Mario Testino Tests Ashton Kutcher for Authenticity


The new issue of Vman features an undie-clad Ashton Kutcher hooked up to a device meant to test whether or not he’s a human or a robot. The spread is shot by Mario Testino, and according to Boy Culture, Kutcher came up with the concept for the shoot:

“I had a vision one day. I was watching one of those Gatorade commercials where they had a guy on a treadmill, and they’re testing to see what his physical abilities are. I had this idea: what did the creator—God or whatever—make you for? Maybe we’re all doing exactly what we’re supposed to be dong, and we’re all actually robots.”

Kutcher2 Kutcher3

More shots at Boy Culture.

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  1. Scott says

    He’s testing the wrong part to see if he is real. Damn, that is a nice bulge . . a very nice bulge and I love that he allows himself to be an older woman’s play thing. Mmmm..oh if he were my play thing . . mmmm

  2. Chad says

    I’ve always thought Ashton was very hot and he still is, but who still wears Calvin? Aussie Bum, XXX, Unico, Armani, and Papi are the new rulers of the underwear kingdom.

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