Browns QB Brady Quinn Denies Making Anti-Gay Remarks

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn denies any involvement in the New Years Eve altercation in Columbus, Ohio I posted about earlier this morning, in which a man claimed Quinn had used an anti-gay slur toward him:

Quinn“In a statement released Wednesday through the Browns, Quinn said he had dinner on New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend and other couples but that nothing else happened. ‘At no time that night was I involved in a verbal or physical altercation, nor did I have any interaction with the police,’ Quinn said in the statement. ‘I want to be clear that I did not engage in any of the alleged conduct, nor did I make inappropriate comments to anyone. Any allegations to the contrary are either untrue or the result of misidentification.’ However, Columbus police said when they arrived Quinn was arguing with 32-year-old Jason Thompson. Quinn’s friends encouraged him to step back from the situation and he did, police spokeswoman Amanda Ford said. She added that police did not hear any comments made at the scene and couldn’t confirm Harris’ statements on the 911 call. ‘We don’t know what that argument was about,’ Ford said.”

Police reported two separate fights at the scene that evening, one of which resulted in injuries to a man and was labeled an “anti-male homosexual” hate crime, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Browns organization stood behind the rookie player. They said: “We are aware of the alleged comments made by Brady Quinn, which the Browns take seriously. After speaking with Brady and his representatives we find these reported accusations without merit.”

Browns’ Quinn Denies Altercation [ap]

Brady Quinn in Alleged Anti-Gay New Years Eve Incident [tr]


  1. Paul R says

    Yeah, Chrissie, well you should at least be surprised that this is considered such a big deal that the team is issuing press releases. Maybe he said it, maybe he didn’t. The point is that a few years ago no one would have given a flying shit about whether it happened or not, and it wouldn’t have been reported or responded to.

    That’s the point. Trying to teach anyone who fucks with gays that yes, there will be consequences. Especially if you’re in the public eye. Ask the guy from Gray’s Anatomy if you don’t believe me.

  2. says

    I’ve seen too many awful press jobs done on people to buy anything any of them say at this point. Maybe he said those things, maybe he didn’t. Maybe the person who’s accusing him of that made the whole thing up, because they were angry they didn’t get an autograph or something. Who knows?

    I don’t.

    You don’t.

    So it’s pointless to propagate the story, assume guilt or really learn anything from this.

  3. patrick nyc says

    I want to know why with all this tech out there that no one, including the phone caller, did not capture anything on phone or cam. Like Kramer, (Michaels), Mel Gibson, or any other idiot caught being an idiot these days.

    Also why has no one else come forward, with all the crowds that were there. I do think, and hope, as it is a major story now online and am sure in the press, with the desire to turn away from the endless campaign, not going away.

    If Brady is caught in this snare his $$ will go down into the toilet, as if getting stuck with the Browns was not enough.

  4. says

    Really? everyone is getting up in a huff because some guy may or may not have used the word “faggot” in the heat of an argument that was about to get physically violent? out of all the things the gay community needs to focus on we are going to get indignant over THIS?

    everyone is really going stand up and say that none of us have ever yelled/screamed/argued with someone and said something we shouldn’t have while arguing?

    we can’t go throwing stones here. i’ve used the word “faggot” a few times while arguing… i felt like shit after ever time. i hate that word, but i’m allowed to say it because i’m gay. but my feelings aside, i have blurted it out while arguing. many of you have too. do we get the same scrutiny as the famous people? do our friends still talk to us?

    if Brady was about to attack a gay man, go to blows with him, and called him a “faggot” the entire time… THAT would be considered violent homophobic actions. Then we can think that it could be that Brady is homophobic, but it could also be that the other guy was being a bitch. who knows.

    THIS WAS NOT THE CASE HERE. two guys were arguing, one calls the other a “faggot” before the incident came to blows. NEWS ALERT: HOT STRAIGHT GUY SAYS THE WORD “FAGGOT”!!

    big fucking deal. it’s not something we can confirm, it’s not something we can verify, and it’s not something that denotes outright hatred to the gay community and everything we stand for and have worked for over the past 50 years. Yet. that’s what everyone is saying.

    so on the basis of lack of, well, EVERYTHING… we should stop using the word “homophobia” to describe the situation. if it is true (i’m guessing it might be), then what? he has to apologize? he has to take off his shirt for a gay charity? WHAT? what is the right punishment for a person who made a slip up in the heat of the moment?

    what was the punishment you had during the last time you made a slip up in the heat of the moment? I know mine.

  5. JJ says

    What if Barack Obama said it?

    Some people are held to such high standards that they’re not even allowed to breath the same air as homophobes… some people are hounded by the press until they get fired from their job at ABC. But when a group of “cute” white boys do it, everything’s fine and all is forgiven.

    There’s a certain selective hysteria at work here.

  6. Lucrece says

    It’s amusing to see the lengths to which some of the commenters will go in order to rationalize these instances.

    By the way, just because you lack the restraint and present mind required to avoid using “faggot” in an argument doesn’t mean the use of the word is justified or forgivable. I will find people hard-pressed to make a similar argument for someone yelling “you goddamned nigger” in an argument.

  7. ZEKE says

    JAMES P., I’m not sure why your indignant, vein popping huff is more righteous than the other huffs here.

  8. NIL says

    The Browns are protecting their investment, if Quinn was taking part in harassment he slid by because the team considers him valuable at this time. File this away for future reference and observation.

  9. Will says

    The problem with stories like this is everyone takes what the press says at face value. In this instance, I spoke with one of the guys that was involved days after it happened. The first innacuarcy is the article uses the wrong first name to identify him. Secondly, there was violence, when somebody said something back to the group of guys yelling fag, they (one of the group members) came up behind him and threw him into the busy street. Coincindentally, the police were called by another person (unrelated to this incident) and walked into this altercation and a victim who was defending himself was arrested and the officer was heard saying “You do not mess with Brady Quinn”. Whether or not Brady Quinn actaully said it or acted upon it I do not know for sure, but he was there and in the group, so you would think he would have the common sense as a psuedo celebrity and a recognizeable person to separate himself from the situation.

  10. soulbrotha says

    I agree 100% with JJ.
    Such calm, rational thinking being shown for Brady Quinn, with a total of 8 comments. Compare that to the endless hysterical vitriol spewed here over the Isaiah Washington debacle. Or the loud hair-pulling over Obama’s error in judgment.
    And once you point stuff like this out, YOU get accused of race baiting. Very interesting, indeed.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    SOULBROTHA & JJ are right.

    Maybe it’s penis size.
    Isaiah and Barack are dangerous. Brady Quinn is harmless…except when he and his friends pull out the baseball bats.

    LUCRECE, you started off so right, and then you lost me, or maybe I escaped.

  12. says

    SOULBROTHA and JJ, ZEKE almost cut my head off the other day for pointing out the same thing. Whether or not Brady-who the hell is he anyway-Quinn said it, the fact remains, he’s “too cute” to be crucified à la IW and the likes.**Sighs**

  13. says


    i didn’t mean to come off in a huff or anything. i’m mainly concerned about people who are so overtly sensitive that a single word would represent the crushing of all that is good and decent in the world.

    instead of trying to gain ground, some people are running from one offense to another offense, hopping from drama to drama, playing “who’s the biggest victim”, and we sometimes tend to forget the HUMAN element involved in our society since we are too focused on who is saying what and how should we be offended over it. whereas that is our right as americans to feel that way, it’s not always beneficial and can sometimes be counterproductive.

    he is not one of the intellectual elite, he is not a professor or a politician, he is not in control of hundreds of people or trying to influence a generation, a society, or a nation. he’s a kid. and we are going to try to compare him with Barack Obama (to JJ)? why? is he a Harvard Law graduate? do we hold everyone to the same standard. can we even hold ourselves to the standard we demand of others?

    to answer your question, Zeke, i just got into a pretty heated argument a couple of weeks back. yes, i said things that i wish i could take back. it was on the top of my head and it came out. we have all done that. some dumb white kid from Columbus Ohio is certainly going to grow up with the word “faggot” as the list of “worst things to call someone”. i grew up with the same list.

    it takes work to remove that from the mentality. i doubt until now, he even realized that it was that big of a deal.

    sometimes it bothers me how pissy we can get. there is no way we expect that much from ourselves… yet for some reason it’s okay to demand it from others. i don’t get that. IF HE EVEN SAID THE WORD, we should be working with him, trying to get him to be a better human being instead of standing on the sidelines throwing stones.

    we gave isaiah washington a chance, and he fucked it up. people have to see a need to change and WHY they should change… the only reason he (or anyone else) has to not use the word “faggot” is: “i don’t want to piss of the homos.”

    that reason isn’t good enough for me.

  14. soulbrotha says

    James P.,

    When the hell did “we” ever give Isaiah Washington a “chance”? When did “we” ever “work with him, trying to get him to be a better human being?” Way before he “fucked it up”, he was marked! People called him all kinds of shit including “nigger” on this very site! There was barely an ounce of the compassion that you’re talking about.

    And as for your point that if he “even said the word”, he should be helped. What I want to know is, how can gays “help” anybody when they call EACH OTHER “faggot”?! Who the hell has ownership of this word and the authority to decide who can use it and who can’t?! I would venture to guess the answer is, NO ONE!
    So either NO ONE can use it or ANYONE can use it! Everything in the middle is hypocritical. This point is never lost when discussing “nigger”, but it’s always ignored when discussing “faggot”.

  15. mike says

    Um, if you’re gonna get into a fight, FIGHT! Don’t wuss out and call 911. Yeah, Brady’s a big bruiser, but I’d rather go down swinging than wimp out with a 911 cell phone call. I mean, PLEASE!

  16. JM says

    Also why has no one else come forward, with all the crowds that were there.

    Gee. Quinn’s a local athlete celebrity and he was involved in an altercation with a homosexual. It’s amazing that even ONE person said anything.

    I do think, and hope, as it is a major story now online and am sure in the press, with the desire to turn away from the endless campaign, not going away.

    The press has every reason to take Quinn’s side. They make a lot of money from sports coverage, and the sports fans want their celebrities to be worshipped.

  17. says

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