Gay Student Shot at L.A.-Area Junior High School


A gay junior high school student in Oxnard, California was shot in front of dozens of other classmates yesterday, the L.A. Times reports:

“The shooting was not gang-related, said [Oxnard police spokesman David] Keith, who added that the school had not been a particular trouble spot before. ‘It looked like it was personal between the two of them,’ he said, declining to elaborate. Some students said the victim, whose name was not disclosed, sometimes wore makeup and feminine jewelry and had declared himself gay. They said he was frequently taunted by other boys and had been involved in an argument with the alleged shooter, an eighth-grader who also was not named, and others Monday. During the lunchtime argument, one of the boys shouted at Tuesday’s victim, ‘You better watch your back,’ said one student who witnessed the encounter. Police said they had not determined a motive for the crime. Keith said investigators had also heard that the victim was gay but did not know whether that was true or whether it figured in the attack. They were sorting through several other possibilities as well, he said: ‘Which are true and which are rumor, we’re trying to figure out.'”

The student’s condition is reportedly critical, but improving.

Student shot in Oxnard [la times]


  1. Miles says

    Try the perp as an adult for attempted murder. Punishment must be certain and swift. That’s the only way to send the right message.

  2. Disgusted AmericaN says

    sounds like a Hate Crime to me….even with the cicumstantial evidence…it steers towards the fact that this kid was/is openly gay…..Attmpted Murder should be the charge!

  3. says

    This is exactly why we have created the Gay American Heroes Foundation. We are acting on this recent potential hate crime as I type this message and reaching out to the family.

    Our organization has made great strides the past few months and is working with families of victims of LGBT hate crimes. We have brought aboard some wonderful people and need your help.

    We will be hosting 3 events in Miami Beach February 27-March 1, with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Kennedy and Skipper families, both families lost their sons in gay hate crimes in 2007 — 2 of over 25 we have identified in 2007 alone.

    Please go to our site and help us build the traveling memorial to educate people and honor and remember these lost souls.

    We have over 20 universities and 10 pride parades that want to show our traveling memorial exhibition in 2008. We need your help and donations to finalize the traveling memorial and pay for displaying it around the country. All donations can be made online and are 100% tax deductible. Also, please navigate the site for all information and see who is involved.

    It is time we “Stop the Hate in 2008″.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Chip Arndt
    Gay American Heroes Foundation

  4. sd619guy says

    This makes me so sad. I hope the victim’s family is supportive towards him…I pray that he recovers quickly.
    Some may look at this kid as strange because he dresses flamboyant and wears make up, but if you think about it, he’s so courageous in being himself at such a young age.
    I love Chip’s motto “Stop the Hate in 2008″…

  5. daniel says

    FYI: Oxnard is not in the LA area–it is more than 60 miles north of Los Angeles in Ventura County. While Oxnard is doing better, it does have a history of gang violence.

  6. Sebastian says

    This is yet another day, and, another story of a gay person being victimized for no reason, other than being gay. The country has been in the last 8 years conditioned to express hate towards gays, and, even kids feel free to show it. Will we ever get fair treatment, and, will the legal system ever make gay bashing’s a hate crime in all 50 states.

    I hope this young man gets well, but, the emotional scars will be with him forever, sadly.

  7. Banjiboi says

    What strikes me most about this is his courage to be himself in the of all the harassment I’m sure he must have gone through on a daily basis.

    ESPECIALLY in high school!.

    It makes me hate the mean little cretins even though I know that adults can be just as vicious. I certainly would NOT like to relive my high school days!

    To the victim: Rest up, and get well: You’re a true hero!

  8. AGray says

    Trying the kid as an adult and punishing him for this crime in that was helps no one. In all youth crime, ESPECIALLY hate related, rehabilitation is so crucial.

    Putting a 14-15 year old in prison just creates one more person lost to the jaws of hatred and brutality.

    We have to ask the question: Who’s really responsible for this kind of action? An 8th grader? There are much larger problems here that need to be addressed if we ever want to see the day were everyone can feel safe being who they are, and it starts with our kids.


  9. ZEKE says

    I agree with ANDREW/AGRAY 100%.

    The eighth grader is the lump not the cancer. The cancer is the culture, the society, the family, the religions and the laws that promote homophobia and teach that gay people are subhuman and deserving of unchallenged ridicule, abuse and assault. That is where we should direct our outrage.

    This eighth grader is a product of (I would say even a victim of) the homophobia that he has grown up with and has been surrounded by. I’ve NEVER met a homophobe who grew up in a gay tolerant or gay supportive environment.

  10. Michael Bedwell says

    Oh, spare fucking me with the poor little lost lamb crap! He didn’t throw the F-word, he fucking shot the guy! If in the 8th grade, the shooter is at least 14. When do you become accountable for your actions if not by then?

    OF COURSE, I believe in taking context and background into account but that alone is not enough. I heard about a kid once whose father frequently brutally beat him and denied his sensitive son’s desire to study art before he died when the boy was 14. His mother died a few years later of breast cancer. And he must have been humiliated when other boys noticed he had only one testicle. Well, he dealt with all the unfair trauma as best he could: killing six million Jews and numerous Gypsies, Poles, Russians, gays, et al., while bodies of millions of soldiers piled up in the world war he started.

    The class of indictments and resulting sentences are meant as much to send a message to society as they are the convicted. No matter how easy guns are to get now, kids wouldn’t be using them in such numbers if they weren’t already beyond “rehabilitation” and/or thought their youth would get them nothing more than an a virtual slap on the wrists.

    Violent crime? Do the time!

  11. chuy says

    OMG I was watching the news and they said that boy died his father said that he suffered a stroke this is so sad may rest in peace

  12. John says

    It seems to happen every year —

    1. Community encourages anti-gay behavior with religious and moral condemnations of sexual minorities

    2. Homophobic murder sparks fake “outrage” within said community (i.e. we told you to beat faggots up, not shoot them)

    3. Community “reflects”, afterward parents and local leaders vow to address the root causes of bigotry (i.e. themselves)

    4. Disgusted lawmakers pass tougher hate crimes law

    3. Governor signs new hate crimes law, vows that the state will not “tolerate” such behavior anymore

    4. Community forgets about the whole ordeal, Sacramento is sufficiently appeased, and everyone goes blissfully back to Step 1

  13. John says

    I screwed up the numbers there, but you get the idea. We really have to tackle this issue in a less superficial way.

  14. Bill Perdue says

    Some people claim that the political messages and maneuvers of Washington politicians don’t count. This tragic shooting proves how wrong they are. When the Democrats and Republicans gutted ENDA and then dropped both it and the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill and refused to repeal Billarys DOMA and DADT they sent a strong message of support to bigots. They said that we don’t count and they don’t want to be bothered with during the election period. In Ventura one little pig got the message loud and clear and tried to murder a young gay man.

    I agree that this swine was influenced by bigots but that only tells me that should indicted and harshly treated as well. If his church was preaching hate they should lose their tax exempt status and also be indicted. These murdering swine should be treated as ruthlessly as possible. If that wrecks their lives so much the better.

    This murder points up the need for national demonstrations to demand the passage of the Matthew Shepard Gate Crimes Bill, the real ENDA (before Barney and the Republicans raped it) along with the repeal of the Clintons DOMA and DADT. We’ll need a militant massive campaign to win our agenda, because it’s obvious that the Republicans and Democrats don’t give a damn about our lives.

  15. Winston says

    That Belgian guy better not come here to Japan where I live or he will have a real fit. 98% of the gay bars are for Japanese only. Several have actual signs that say in English: ‘This bar is for Japanese and Asians only”. And in Japan it is completely legal.

  16. A.Jay says

    ABC 7 here in LA has reported at 5 p.m., 02/13/07 that the victim (Lawrence King, 15 years old) has died as a result of his injuries. Thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim and his loved ones. It was also reported that he was the a prior victim of bullying at school – “possibly” due to his “appearance”.

    Sad. Very sad. Life is too short and precious – but I guess an 8th grader with a gun just doesn’t get that!

  17. ZEKE says

    What a tragedy. Rest in Peace young man.

    I wonder if Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Peter LaBarbara, Concerned “Women” for America, Pat Robertson or the American Family Association will have a press release to condemn this violence or will they instead choose, as they’ve done MANY times in the past, take this opportunity to claim that this is all orchestrated by the homosexual agenda to garner sympathy for themselves and support for legislation against non-existent anti-gay hate crimes. Or will they ignore it altogether as they do when they come up against an obvious case of hateful anti-gay violence that they can’t spin to their advantage.

  18. says

    Maybe I am a hardhearted queer, but I think a 14-year-old who packs a gun to school *and* kills another student shows premeditation and the little fucker should get the needle.

  19. RozcoeGlasgow says

    I would agree with lubridan – In Scotland, there are much tougher gun controls, especially after a madman walked into a primary school in a town called Dunblane and shot dead most of a primary school class as well as the teacher.

    My beleif as an outsider to your laws and ways (and it is only my opinion, so don’t please call me down for it) is that guns must go, they don’t solve anything and when it comes to a 15yo gay lad getting killed by an 8th grader is proof of that.

    What’s next? getting shot because you’re out of fashion? because your parents are replublican or democrat?

    Where do you draw the line – how many more people have to die because someone, somewhere considers them outsiders, or weird? How many people have to die because of their sexual orientation, colour of their skin etc?

    I know Scotland has its problems, but I can safetely say that I cannot remember a time where such a tradgedy occured on our soil.

    This little fucker should be put to death – if legal in that state, he took someone’s life, he shouldn’t get to keep his own.