “just wanting to get off” is false and unfounded. While I don’t doubt that closeted married men might hit on you, there’s a difference between that and a bunch of 18-22 year old boys with nothing to lose and everything to gain by hooking up with dudes. We’re plenty pretty; at least 80% of the boys in my department are fucking hot. The straight boys lack neither targets nor opportunity for same-sex encounters, but they somehow stick to the equally hot girls with whom we study.

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