Grizzly Adams Celebrates Beards and Bears at the Super Bowl


Anybody catch the segment yesterday in the NFL Super Bowl countdown celebrating the beards/bears of the New England Patriots and hosted by none other than Grizzly Adams?

The segment, heralded by trumpets, is amusingly tongue-in-cheek but thoroughly built for bear lovers. The Griz narrated an analysis of “five guys who embody” what a beard means: “The unified facial front of the Patriots offensive line.”

Beard1 Beard2

Left tackle Matt Light was compared to Matthew McConaughey. Said Light: “We don’t get scared. That’s part of a beard.” Left guard Logan Mankins’ beard was compared to Merlin Olson’s. Said Mankins: “It’s got a lot of girth on it right now, so…it’s a pretty good beard.”

Beard3 Beard4

Center Dan Koppen was dubbed the “resident redbeard”. Tom Brady said “he looks like he got kidnapped by an Amish family.” Right guard Stephen Neal’s beard was compared to that of businessman, governor, senator, and civil war general Ambrose Burnside.

Beard5 Beard6

Right tackle Nick Kaczur was told he looked like Abraham Lincoln. Said Kaczur: “I don’t really like having upper lip hair really.”

Then they launched into Brady. “There was a time when Tom Brady was one of those guys, a time when he wore the robust badge of courage along with his brothers in the trenches. But oh how times have changed.

Said Light: He’s actually sported some upper lip plumage over the years. Added Koppen: “He needs to, sort of cover up the butt on his chin that he has, but Tom’s one of those guys he’s the best dressed person in America, or the world. I don’t think us five can sway his personality.”

Finally, Grizzly Adams concludes: “The beard. It’s become an unbreakable bond of solidarity.”

Of course it has. Just ask the guys attending Bear Week in Provincetown, where there’s no doubt also plenty of talk about male bonding, girth, butts on chins, and brothers in the trenches.

Here’s the clip. Enjoy:


  1. the queen says

    oh my dear, that tackle matt light — what a beauty with that thick bull neck, a man just popping with testosterone,,, it’s got me reaching for my poppers and astroglide as i fantasize about his thick, big butt, my tongue flickering, fluttering over those mighty haunches… what a man!

  2. KevinVT says

    Is anybody else getting this “” popunder ad, or is it just me and my boyfriend?

  3. wetcnt says

    Too bad their beards didn’t help them stop the Giant’s defensive line from shutting down Brady.

  4. beergoggles says

    Matt Light and Dan Koppen look totally hot with the facial hair and totally not when clean shaven.

  5. banjiboi says

    What a treat to see a post here for those of us who appreciate the big, brawny, hairy type.

    I can’t wait to get home to nuzzle big daddy’s beard……..