Towleroad Guide to the Tube #248

JON STEWART: A portion of his appearance on Larry King Live last night in which he talks about Obama and the election. The other portions of the show here.

THE HUCK DANCE: Donna Summer and Mike Huckabee, two things that should never go together. (source: slog)

MICHAEL MOORE: Wants to bring Fidel Castro to the Oscars.

PRAIRIE VIEW A&M: Students march more than 7 miles to protest a decision by Waller County, Texas that they felt hindered their right to vote in early voting. More at AmericaBlog.

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  1. Mike says

    Ahh, that ain’t Donna, Donna should sue! For extra yucks read the dweeb comments on the you tube page

  2. Hephaestion says

    Every time Huckabee’s campaign tries to use a song, the songwriter contacts him and asks his homophobic ass to quit using their song! Ha!

    Time to make a phone call Donna Summer!!!

    Huckabee might as well resign himself to just using Chuck Norris songs.