In Grand Central Station, a Brief Wrinkle in Time

On Saturday, over 200 people from the group Improv Everywhere came to a halt in NY’s Grand Central Station for five minutes, freaking out tourists and onlookers who had no idea why it was happening. Brilliant.


  1. ZEKE says

    Sorry Jake, doing this in a corn field or mall in the midwest is never going to be as impressive as seeing it in Grand Central Station but just in case it was and you’re feeling left out then let me be the first to say that yours was brilliant too.

    That ROCKED!

  2. peterparker says

    That’s very cool, however, I think San Francisco’s Cacophony Society does a better and funnier job of performance art. Members of Cacophony Society once dressed in full clown drag and waited during rush hour in various MUNI stations, eventually piling onto the same train with a bunch of financial district types headed home from a long workday. Once they got seated in the train, they all proceeded to pull out cell phones and talk about their day. Sample conversation: “Oh, hi honey. Boy was work a bitch today. One of the lions got out of his cage and ate a tourist in the front row. Nah, we don’t think they’ll sue. The manager sent over some of the belly dancers to give the dad a special show and that seemed to appease them. Remember Dave from the fourth of July bar-be-cue? He got injured during the Human Cannonball act when the cannon backfired. What? Oh, no, he’ll be okay. They just had to bring in a team to scrub the soot off of him.” Hi-fucking-larious!

  3. Andre says

    Andy,great story but I’m surprised as a New Yorker you called it Grand Central Station.It’s not a station,it’s a terminal. Penn is a station not Grand Central.Grand Central Station is in Chicago…

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