Big Brother 9‘s Neil Garcia Explains What a Twink Is

Big Brother 9’s Adam Refers to Housemate Joshuah as a “Faggot” [tr]
A Message from Big Brother 9’s Gay Boy Neil [tr]
Big Brother 9: Sex, Sex, and More Sex [tr]
Big Brother 9 Sees its First Naughty After Dark Action [tr]
Shock Overnight Developments for Gay Team on Big Brother 9 [tr]

(thanks kenneth)


  1. Joel says

    That has to be the dumbest thing I have EVER seen. Wow he’s not cute and is annoying – anyone else freaked out by how he does the same thing with his hands OVER AND OVER?

  2. mat says

    I think the videos are wrong. Of the four posted after the jump, two of them are the ‘twink’ video and one is about WeHo history no about terminology…

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